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The Worst Sexy Halloween Costumes: “Sexy Fat Arab” Edition

I've been searching down really terrible sexy Halloween costumes for almost two weeks now, you guys. I've endured sexualized Native Americans, skeletons, and breathalizer tests. I've been through the shit. But no costume has made me want to rip my own brains out more than this one:


Hold on. Don't throw up yet! Check this out: This little padded, veiled number is being marketed as the " HAREM SCAREM SEXY HALLOWEEN COSTUME":

Okay. Now you can throw up.

I pity the man who wears this costume in my general vicinity. But perhaps, had I the opportunity to interview the man beneath this foam display of misogyny and racism, he could answer a few of my most pressing questions.


  • What the fuck is this fucking costume?
  • What is the joke, exactly?
  • Is the joke that Arab women are scary?
  • Or is it that Arab women are ugly?
  • Is it that fat women are scary, and ugly?
  • Is it just the "harem" pun? Is that it?
  • Is the extra padding to help protect you from an inevitable beatdown?
  • You couldn't just stop at the "sexy fat hula dancer," could you?

Oh, and if you're wondering how much it will cost a white dude to proudly display his fear and hatred of Muslim women this Halloween, the answer is $39.99.

  • meloukhia

    Oh dear lord.

  • Christina

    OMG- This costume makes me want to die because it is Size-ist, Racist, and sexist. That costume is definitely an abomination towards life, liberty and the pursuit of happiness. The costume/joke is very degrading toward people of bigger sizes, towards races of size, and towards women of size, and thus I am appalled. And for the record Yes I am a feminist!!

  • thisnik

    Holy triumvirate of bigotry, batman. One doesn't need to be a feminist to see that this travesty of a costume is oppressive and degrading in the worst of ways.

  • jules

    the fact that its called "harem scarem" is the icing on top of the terrible terrible cake...

  • Over it

    Perhaps if more people laughed at the morbidly obese, the United States wouldn't be in the disgustingly fat shape it is now.

  • Kat

    @Over it - yeah, I bet if fat people in America were just told to be ashamed of being fat, they wouldn't be fat anymore! I bet they've never heard that before! Oh wai-

  • C

    I honestly think you blow things way out of proportion.
    I truly doubt the 'racist' guy is going to wear this. You are way over thinking all of these costumes.
    Why would someone wear it? Because it looks funny, a guy in a fat suit.
    I have seen frat guys wear costumes like this, and they do it to make there friends laugh, not to show their racist colors and bring down society. Why don't you just live in a cave and never come out.
    Speaking of which, what are you going to be for Halloween? A skeloten is 'slutty' and 'anorexic'
    an indian (what my 5 year old niece wants to be, I guess shes racist) Would a ghost be disrespectful to the spirit world? How about a witch, or would we offend old people who live alone? How about a fruit, would that hurt the gays?
    I mean, this is getting a little ridiculous.

  • Rose

    I agree C! Wow - this costume is funny.

  • Elizabeth

    HAHAHAHAHAHAHAHA,OH MAN!! C,That last part about the witches and the fruits and gays is HILARIOUS. And I agree with you on everything, taking this costume thing too seriously,it's not like people are looking to be racist and prejudice, with the world the way it is people could use some laughs, and it sounds like you can use some laughs yourself. So stop being such a kill-joy and let people where whatever the hell they want.

  • Greg

    Way to be a bunch of zealots. There is nothing racist/sexist/sizeist about this costume. Period.

    There are two jokes that go hand in hand with the costume, actually. The first joke is how silly the guy looks in the costume... most people with a preschool degree get that part. The second joke is how seriously some of you nutballs are taking this.

    Oh wait, are you a fat arab woman who wanted to dress up like a skinny man but couldn't? Life isn't fair. No need to hate everyone for it.

    I bet you were all up in arms about the "Borat" movie too when it came out. Find a battle worth fighting and loosen up a bit. Please mature sometime soon. Thanks.


    The Rest of the Sane World.