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Worst Sexy Halloween Costumes: The “Sexy Indian”

Every day until Halloween, I'm going to keep shelling out the worst “sexy” Halloween costumes on shelves this holiday season. Up next:



To Wikipedia, Native Americans are "indigenous peoples from North America [that] comprise a large number of distinct tribes, states, and ethnic groups, many of which survive as intact political communities." To the Halloween industry, Native Americans are super sexy! (As long as we're talking about large-breasted, thin white women dressing up as Native Americans, and not real Native Americans). devotes an entire category of sexy costume to "Indians." Above we have the "Tribal Tease Adult Costume"—already out-of-stock! Luckily, accompanying costume accessory "Black Sqaw Wig Adult" is still available. Did you know that "squaw" is a term widely considered demeaning to Native American women? Buy yours today.

We also have the "Woman's Sexy Pocahottie" Costume":


In case "Pocahottie" wasn't enough to convince you that this is a sexually arousing take on a historically persecuted indigenous group, the "Sexy" qualifier is there to hammer the racist eroticism into the ground. Next up, the "Indian Babe Adult Costume":


Is that a belly ring I see in there? Hot! Up next is my personal favorite: the "Adult Sexy Indian Dream Catcher Costume."

It comes with a vagina flap! And finally, we have the "Adult 2 Piece Sassy Native American Costume":


Ouch: "Sassy." What makes this Native American "sassy" instead of "sexy"? Is it the stiletto boots? No, Sexy Pocahottie is wearing those, too. Is it the hands-on-hips pose? Nope, Indian Babe has got it going on as well. Could it be that a company marketing sexualized tribal costumes to white women couldn't help but slip in a racially charged term? I'm betting yes!

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  • marcalamari


  • MP

    Not nice. Fucking disgusting is more like it. It's part of a long history of ethnocentric whites desecrating cultures richer and more ancient than their own. I will be investigating this outlet further.

  • Magnetic Crow

    Agree completely with the 'Fucking disgusting' part, MP, and this definitely feeds into the tradition of white appropriation/exploitation of other cultures.
    I'm confused about the 'richer and more ancient than their own' part though, which sounds a lot more like you're exoticicizing indigenous American people and their culture, rather than actually stating relevant fact.

    Yes, so anyway. This = absurdly huge fail.

  • Native American JD in DC

    How bout I dress up as sexy honky white dude. Bug deflector on my pickup truck, overalls, chewing tobacco...oh that'd be a redneck, not a redskin...and that ain't sexy.

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  • Sam

    I personally find these costumes, and ones like them, EXTREMELY OFFENSIVE.

  • Tallimat

    Tacky, clueless and representive of over-consumed trashy America.

  • Jim

    Definately not my taste in costumes. I guess thats why they call them the worst sexy costumes

  • Rob Schmidt

    These faux-Indian costumes are a perennial problem. For more examples, see:

  • Rae

    "Squaw" actually means something like "cunt" in the Algonquin language. Originally it was simply a descriptor of girl parts, but- like so many words- it is now very derogatory.

  • jules

    ah yes, not enough that we stole their land and pushed them onto reservations, now we've made them into a comic-y halloween gimmick! I'm so proud to be white...

  • John K

    We? WE stole their land? WE pushed them onto reservations? I don't know about YOU, jules, but I didn't do either of those things. Funny - I didn't have anything to do with the tacky costumes, either.

    And I really AM proud to be white, but I don't live that pride at the expense of others who, I assume, are equally proud to be whatever ethnicity they are.

    Diss the costumes - absolutely. Attach 200 years of guilt to them?

  • Emily

    I dunno, JD. I think "sexy" Halloween tradition demands that those overalls be daisy dukes instead. Maybe it'd suit you? ;)

    God, how do these costume designers find work? That's what's sad. There will always be "that guy" who insists on doing uncool shit like this, but obviously there are a number of people *supporting* this douchebaggery here. People are actually *buying* and *wearing* these costumes. Bleargh.

  • Sean Cronin

    Happy Columbus Day everybody!

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  • E.

    So... I'll be honest, I'm failing to see why this is worse than any other costumes based around other cultures (or pseudo-historical version of European cultures). The "sexy" bit gets attached to pretty much every kind of costume out there, too. These costumes are desecrating anything, unless you consider clothing styles to be sacred - in that case, you probably shouldn't go outside on Halloween.

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  • C

    PLEASE! It's halloween! Get over it! No one is trying to offend anyone, they are trying to sell costumes.
    Let it go and quit trying to bring down everyones holiday by disecting every stupid name and costume.
    If you don't like it, don't wear it.

  • C U P

    Aww, poor widdle wacist :'( Why is the world so mean to you and your kind?

  • C U P

    By the way, Halloween is not my holiday. Modern America's Halloween may be the most worthless, valueless, and imbecilic holiday of all time. So get over YOURSELF, dolt.

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  • P

    Ok...My dads side of the family had Cherokee. I decided to dress up as an indian girl for halloween one year,so does that mean Im making fun of my ancestors? Or does thatmake me paying respect if I dress in one of these costumes? I think just as some of the people go over board with the EPA and tree huggers,I think some people are going over board about the costumes. Also,Jules.What am I supposed to do about my history. My grandfathers are from the Native Americans and the Europeans.How do handle the guilt? Do I feel guilt? No,I belong here. These comments are out of hand. Its a freaking costume. Dress up,people.No harm is intended at all.No difference if it were a cowboy,or dressing up like George Washington,or a witch,or a mummy.It's all for a good time.

  • Rose

    Really? I mean, come on. I seriosly doubt the woman wearing them are doing it to poke fun of Indians. Besides, how do you feel about true native american woman wearing this for halloween? What if your 1/2 native american? 1/4? an 1/8? Get over it. Most of them don't look that skanky.

  • CA

    Not sure if this is the correct place to bring this up, but I have a practical question that I would love to get Amanda and other readers' feedback on.

    Obviously, there is a market for costumes that are based on racial discriminations. But I am guessing that the majority of people who purchase these types of costumes are not doing so out of blatant racism, but more out of ignorance that the costume is offensive, or that they are perpetuating a stereotype.

    A good friend of mine's Halloween costume is just one of these types of costumes. My question is - how do you tell someone, and not just tell them, but explain to them, why a costume like that is offensive? Not everyone has acquired this level of cultural understanding/sensitivity to latent racism (for lack of a better term?) (I know for me it was in college, in a race and media class, that these types of realizations came onto my radar. It was one of those "ah-ha" moments.)

    So what is a simple, nonconfrontational and constructive way of telling someone "your costume is racist" or at the very least "your costume could be perceived as racially offensive by many people" ? Thoughts?

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  • Katieee i have native american history and this is quite offensive ._.

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  • Nihon

    Is this a serious discussion? Reading all of these comments, I would have to say that all of you are acting like extreme idiots. Hallloween is a holiday - people dress up. What are you going to claim next? People who dress up with broomsticks and pointy hats are racist against witches? Obviously, the market DOESN'T base their costumes around racism, as there are costumes depicting every ethnicity out there, and I fail to see how calling a costume 'sexy' could be considered racist - the sexy label is attached to every costume designed that are aimed at young women. I am white and I was actually looking for a native american costume for a play I am in, and am quite honoured to be cast in that role as I have always studied and admired the culture. People who are ragging on about costumes being racist are obviously the types that seek out things that they can make an un-called for complaint about. Seriously, get over it

  • Aniyunwiya

    For the so called Native American with the rediculous question, yes you did mock your ancestors in the manner because you wore it as a 'costume' and i dont know about you but my ancestors didnt wear 'costumes' nor did they wear it in such a manner. It shows how meaningless and how you have no value for your culture. Tribes did not live life with their tribal name written across their forehead, it was in the outfits. ALL tribes had certain techniques and symboles , etc and any tribe could tell each other apart from which tribe from their outfits along and ALL TRIBES OUTFITS HAD RELIGIOUS MEANING. So if you do not wear it properly, you are mocking their religion. Just as we would not mock your God or tell you that you look nice in your sunday best costume.

    Educate yourself. Idiot is An unlearned, ignorant, or simple person, as distinguished from the educated; an ignoramus. A human being destitute of the ordinary intellectual powers, whether congenital, developmental, or accidental; commonly, a person without understanding from birth; a natural fool
    Triditional American Indian REGALIA is very expensive and also bears heavy religious significance. It is NOT a costume. A costume is something you wear when you are portraying something that are not. But when you wear a traditional dress, you are making an expression, you are expressing who you are and who your ancestors were. You are celebrating your beliefs and honoring the culture. So, first to call it a 'costume' is to misrepresent what it is. Secondly, it lessens its significance to the point that anybody feels like they can put it on and do a circus act.

    These colorful outfits and accessories are not merely 'fancy clothes'. They are deeply spiritural in nature and many handed down from generations. For many years having ceremonial objects would land a person in jail for 6 months with crippling fines. Mean-while non Indians could wear, own, and use regalia without limit or penalty of any kind. The word costume isn't generally used to describe a wedding dress, graduation outfit or your Sunday it?? I'm farely sure I know the response if you walked up to a general and told him 'nice costume'. In reality these are as much regalia to them as a grass dancers outfit is to a Native American, although the ceremonial and spirituality expressed is most certainly different.

  • Aniyunwiya

    it lessens its significance to the point that anybody feels like they can put it on and do a circus act.

    For example, the Head dress of a Chief or to be called Chief was earn, not given. Every color of face paint has a meaning as well. Black for death and bad journey, white for the good, red if a warrior killed.

    Braided hair represent the sweet grass that grows on earth, it represents mother earths hair. Not braided it's weak, braided it's much stronger so when an Indian wears hair braided that is the meaning behind that.

    When an Indian dances he is not worshiping the sun,moon, eagle nor bison. When we hold our hands out and excert our energy we are thanking Creator for all these things for each one helps supply the Indian with food, warmth, and eagle was always seen over a village where sage and sweetgrass was smudge and above the smoke is where it flew so our belief is that the eagle carries the prayers to creator.

    The drum was made by woman and asked for man to take care of it for it represents the heart beat of all Nations. While dancing it's not fancy foot steps in 'traditional' dancing but the feet must hit earth upon the sound, the hands are lifted at certain times or a dip with eagle feathered fan then rise of the fan brings positive energy to help the ill. In triditional oriental medicine they call it 'Chi'.

    A lot of this does not pertain to the costume and some does but hopefully you can understand it a lil better.

    Reason so many Natives are bitter is because our ancestors were shot if stopped to give birth on trail of tears and anyone who tried to help her. FUCK COLUMBUS! He's a retard and is why we are called Indians today, he thought he was in india! To test a knife his men would walk by and slice a huge piece of flesh off who was now their Indian slaves and to get their jacks off or to them a funny joke was to go to the field and behead a very young child. All who you call Natives of American were here first, we are not Native to America....everyone else is but we've had to accept it and all we ask is for a lil respect. Imagine someone wiping out your family and you are maybe 3 or 4; scared, dont know what to do to say the least, etc ...i think you'd be a little bitter too if you didnt get respected , when your thiving culture went from millions to barely a couple hundred thousand in all if that much.

    I wont check this board again so it is what it is, you can say what you will but there is a lot that goes into this culture and to see a female paint her face, put on an indian costume for holloween shows a Lack of pretty much everything.

    Enjoy feeding off this for a while.

  • Christine

    Aniyunwiya's post was very informative and interesting, but I can't help but think it's a little bit funny that she called Columbus "a retard" while writing a post condemning racism and ignorance. Obviously she doesn't know anything about the disability rights movement.

    Also, I don't get why "sassy" is now a racially charged term. Guess I'll have to google that one.

  • http://google nessa

    i think the second one is adorable and omg its a costume a costume be thankful your represented at all and not forgotten you literally have two choices in this world be of it or be forgotten from it
    im fed up with ppl feeling sorry for themselves o this race did this to us dumb ass that was years ago u werent alive so make a coice either they include u when they do something racial or they dont either way u ppl find a way to bitch its pathetic im hispanic u dont hear me bitching about stupid shit like o the conquistador's fucked up my people by inslaving them or the whites are teaching my language in school
    know your history learn from it move the fuck on u people have no lives if all u have is to bitch stop hate mongering and move the fuck on i pity your kids with parents like u they don't stand a chance of having a single iota of a original non hateful thought your pathetic and if this is all what u need to complain about u shame your own culture far more then they do if u segregate your self then your race has learned nothing and i pity it be of the world or be forgotten by it make a choice you pathetic sad sacks of fat and stupidity.