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The Worst Sexy Halloween Costumes: “Sexy Skeleton” Edition

Every day until Oct. 31, I’m collecting another terrible “sexy” Halloween costume for your erotic cringing pleasure. Today's ill-advised holiday sex display really hurts me, you guys. I've been looking for a costume for a couple of weeks now. Last night, I caught Hocus Pocus at a friend's house, and got the idea to model my costume after the tuxedoed skeleton band that plays in the big Town Hall bash scene. This morning, I hit the Internets to find a one-piece skeleton costume made to fit a  5'4" lady. Easy, right? Nope! Just slutty:


While men-sized revelers will be sporting sweet skeleton costumes like this come Halloween, looks like I'll have to settle for an uncomfortable and oddly sexual costume that CUTS OFF ALL MY SKELETAL LIMBS. Above we have "Sexy Skelly," a stretchy skeleton minidress which turns the pelvis and ribs into erotic suggestions of nearby organs. Sexy Pebbles hair accessory not included.

This skintight ladies skeleton, below, isn't so bad—the hoddie turns into a sweet skull mask, and at least I get pants! (Okay, leggings). Did you know that even girls bones are pink? That's how different girls are from boys!


This next one is my personal favorite: A women's skeleton costume that lights up with the flick of a switch. Unfortunately, it comes attached to a caped tube top.


The "Light Up Sexy Skeleton" costume comes compete with cape, scythe, and batteries, but suggests that the wearer fine one crucial accessory on her own: "This sexy Grim Reaper always gets her man."

  • newslang

    A heads up: the first costume was originally their "Anna Rexia" costume. The belt is actually a handy measuring tape. Because eating disorders are the thing of costumed halloween fun!

  • Erica A

    I was totally about to comment on the "Anna Rexia" costume til I saw newslang had beaten me to it. And yes, if you look at her little heart-shaped nametag, you can see it says "Anna Rexia" right on it. Gross.

  • jules

    Yikes...the sexy skeleton costume was lame enough...but a costume that makes light of a serious social issue?

    I mean, come on, what's next? Sexy cancer patient costume?

  • Victor

    anyone else find it kind of odd that they'd use a model who appears to be a little on the "plus" side for an "Anna Rexia" costume?

  • Magnetic Crow

    Probably a purposeful attempt to shield themselves from accusations of insensitivity/asshattery.
    Obviously, not working.

  • Amanda Hess

    Thank you guys so much for the close reading of that Sexy Skeleton costume. I think we may have a winner for most offensive sexy costume of the season!! Voting to follow in the coming weeks.

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  • Cara

    I don't really know what all the fuss is about. As much as I understand the Anna-rexia costume being absurd and wrong, you can't judge these costumes as being slutty until you try them on. The costumes that the models are wearing are always made tighter, or shorter so they look 'better' in the photograph.
    It sounds like someone is a little jealous.
    If you have a problem with the way these costumes look, why don't you make something for yourself.
    Like a Moo Moo/

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