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Harry Thomas Jr. Spent $89 of Your Taxes on Leather Chaps

Harry Thomas Jr. Spent $89 of Your Taxes on Leather Chaps

As part of the exhibits filed by the U.S. Attorney's Office in today's sentencing of Harry Thomas Jr., we learn a little bit more about where the disgraced former Ward 5 councilmember spent more than $350,000 of public money he stole.

For instance, when Thomas bought a $22,499 Victory motorcyle, he also spent more than $700 bucks on motorcycle apparel from a store in White Plains, Md. Those purchases include:

  • A leather shirt: $149.99
  • Chaps: $89.99 (LL called the store and confirmed that the chaps were, indeed, made of leather)
  • Novelty "Eagle" hat: $39.95
  • "Boss" leather jacket: $359.99

As for the previously mentioned three pair of "exotic shoes" that Thomas dropped $1,374 on, the exhibits don't provide any details on what kind of shoes they were. However, the receipts appear to show that Thomas at least shopped local, buying all three pairs of shoes at George's Place, the now-closed men's clothing store on H Street.

The exhibit listing Thomas' purchases posted below. Some of the records may look familiar, as LL got ahold of some of Thomas' bank records last summer.

Update: LL forgot to add that the newly released bank records show that Thomas also spent $910 of your taxes at a perfume store and $2,127.18 at Circuit City, among other purchases. Take a look:

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Photo by dibytes via Flickr/CC Attribution-NonCommercial 2.0

  • NE John

    did you mean GAY?

  • @SamuelMoore

    He's spent that much at George's? Great store... but I'd bet he got more than just shoes for that price...

  • Jailteeth

    When there's no news you do what you can. I'd love to have $1,374 to spend on shoes...

  • Drez

    Hopefully, the AG will be able to sell that smart trip at something approaching face value.
    Every little bit counts!

  • Really?

    Clean-up is aisle two...repeat clean up in aisle two. White reports have been bussin all day since the sentence for Harry came down.

    Please bring large napkins. We havent seen this much stuff since Barry and the vista hotel

  • Really?


  • PepperDr


  • http://btolson1@verizonnet.com Susan


    ENOUGH IS ENOUGH!!! How about a NICE article about Kwame whos gonna spend longer than 38 months. Cut out the BITC* reporting and get to the meat of the other two...

    Vince and Kwame...

    Stop throwing salt on an open sore.... Alan is becoming a punk like David Catania.

  • gitchafaxstr8

    I still can't get over NE John's fixations.

  • DJ Ren

    Alan, please post MORE of this. Each item gives the apologists less ammo. Every taxpayer deserves to see exactly what HTJ prioritized over DC's youth.

    Now, when will Machen start in on Fully Loaded and Vince? It's going to be a busy summer...

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  • StrangeFruit


    You are taunting and bullying Thomas with your hourly regurgitation of old news.

  • Ben

    But I do agree that Suderman should turn some of his attention to Fully Loaded et al. I just don't think that means he should ease up on HTJ.

  • dave b

    It's shame George's place couldn't make it on H St. $400 shoes aren't good enough for gentrifiers. Or maybe they couldnt make it since their #1 customer was taken away

  • The Color is Green

    It seems there is an implication that this is about color. I say it is. The Red, White and Green.
    Red and White, the colors of District of Columbia Flag, and thereby a representation of it's people.
    Green, the Color of Money.
    There it is people, he stole from us all.

  • KeepinItReal

    No not about race. Just about a desperate journalist who hasn't the talent to report on more than one thing at a time. This story has been milked dry. He has now thrown it to the floor and is jumping up and down on it to get every last drop from it.

  • NE John

    HA! fixations? I pay about 13K to 15K in DC taxes every year. This son of a bitch was stealing from that revenue for CHAPS, amongst other things.

    And I called and emailed him about a severely damaged sidewalk in front of our property for years. Nothing! Very busy thoroughfare.

    Rot in prison Harry

  • Mary-Austin

    Thank you for reporting on this non-sense.
    Hopefully the coverage will be a wake up call to my fellow voters in Ward 5 to not put another fool looking for a job into office.

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