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Make George Butler an Offer

An institution, about to change. (Lydia DePillis)

George Butler, who's owned his men's clothing store on 10th and H Street NE since right after the 1968 riots, is about ready to sell his place and move on with life. But only when the price is right. Yesterday, a credible source told me that Butler was about to close on a deal with the owners of Ben's Chili Bowl—who've been looking around for a while now—but when I stopped in this morning, that appeared not to be the case.

"We cut everything off," Butler said. "I just decided to wait for a minute." Kamal Ali, the would-be buyer, didn't respond to an email yesterday.

Butler says a daycare center was also interested in the property, but that he had no idea what kind of business might move in at this point. "Whatever will being the most revenue, that's what I'm looking for," he said.

Amanda Abrams wrote a great piece last year about the effect of changing fashions and other factors on the street's clothiers.

  • Political Observer

    Mr. Butler, don't let greed be your legacy. Make a profit great, consider being a silent partner even but showin' a little leg & then takin' it back is a tease & wouldn't bode well for you or provide model dealmaking for others.

  • Concerned Christian

    Being a silent partner sounds like the move. He could include profit sharing in the lease, even.

  • Concerned Christian

    that corner will be across the street from the development that will raze the mini-mall at the 800-900 block, south side. Whoever gets that spot will have primo corner real estate across from that development.

    Someone needs to lease out the old Willpower gym as well, next to George's.

  • Jesse

    Is he selling the business or the building? Big difference.

  • LandofRollingO’s

    I could probably work a deal for you to buy the biz but you will have to move it after the building sells.