Loose Lips

Harry Thomas and His “Exotic” Shoes

Here's your weekend reading assignment: the federal government's case for why disgraced former Ward 5 Councilmember Harry Thomas Jr. should spent 46 months in prison.

Plenty of interesting details inside, including the fact that Thomas spent $1,374 of taxpayer money intended for kids on "three pairs of exotic shoes."

What the hell are exotic shoes!?

LL will unpack the rest on Monday. Read here:

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  • na

    Alan Suderman you know what the heck exotic shoes are.

    Stop faking and pretending, man.

  • NE John

    They are kind of like erotic shoes, but don't have the steely dan screwed on the toe tip.

  • Tired Ward 5 Resident

    I'm trying to figure out when he rocked those shoes? We never saw him in the ward wearing them and we never saw him in the Wilson Building wearing them. I'm just trying to find out what they were, did he cop some Gucci's or some Red Bottoms.

  • Mr.Remember

    He probably wore some Mezlans, Footjoys and the others. It's a black man thang, rarely do you see white rock the reptiles, although they too have expensive taste in Bruno, Cole Haans and Ralph Laurens.

  • Keith B.

    Gator boots (w/ the pimped out Gucci suits)

    DC being a "southern city" an all

  • Mr.Remember

    Have you seen Chicagoans in their finest, it aint all that subdued? The northern Frank Nitty's are pretty large and in charge.

  • Dudley

    Was he helping Michele Obama in her $540.00 sneakers to fed the poor?

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