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Chavous the Younger Nabs Endorsement

Oh man, is it really campaign season? It is when the primary is less than four (!) months away. On that note, today's biggest election news is that Ward 7 candidate Kevin Chavous the Younger has nabbed a noteworthy endorsement.

Readers may recall that LL reported this summer on a sizable group of Ward 7 activists were unhappy with Councilmember Yvette Alexander and were shopping for a new candidate. (Hint: it was the story that featured this line from Ron Moten: “What I get erections from is helping my people.” A line which, LL reminds you, was not intended literally.)

That group, which calls itself the Ward 7 Concerned Citizens Coalition and was organized by Tony Williams supporter Paul Savage, has decided to support Chavous. The endorsement, though, wasn't unanimous and the Chavous' campaign kinda implied in a news release that at least one member of the group endorsed him when she did not.

"The Ward 7 Concerned Citizens Coalition endorsed Kevin B. Chavous because he is a product of Ward 7 and he brings intellect, energy, vision and the willingness to listen to the residents of the ward," the Chavous campaign said in a statement.

  • Honest Abe

    It seems Ward 7 residents have limited options among the hopeful candidates. Moten is a joke, so Chavous might give Alexander a run for her money, however because she is the incumbent, she will win. Just my prediction.

  • Drez

    She will win against a divided field, which is not a good thing.

  • NE John

    Good luck Kevin!

  • InItToWinIt

    I'm not voting for Yvette Alexander. She is a constituent services slush fund madame. I'm going with Kevin. I see many residents with signs in their yards in Ward 7 are as well. It is time for a change of guard at the Wilson Building.

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  • Kingman Park Resident

    Mr. Kevin has not been to the Kingman Park Community.
    Why is that? If you wants vote....visit every neighborhood not just Hillcrest and Penn Branch.

    Kingman Park voting block is powerful!

  • tony

    I am telling the Ward 7 community that Kevin Chavous would be the worst possible alternative to the current councilmember. Kevin B. is too tied to corporate interest and the fenty machine. In fact, his chief political adviser is a very close friend of fenty. In fact, he is part of that "fenty's frat buddy group". A close examination of Kevin B.'s campaign reports reveals that he has given thousands of dollars to that fenty connect. Thus, one must assume that Kevin's politics mirrors fenty's politics, which could never be a good thing for Ward 7. It would be crazy for ward 7 to have been instrumental in booting fenty from office only then to elect a fenty clone to represent them. Again, much like the rest of the city, ward 7 voted against fenty because of his politics.However, it's clear that Kevin B shares fenty politics. How else can he explain giving thousands of dollars of campaign monies to one his fenty's frat buddy when their are so many people in ward 7 he could have hired.

  • Honest Abe


    I agree with you 100%. Lamont Harrell who was one of Fenty's closest flunkies along with Muriel Bowser, is his top man.

  • SaveWard7

    At this point, Kevin B. Chavous is the best person Ward 7 has to run and win this seat from "stupid girl". Unless you (tony and Honest Abe) have a better alternative, be positively optimistic. No one wants to get involved in that MESS down at the city council. Of the wanna be candidates that wanted an endorsement, they mostly had "serious" baggage that they felt Ward 7 should accept and swallow - I don't think so.

    I'd rather go with someone who at least LIVES and COMES from the Ward and has an interest in working with and for the residents. Not just drive through on her way to Denny's to feed. Besides, DC is so small it is highly unlikely not to run into someone who doesn't know or work with someone you may know!

  • Ward 7 Advocate

    Congrats to Kevin for securing an endorsement from a coalition that is divided and lost many of it's original members.While anyone would be better than Yvette, young Kevin won't be any better. Good kid, but do we really want to send such a novice to city hall.

  • Honest Abe

    What about Ike Fullwood or H.R. Crawford?

  • Real Ward 7 Dude

    Every councilmember to represent ward 7 came from the Hillcrest, Penn Branch area (aka the Southern part of ward 7)except for the first person, Willie Hardy. We see what kind of leadership we got from there, Kwame, Vincent, Yvette, Kevin (the father), & H.R. We need someone who will serve and listen to all ward 7 residents. I support Tom Brown because he will do that and he lives in River Terrace. It is time for the North to Rise again.

  • ResourceQueenP

    Honest Abe the 100 + crowd that showed up at the Ward 7 Republican Christmas party last night didn't think Ron Moten was a joke. Also, about 30 of them changed thier registration from Democrat to Republican.

  • Honest Abe


    They probably were all members of his Peacaholics crew. I wouldn't be surprised if he paid them to show up. Moten can't speak a proper sentence. Why would people want to elect him?

  • DCNative

    Kevin is working hard and has some good ideas. We should give him a because Yvette has done nothing! Also, I don'think he is a Kappa, so.... that should be discounted.

  • NE John

    LOL regarding the Ward 7 republican converts. Again, good luck to Kevin. Jonny's dad.

  • casual observer

    @ tony

    You do realize that ward 7 already voted for a person whose chief of staff/campaign manager and campaign treasurer are both frat buddies of Adrian Fenty.

    And Yvette's politics is nothing like Adrian's. That young man should be judged on his own merits, nothing else.

  • Concerned about Youth

    It's campaign season!
    Listen, I'm not going to bash Kevin Chavous. What I am going to do is state that Ward 7 is in need of someone who is willing to stand up for them and present legislation that will benefit them. Ward 7 constituents deserve a strong leader who will speak up for them to make sure that Ward 7 residents are being hired for jobs!
    Ronald Moten has a proven record on bringing different sectors together to benefit the people he represents. Ronald Moten has a proven record with engaging the community that he works for. Ward 7 has a councilwoman in office that didn't use all of her constituent funds for constituents!
    Hello! We were in a recession, how many residents, could have used that money?
    How come if everyone is so concerned about all of Ward 7 (not just the well to do black folk, but all residents) how come NO POLITICIANS SHOWED UP FOR THE YOUNG MAN TYRONN GARNER'S VIGIL? This is the vigil that Mr.Moten held for the family. (oh, for some of you, he is the one that made the news for dying in Georgetown) Talk is cheap! That doesn't add up, people can talk a good game, that is easy to do. What voters will be looking for is someone who is solid, smart, resourceful, knowledgeable and very clear on representing the people who voted them in office !
    I think Ron Moten is the person for that seat!
    I understand though, people are going to talk a lot and play dirty, because they want to fight for this paycheck as a councilmember !
    Actions always speak louder than words.
    Let's continue the dialogue, and debates!
    It's the AMERICAN WAY!

  • Honest Abe

    @Concerned about Youth AKA Ronald Moten

    Did you pay someone to write that statement for you? While I do not disagree with some of the things you mentioned, tell me how is it you think that employers and business leaders will take you seriously? You do not speak proper sentences, you did not run the Peaceaholics organization in an accountable and ethical manner. You had shady dealings with Fenty, Skinner, Karim and others. You also falsely stated on television that if the city cut off Peaceaholic funding, crime would grow out of control in this city; has that happened yet? I do not like any of the candidates for Ward 7 (including Alexander). Good luck to the residents of Ward 7. You're going to need it!

  • DCNative

    How many of these comments are coming from ward 7 voters?

    Also, Ronald Moten IS NOT the answer, although he is very boisterous and adament about our issues. He will stand up. But, I just cannot let him represent me in the capacity of City Councilman because he has mispelled 3 letter words, and speaks in fragments at times.

    Honestly, the intellectual is Kevin. And, that's what Ward 7 needs right now...

  • WhoSaidWhat

    Voting for Kevin is the obvious answer. If Yvette wins, she will get a grip on the Ward we won't be able to break. THis is a pivitol time and we can't afford another cycle of this nitwit pushing us back. We need to all get behind Kevin who will push for the intelligent, articulate actions and won't allow the rest of the council to dump the trash decisions on Ward 7. He may be young, but he's smart enough to know what they are doing, Moten is not and Alexander doesn't care.

    However, I agree with Kingman Park. He just came through downtown Ward 7 this week and to me, that's a little late. Plus he came during work hours. Duh, we work around here.

  • WhoSaidWhat

    Plus, with everything going on down there, how/why would anyone endorse someone with a criminal record? That is why we are laughed at throughout the city. They are trying to clean up the council and some people here want to elect a felon who can't spell, speak or write. Great representation, our own Marion Barry. LOL

  • DCNative

    @WhoSaidWhat That is why people in other Wards feel they have the right to tell us what to do, and who to vote for because who we have voted for have ethical issues. It's a shame! I agree with you. This is definitely the most "fun" race this year.

  • Real Ward 7 Dude

    For me the incumbent is truly lazy and has not shown that she deserves another chance at representing our ward. Lil Kevin, while he seems to be a nice he really has no experience outside of working for his father. Tom Brown is the real alternative to both of those Hillcrest elite. I've now seen Mr. Brown testify at council hearings at least twice and I heard him give remarks at a couple of meetings. He intelligent, seems sincere, and has done a lot of things for youth, and those who are in need of employment and training. Ward 7 let’s not sleep on this guy.

  • InItToWinIt

    I am a new resident to Ward 7 but I an not a new resident to the District and have long followed the Council legislative sessions. Yvette just appears milquitoast and ineffective. She is unpolished and, as a result, doesn't appear able to command any respect. She talks a good game and doesn't deliver.

    Moten is a clown. I say that with the deepest respect. What is clear to me, he is too close to the status quo. He is a part of the crony political game that has dogged this city during the Fenty Administration and now Gray's.

    No matter what, I'm not voting for Yvette and definately not Gray. I'll reseve judgement on Chaveous until I hear more about what, SPECIFICALLY, he plans to deliver to Ward 7. Understanding the economy that we live in.

    Ward 7 us Ward 7 it doesn't matter if it is North or South. The entire city is too small to be claiming all of this division.

  • Ward 7 Resident

    Seems to me like Chavos will win. At least he came to my door

  • WhoSaidWhat

    @Real Ward 7 Dude:

    Trying to find out more about Tom Brown but his website doesn't say much. Any information on his views on bringing economic development?

  • Real Ward 7 Dude

    @WhoSaidWhat I had not checked his website. I just heard & met him out at community meetings. I would imagine it is under develoment. What I like about him is his background in education and workforce development.

  • Ward 7 Man

    I mean come on guys! Why do we tear down our youth? Kevin is a young guy trying to do something positive for the Ward he grew up in. He could have chosen to do a million and one things after law school, instead he chooses to give back to the community. As a black male, I'm happy to see someone my age doing something positive. On TV, the only time I see someone my age is 1) getting arrest, 2) a shooting victim or 3) a suspect in some illegal activity. I'm dissapointed that my elders spend so much time tearing down our youth.

  • Another SE Resident

    Sigh, is there no one else? We seem to have forgotten what Kevin Chavous Sr gave us--nothing. I'm afraid like the father will be the son. It's a shame really after all that wrangling by the coalition, all it does is throw its weight behind Chavous. Where's the candidate it promised? All this bullying and talk on the listserv and you throw your weight behind Chavous.

    Silly season in Ward 7. Could I suggest a debate? I still don't know where anybody stands on anything and I need to make an intelligent committment. Walmart is coming and we can't have some whippersnapper screw that up. Great Streets development is happening; all new forms of transportation are coming around and crime is still high in the ward. We need some intelligence to deal with this. Let's hear a debate.

  • Mike R

    You all know good an well Kevin Chavous Jr is the best candidate. At least he's smart and ambitious. Yvette's incompetent. Tom Browne moved here a year ago. Rev. He might be young but Chavous has the best chance to beat Yvette so he has my vote.

  • Another SE Resident

    Then you vote for the youngster. As I asked before, when is the debate? Let's hear some insight on how the candidates will deal with Ward 7's issues.

  • Ward 7 Man

    Another SE Resident,
    Why don't you ask Kevin those questions yourself? You can actually go on his website and ask him questions or give him a call. I have tried to do this for all of the candidates and he and Ron where the only two that actually answered my questions.

  • Yikes

    Will people change their minds about Chavous now that he picks up transsexual prostitutes???

  • Another SE Resident

    Ward 7 Man, good point. But do you think the candidates are avoiding a debate? What is the difference, just put it out there. Get someone to moderate, Dorothy Brizill, maybe, and respond to some questions.

    But it's a mute point now that the youngster is soliciting prostitutes. He bit the dust. Sorry, Ward 7 coalition. You suck.

  • EmmJF

    I worked with KC Jr a few years back. Frankly, when I first met him I thought he was slow. Once I realized that he had actually finished college I figured he was just not very smart.

  • EmmJF

    When I met and worked with KC Jr I sucked his dick. He busted a fat nut all over my face and in my mouth. I actually ended up loosing my job over it. I still try to get in touch with him from time to time but he's been so busy lately. I've sucked a few dicks since then also.