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All Eyes On Yvette

D.C. Councilmember Yvette Alexander Faces Discontent in Ward 7—And Ron Moten

Later this month, the type of people who give money to political campaigns will gather at Mayor Vince Gray’s Hillcrest home for chit-chat and barbecue. They’ll also be asked to open their wallets for Ward 7 Councilmember Yvette Alexander, Gray’s hand-picked successor, who is running for re-election.

The campaign event underscores two things: election season is now in full swing (the earlier-than-usual April primary is less than nine months away), and Alexander is likely going to need a lot of help to keep her seat.

Alexander is one of the council’s friendliest members, but she has a thin record of legislative accomplishments. And now she’s facing opposition on three flanks. Parts of Ward 7’s old political guard, located mostly in the Hillcrest and Penn Branch neighborhoods, has already gone public with their desires for a new candidate. A younger and more progressive group, both inside and outside the ward, also wants somebody besides Alexander. And then there’s Ron Moten, the ubiquitous D.C. political gadfly who has all but launched his campaign to unseat one of his biggest political enemies.

At the core, all three camps share similar complaints with Alexander: She’s a nice enough person, but she’s not getting the job done.

Last month, The Washington Times reported that a group of Ward 7 Brahmins had gathered to discuss Alexander’s future on the council. The group is frustrated by what they see as a lack of leadership and initiative, says Paul Savage, a member of the group who helped spearhead an effort to get Anthony Williams to run for mayor. When the topic of whether Alexander could be rehabilitated came up, “people did not want to waste time on that,” Savage says.

Savage says Alexander, who won her seat in a special election in 2007 after Gray went from Ward 7 councilmember to council chairman, has had plenty of time to prove herself. He says Alexander’s failure to properly advocate for Ward 7 during the latest redistricting battle was the final straw against her.

“You have to turn the page at a certain point,” says Savage, whose group includes some of the same people who helped Gray launch his first run for council in 2004. “By any measure, when you look across this ward, we can do better. We can do better. A lot better.”

Savage says his group is in the process of finding a strong candidate to back in a contest against Alexander. If they find that candidate, Savage promises a professional roll-out in the next few weeks.

Alexander says the fact that finding a candidate to run against her requires a search process proves that there’s not a broad interest in seeing her replaced.

“People are trying to create [someone] when there’s no need; there’s someone already there,” says Alexander, who says she’s not aware of any draft efforts. “It’s news to me that people are looking for new leadership.”

Alexander says she’s got a strong record to run on, including being approachable to all her constituents and her dogged defense of capital spending in her ward. “Capital projects, who makes sure that they are funded? The Ward 7 councilmember. And no one can disprove that. No one can disprove that,” says Alexander.

OK, LL won’t disprove that. But elections are less about disproving things and more about proving you can deliver, and LL can’t find much in the way of significant legislation that Alexander’s pushed into law. One of her biggest wins was getting the council to approve a measure requiring gas stations to install security cameras, legislation she introduced after her purse was stolen at a—wait for it—gas station. And Alexander appeared to get totally rolled by Ward 6 Councilmember Tommy Wells during the redistricting debate.

Savage’s group isn’t the only bunch who’s going to try to unseat Alexander. A loose-knit group of more progressive Ward 7 residents is also looking for a candidate. Some live outside the ward’s old guard strongholds, in neighborhoods like Fairfax Village, and are relatively new to Alexander’s turf.

Other progressives from outside the ward, like Greater Greater Washington founder David Alpert—and some political insiders whose day jobs won’t allow them to go public—have also been shopping for candidates to run against Alexander.

“We’re very concerned about recent events on the council around corruption scandals, the budget, and more and are interested in finding candidates who may run for office in the 2012 races,” says Alpert, adding that so far, “we haven’t made any specific decisions about which wards or races to focus on.”

LL might not worry about folks from other wards west of the river if LL were Alexander. But potentially more ominous: One younger Ward 7 activist says members of the progressive crowd and those of the old guard have had discussions about potential candidates both would find acceptable.

“There’s definitely a recognition that we have to get behind one candidate,” says the activist, who asked not to be named because they may run. In the special election that first put Alexander in office, there were a total of 18 candidates; she won with 34 percent of the vote.

Another Ward 7 wag says finding a candidate that makes both the old guard and the more progressive crowd happy might be a tall order. The old guard, says the wag (who didn’t want to be named because he works at the Wilson Building), wants a candidate they already know personally. The newer crowd wants a candidate who is willing to knock on their door.

Two potential candidates who might fit the bill that LL hears mentioned frequently are Veronica Davis, a civil engineer, and Advisory Neighborhood Commission 7C04 commissioner Sylvia Brown.

Alexander’s response to all this—What do you mean, people want to run against me?— isn’t exactly a sign-worthy slogan, but you can sense the fight with which the incumbent will approach this campaign.

In sheer terms of energy expended, though, Alexander and the potential mystery candidate will almost assuredly be outdone by Ron Moten, a human sparkplug who was former Mayor Adrian Fenty’s most vocal supporter.

To try to prove his candidacy could be formidable, Moten takes LL to Benning Terrace, a public housing complex in Ward 7 whose low-income residents Moten hopes will form his voting base. A group of residents, some who have worked with Moten’s anti-youth violence group Peacoholics, say Moten has strong support in their community because he’s got a long track record of working to improve things.

“He goes beyond his call of duty,” says resident Gloria Beard.

Moten says he’s counting on the good will he built up doing Peaceoholics work to help him win. He also says a council audit, which was requested by Alexander at the height of the mayoral campaign last year, will show Peaceohlics’s books were in order—and that, in turn, will help him emphasize his commitment to serve over his desire for personal enrichment.

“What I get erections from is helping my people,” he says.

Moten says his support isn’t limited to lower-income residents: He says he’s also gotten nibbles of support from residents of Hillcrest, where he currently lives. Savage says he’s keeping an open mind about Moten, but it’s hard to imagine Moten doing well with most of the old guard.

It’s also hard not to imagine Mayor Gray losing his mind if Moten, who once chased Gray through a parking lot demanding an apology, were somehow able to win his old council seat.

The big unanswered question for the race is how much support Gray will give Alexander if an old guard–backed candidate enters the race. Gray could go all in and use his sizable good will in the ward to get his pick across the finish line, or he could decide to cut her loose if she has trouble raising money. Nothing would look worse for the mayor than to heavily invest in Alexander, only to see her rejected by his own base.

Alexander is clearly hoping that Gray’s willing to take that risk.

“I think his endorsement is major,” she says. “For those that support him, I would ask for their support, definitely.”

* * *

Kwame Lays Down The Law

Ward 6 Councilmember Tommy Wells found out the hard way this week that hell hath no fury like a Kwame scorned.

D.C. Council Chairman Kwame “Fully Loaded” Brown punished Wells for various transgressions—including investigating with a little too much relish Brown’s taste in luxury SUVs—by stripping Wells of his long-sought chairmanship of the transportation and public works committee.

Brown publicly denied that the move had anything to do with politics, but for the political types in the Wilson Building the message Brown was sending was loud and clear: Get in line.

“It was a message that ‘I’m in charge here,” says Ward 3 Councilmember Mary Cheh, an ally of Brown who now gets Wells’ old committee. “I don’t know if it was: ‘don’t mess with me,’ but it was “I’m the leader of the council.”

Cheh didn’t seem too sorry to see Wells go; she mocked his “livable, walkable” slogan to the Post as the story unfolded: “I’ll say ‘livable, walkable.’ If I say it enough, will that be OK?” But she says the urbanist voting bloc that greeted Wells’ appointment to the committee shouldn’t blame her for his removal, which she says she had nothing to do with. “I think [Brown] thought this through himself,” she says. Brown approached her Monday morning to see if she was interested in the transportation committee, and after thinking it over for a few hours, she accepted—well before Brown told Wells he was being moved out.

Brown’s had a rough start as council chairman. He came in under the shadow of a popular previous chairman, who’s now the mayor, and his reputation took a major hit early on because of Navigatorgate. Things got even worse last week after news broke that the U.S. Attorney’s Office is investigating Brown for possible campaign finance malfeasance. All of which explains Brown’s decision to try and assert himself.

It turned out that an over-the-top beatdown of Wells was the perfect way to do it; Cheh wasn’t the only one in the Wilson Building who didn’t mind seeing Brown push Wells around. When it came time for a vote on the committee shuffle Tuesday, there was an awkward silence after Wells spoke up to defend himself. The council then voted 12 to 1, with only Wells opposing, to support their leader’s decision—a vote that underscores the fact that Wells has no true friends on the council, and the rest of his colleagues were too scared to speak up against Brown.

The question is, will it last?

Photos by Darrow Montgomery

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  • Somebody

    No more dog day summers for this town. Ward 7 is about to catch on fire and blow up. Quite a few people are making LL's blog these days. Interesting!

    @noodlez, upgrade, I like that.lol

  • Truth Hurts

    @ noodlez: My method of gathering and weighing facts about people is straight forward, particularly in this case. And yes, were a friend of mine to defraud the city and its kids (in order to benefit himself), I absolutely would cut him off.

    I don't keep "friends" like that.

  • Message4U

    Okay, so we've gotten out the so called big three candidates or so you say. Next question is which of them have across the ward appeal? also what benefit would they bring to the entire ward by them being elected persoally I would like to see Dolly Davis make a go of it she has a passion for ward 7 that is unmatched in my observation. Motivation, knowledge base and likeability, also the ability to motivate others social media skills will be paramount for anyone who hopes to unseat the incumbent.

  • Ward7Diva

    CM ALexander can be beaten in this race! There is no question about it! Alexander is done as Ward 7 CM!

    Now out of all the names being put out there, they are great people. I know if you look at some of the people in the ward....there are others that could challege Alexander and win.

    We do not need a lot of candidates running for CM because it will be a mess. We need to vet these people behind closed doors and then move forward with our candidate after Labor Day.

    Check out the meeting this coming Tuesday. Old Guard and New Guard join forces with a joint meeting. Hope to see all of you there for this planning session to unseat CM Alexander. Be there or be square!

  • Maceo Thomas

    Much on this list is interesting to me. What I think anyone who is reading these comments should take into account that these anonymous blogs are full of unknown agendas. Many are probably not even factual.

    Veronica Davis is my neighbor and friend and if she decides to run, I would put every drop of energy I have behind her. She is a well-respected across the ward amongst both newer and longer term "activist" residents. I think the real work will be to get to the 90% non-activist residents.

    One anonymous commenter "Another SE Resident" suggested two things that are so far from the truth. One Veronica is actively involved in the community to promote her business. And two that she has any relationship with Ron Moten.

    It's unfortunate that these remarks sections are often used to throw mud at people; calling CM Alexander names is despicable and leads good people from even engaging in the discourse.

    I'd love to engage other neighbors about changing the tone and discussing how the ward can move together forward positively.

    Maceo Thomas is my real name. You can reach me at maceothomas@gmail.com

  • Long Term Ward 7 Activist

    Young man, I am very happy that you wish to seek the truth. The truth is this, Veronica Davis is not well-respected by the "longer term activist residents" in Ward 7. In fact, Paul Savage, Phil Hammond and others want nothing to do with her (or her group) which is why she was not invited to the meeting to discuss replacing the current council member. Let's speak truth! You, Veronica and Sylvia Brown have been seeking support from outside the ward, specifically ward 6 and even complained to Tommy Wells that you were not included in the meeting. That has been reviewed by the elders are disrespectful. Just thought you should know the truth.

  • ohplease

    Mr. Thomas, how can Veronica Davis be so well respected across the ward? Who knows her? I've been living and working in the ward for a lot of years and don't know her. Did she just move here? Where the hell she come from? And if she is so well thought of, why isn't she part of the group meeting to find a replacement for Yvette? Why didn't they pick her already? Quiet as it kept, I've been asking around about who she is and what I'm hearing from very reliable sources is she's new to the ward, tried to make herself a transportation expert at Hillcrest Civic Assn's expense and is being pushed and promoted by Tommy Wells to unseat Yvette Alexander. That has pissed those long termed activists off and she won't be getting their support. Veronica Davis is a late coming carpetbagger and she can run if she wants but win she won't. You are going to need every bit of your energy to help her. By the way, who the hell are you and where did you come from? I grew up with Yvette and never voted for her but she damn sure will get my vote before Veronica or anyone else who just got here and aint done shit in this ward. Veronica can take a long hike on her bike.

  • AlwaysStinkin

    There are a lot of haters of the fresh-faced Veronica Davis on here.

    I guess the 50 and older crowd (the Old Guard) don't approve of her because they don't know her personally. This is absurd and the exact reason you buffoons keep on voting in other buffoons.

    Finally, someone mentions Veronica D. as a capable individual to lead and clean up the no-morale community of W7 and people want to knock her down on the basis of absolutely nothing. Well, the elders need to go and prepare for homegoings and such. Stay out of politics at this aged point of your life as all you do is mess up and mess up more. Namely, Gray, Alexander and Brown are all products of W7.

  • sharon89

    I'm placing my bets on Liz Pecot or Tom Brown. Nothing against Veronica Davis or Sylvia Brown they just don't appeal to me. Liz is energetic and has spoken out on a number of issues and Tom Brown is actually putting in the work to get people's votes. It aint bout hating. It's all about supporting and pushing who you think can float your boat.

  • Jus’ sayin

    @AlwaysStinkin - You said, Well, the elders need to go and prepare for homegoings and such.

    Keep your Sunday's Best suit or dress clean, at the rate of murder in this city, just like a whole lot of other young people, you could be going home before those elders. Don't believe me, ask Rev. Steve Young.

    Jus' sayin.

  • Long Term Ward 7 Activist

    TRUTH...Tom Brown has been in Ward 7 for less than one year. Liz has been here maybe two years. She just became an ANC last year. Neither are serious contenders.

    TRUTH...Age 50 is the new 30 and we are just beginning to live our lives. Preparing for homegoing...NOT A CHANCE!

    TRUTH...If STINKY is right ("I guess the 50 and older crowd (the Old Guard) don't approve of her because they don't know her personally.") Then young Maceo Thomas is a liar. Wouldn't these long term resident activists a.k.a OLD GUARD know her?

    TRUTH...What you refer to as haters, we call experienced adults.

  • Maceo Thomas

    I personally can not wait to see more and more people inject themselves in the building of the community. I certainly will not judge them negatively, if they are "too young" or "too new" to the ward. If that were the case we should just go to the senior center and run a slate from there. haha!! i'm planning to live to 106, so i'll be president one day!!

    i'm personally glad to hear that people are building collaborations across the city. i think the current mayor even ran on a similar theme, something about "one city". maybe it was just a slogan to some "long-term ward 7 activists". whether veronica runs or not, i fully hope that i can get support from from across the city to support issues of importance to me and my community; outside the city even. hell, i may even try to get some work bank funding!! no man is an island!!

    i remember that during the special election for the ward 7 council and angry group of people developed some anonymous paper that did nothing but tear candidates to shreds. it's a base move and not to the caliber of what most of my neighbors expect. but, it will come. there are cowards everywhere. they're part of our community. we can work around them.

    and ohplease let's have a get-to-know-you coffee and we can chat. and long-term ward 7 activist don't be such a harsh judge against me. maybe, we can have coffee too. my real name is maceo thomas and you can reach me at maceothomas@gmail.com. you may already have my number.

  • Long Term Ward 7 Activist

    Young man, I hear you say you want to engage in conversations with the community, however, I have not seen you post one thing to the Ward 7 listservs. Unless you use a different name. And since Veronica is so well-respected by the long term residents, then she should have no problem getting you a meeting to chew and chat with elders. Post you number and I will pass it on to my folks at the senior center. I do not know why you thought someone would have your number when we do not know you. I am certain a few will call you to give you a piece of their mind. We do not have a slate but we do vote unlike most young people. Lastly, you cannot say negative things about people 50 and over if you plan to build community. I know being in your twenties makes 50 seem like a big old number and you feel like you know everything. However, you have a lot to learn so please sit back, relax, close your mouth and learn something.

  • AlwaysStinkin

    @Jus Sayin - you must be one of those elders and I assume covered in the blood, right? LOL...get outta here and bake some cookies. Are you mixing superstition with your faith? You must be doing just that to take that statement literally. Get lost!

  • AlwaysStinkin

    @Long Term Ward 7 Activist - First off, why don't you reveal yourself? You are a coward just as my intuition tells me. You are one of the anonymous letter writers in Ward 7, aren't you? One in the group who likes to clandestinely stir up trouble by creating fantasy in missives, aren't you - and then run to your nest of elderly women to protect you! I'm laughing my azz off so maybe you can lend me some.

    And I believe that Jus' Sayin and Long Term Ward 7 are the same person. You are that much of a coward that you have to switch user names, hoping that folks wont catch on.

    You are offended by the 50 thing. I understand that. But you cannot claim that 50 is the new 30 (I think you meant 40) when you actually look your age or beyond. Personally, I think you look past your age. And you should began to just live life - through retirement so pass on the torch.

  • AlwaysStinkin

    @ the same person (Jus Saying and Long Term Ward 7 Activist)

    Your summation of haters being equivalent to experienced adults in this instance of W7 Minstrel Politics is way off the mark but more, far too kind of a comparison.

    What you really meant is that once one becomes a certain age (let us just say whatever age is considered an elder – 50 plus), regression sets in and thus creates delusion. You are the one who needs to sit down somewhere, like on your porch in a rocking chair. You cannot handle this young squad and that is why Fenty is gone because ya’ll hated on that man. You all mustered every hot and sticky shuttle bus you could to get those elders to the voting blocks to remove my man from office. And guess what, AF is still sexy. Ya’ll didn’t do a thing save to show how boorish elders can be.

  • Jus’ sayin

    @Always Stinkin/Never Thinkin - I'm no elder. Maybe too old for little league baseball though. I'm not Long Term Ward 7 Activist either. Sorry, you're wrong again and I still say your comment about the elders need to prepare for their homegoing is stupid. I am a youth advocate and I work with at risk youth not much younger than me so I think I can speak with authority on the matter of young dying young. Unlike you, I've been taught to respect my elders and be careful what comes out of my mouth. Whatever elder raised you, didn't do a good job at all.

    Jus' sayin

  • HillcrestDC

    @Ward7Diva, where is this meeting? Today?

  • AlwaysStinkin

    @Jus sayin - As I've said, you and LTW7 are the same person. You are right, I couldnt fathom thinking on the level of W7 minstrel.

    I am sure that you were apparently "raised" like an animal, I was "reared" however by phenomal parents. Why is the comment stupid only unless elders you know are on the actuary chopping block...that comment dug deep in your feelings "young" minstrel. Now go and exorcise your superstitious demons! Well, jus sayin.

  • AlwaysStinkin

    And trust me, Jus Sayin, if you are thinking anything like the elders of W7, you are doomed for failure as that sort of myopy is a thing of the past. So, you are indeed being taught wrong; you poor student though this teaching is typical in DC anyhow, at least in its immediate past.

  • Ward7Diva

    @HillcrestDC...I am told it was cancelled. It was suppose to be at the Benning Library. Will post the rescheduled meeting soon!

  • Long Term Ward 7 Activist

    AlwaysStinkin, describes you very well. What is your problem? How dare you talk about people not using their real name. Did your mother name you AlwaysStinkin? Or did you get that name afterbirth? What's on your birth certificate? Reveal yourself. And if you do not know who people really are how do you know if they look their age. I don't know whose imagination is wilder, yours or my granddaughter who has three imaginary friends and a pet giraffe. I guess all old people are the same to you which explains why you think I am also Just Sayin. You are wrong about everything and right about nothing. But we forgive you. Take your own advice and reveal yourself or look into the mirror and say...COWARD. Bless your soul. And good night baby! God loves all the little children and so do I.

  • PissedAsHe77


    You want Liz Pecot??? Are you crazy? She RENTS a place behind the Shrimp Boat. My girl friend that lives in her community told me that her telephone is disconnected! She is new to the Ward and DC. Not sure her motives??

    Tom Brown is new to the ward also, but I like what he has to say! I think we should check him out.

    Just my thoughts!

  • Ward7Diva

    Whatever happens....I know Yvette Alexander needs to go!

    Ward 7 deserves better!

  • MadWard7Resident

    I got time, support (family & friends) and a few dollars to help get CM Alexander out of office! Let the game begin!

  • tequilaNOsalt

    I wonder why people cannot engage in decent blogging. Albeit hilarious, people are reading into things they shouldn't and becoming sidetracked from the real issue, which is to yank Yvette Alexander from the Council line.

    @PissedAsHe77 - What is wrong with RENTING? Especially in an ironically unaffordable nation's capital. Do you have something against renters? Because the way I see it, eventually the majority of wards 7 and 8 will be renters. Even though I am not a renter, I am seriously offended by that statement. And the her "telephone was disconnected." Firstly, this is hearsay because it came by way of a girlfriend who lives in her community. How reliable, right? Secondly, if her phone is disconnected, what does that mean to you? Have you ever fallen on hard times?

    It is strange that you are thinking on these terms, especially when you perhaps live in Ward 7. That is the really strange part because I bet you see daily many people on hard times just by looking at them. You should not be part of any committee that is posturing a candidate for ward 7.

  • Villareal Johnson

    I like the article but I am a bit disappointed with the commentary. We should not focus on the incumbent, but what's possible. People are right. There are things that could have been done that weren’t. However, this is always the case.

    I look at our current dilemma as a Ward 7 resident, as a native Washingtonian, as young person, as a professional, as a Chair of ANC, etc. I have many lenses to use. They all help me to see that we can do better. We can aspire to gain more, but it isn’t about the incumbent, or young vs. old, or homosexual vs. heterosexual sexual, or new resident vs. long term or permanent resident or native vs. transient. It’s about the people in this community as a whole. It’s about building bridges. It’s about connecting people. It’s about leveraging the diversity in age, experience, income and knowledge to share, uplift and promote all of Ward 7. It’s about changing our mindsets and collectively making a difference.

    3 primary groups looking to unseat an incumbent could possibly communicate several things: poor leadership, opportunism, exclusion and discontent with access. We all can agree that we have been given a top down approach and solutions that do not seem to be satisfying active community members or meet the community’s holistic needs.

    The groups cross sections of age, gender, class, income, and orientation. It’s says to me that there is a problem. It doesn't say it’s the incumbent, per say. It communicates that there may not be a strong enough leadership structure in place to blend the diverse ideologies competing for attention and service.

    I know that as a community we may not win, if we fail to focus on the facts. The facts are that there is potentially over 1.5 billion in development dollars than can come to Ward 7 that can be massaged and manipulated to attack the community’s social ills. We can talk about the unemployment rates in Ward 7 being above 15% but what will we do about creating opportunities for construction jobs and CBE participation? We can talk about illiteracy rates at 51% but what will we do to attract commercial bookstores and fund literacy programs? We can talk about health and wellness but how will we attract fitness centers and create a community culture of fitness? An additional fact, is that we didn’t gain population to make us stronger when voting and competing for money, opportunity and services at a city-wide level.

    The incumbent should not be the focus. Incumbents do what they are allowed to do. Raising the level of expectation of residents and voters about what is possible should be the focus. Collectively creating a holistic approach to obtain what is necessary to be a prosperous community should be the focus. True leadership that can govern processes that work for all residents should be the focus.

    In the end the voters will decide. If these things do not become the focus, prepare for another four years of the same; withdrawal, self-promotion and gripes.

    Just my 2 cents, but do expect more ringside commentary from me.

  • Ward7Diva

    Mr. Villareal Johnson, Sit down and shut up! You are a piece of work! Please do not try to place a positive spin on things when you are part of the problem! Do all of us a favor and DO NOT try to run for CM! Do not waste your time and our time in Ward 7!

  • HillcrestDC

    Thank you, @Ward7Diva. Sorry to hear that.

  • Torpedo

    @Villareal - your comments mentioned many of the items that would make Ward 7 less A THIRD WORLD COUNTRY and were respected up to the point you said "incumbents do what they are allowed to do." By Jupiter, what planet are you living on? Correction: here in DC INCUMBENTS DO WHAT THEY WANT TO DO. This is primarily because they don't believe they are public servants, but good ole DC NATIVE (let's not forget that operative word "native") gangsters. So sad and pathetic this thinking and this city is! What DC has in Wards 7 and 8 is the smallest THIRD WORLD COUNTRIES known to man. I often look around for the wild hyenas.

    You all (W7 and 8) do much talk and less action. Stop bickering like tribes of old and start civilizing your communities. Whenever I'm beckoned to take public transportation over there (EastofRiver), for me, it is always a grueling trip as I know I will deal with unmannered people and truthfully many of whom I don't want near me, even in terms of yards. If this hurts, then tough as no apologies here because it's the truth.

  • PissedAsHe77

    Ward 7 need people who are invested in their communities! Nothing against renters but it is a proven fact that renters has less of a community engagement/committment compared to homeowners!

  • me4dc

    @Maceo Thomas:I actually think Veronica Davis can take CM Alexander out!

  • ohplease

    Veronica Davis couldn't take Yvette Alexander out to a little league ballgame riding her on the handlebars of her bike. No need spoonfeeding Maceo Thomas a plate of your homegrown bullshit. Be for real! Do you think Vince Gray and Kwame Brown are going to let their girl be taken out without a down and dirty, mug ugly fight? I heard Veronica Davis went running crying to her friend, Maceo behind the comments on this thread. If that's true, she's already too weak to fight.

    me4dc - Are you Lisa Shaw, resident of Detroit, Michigan? If you are, shut the hell up and stay out of our business.

  • me4dc

    @ohplease: Nope! Just a native SE DC girl! Live and Work in DC. I stated that because, Veronica is the person that
    I would support out of the others running!

    ALexander- He77 No!
    Moten- Double He77 No!
    Sylvia Brown- Opposes everything- So No!
    VeronicaO- Better than others- So Yes!

    Who else do you know that is running? Are you running?
    Let a Sista know the deal!

  • Anonymous

    @OhPlease, you have me cracking up. You are so funny and you seem to know a lot. Keep the info coming. I agree, some of the people mentioned are still untested in Ward 7; you need someone who can fight for the ward in all areas.

  • Lifelong Ward 7 resident

    Believe me... a good candidate will come forth! Just wait

  • WhoSaidWhat?

    Just because someone is new to the neighborhood doesn't mean they don't have it's best interest at heart. Just because someone is young, doesn't mean they don't know. As someone right in the middle (Age 40) and someone who has lived in Ward 7 most of my life, I mean no offense when I say maybe someone new will help because those who have been doing something recently gave us Alexander, and Gray. Need I say more? Another point, the 'old guard' in Hillcrest needs to understand you don't run Ward 7. I grew up in Eastland Gardens and get it straight, Hillcrest is NOT the only middle income neighborhood in Ward 7. The consensus appears to be that we (all of us) don't want Alexander. And for Mr. Johnson, give me a break, the reason we didn't get our fair share this last go round falls squarely at the feet of Ms. Alexander. She is a poor communicator and rude and disrespectful and from what I've seen, just plain lazy. It serves her well to cater to the uninformed, low expectations crowd because they will be happy for whatever crumbs she throws them.But we are the ones that research and vote. We need to force her to pay attention to the strong middle class in Ward 7. We need to demand economic development NOW and not include any more low income housing. If we don't get our median income, we will not attract business. If we don't stop being the dumping ground for section 8, half-built buildings and shoddy excuses we will never see it. If you don't believe me, read the comments and blogs regarding redistricting. They rest of the city is perfectly fine with ward 7 being the dumping ground and they are fighting to give us all to mess. If we can stop all this ridiculous bikering we can get behind one person and unseat her. Whether they are new or old doesn't matter just that they are open to doing business a NEW way. Just cut out the crap and get togther to get rid of her. We need a fighter in the office not within us.

  • East River Heights

    We just need to get some new blood in the office. I agree they need to do more.

    East River Heights Blog

  • WilsonGrad

    I have a theory. When Yvette voted against gay marriage last year, I think that was the beginning of her end. The gay pop rallied with Tommy Wells and company to move her. Tommy reached out to what he thought was young Ward 7 leadership to create a new ward 7 coalition--made up mainly of Ward 6 people. Now David Alpert is working with Tommy and others to decide on our leadership. they are talking and using the media to push their agenda. Of course David has the bully pulpit with GGW.

    I shake my head. All this animosity because she voted against gay marriage.

  • WhoSaidWhat?


    This doesn't have anything to do with her vote on gay marrige. It is regarding her inability to get anything substantial done east of the river. She has accomplished nothing in regards to economic development. Libraries are nice but where are the stores and the condos? The entire ward has suffered under her. It's dirty and has been treated as a dumping ground. She shoudl be fighting for us instead she just rolls over. She's given us nothing. At least that's what it's about for me. Her re-elections will not be easy. She has been very VERY disappointing and her obnoxious, rude and self-deserving attitude better change if she wants to have a chance.

  • http://Thatswhatsupnow London

    It's a shame that Alexander and her staff is so ignorant,very sad that some sista's.."Yea we said it", are so evil to each other especially when they get power, they somehow seems to forget that they work for us not we for them. Alexander is so done it's not even funny, she's like old cooked barbecue eat it or discarded as waste now that's real talk!

  • http://Thatswhatsupnow London

    It's a shame that Alexander and her staff is so ignorant,very sad that some sista's.."Yea we said it", are so evil to each other especially when they get power, they somehow seems to forget that they work for us not we for them. Alexander is so done it's not even funny, she's like old cooked barbecue eat it or discarded as waste now that's real talk from Thatswhatsupnow.com.

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