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Clarification: Ron Moten Not Physically Erect While Helping People

This week's LL column has doozy of a quote from almost Ward 7 D.C. Council candidate Ron Moten about the pleasure he receives from helping others.

"What I get erections from is helping my people," Moten said, when he and LL were hanging out with some residents of Benning Terrace last week and the topic of Moten's public service came up, err, was discussed. Moten is the co-founder of Peacoholics, an anti-youth violence organization that very active during the administration of former Mayor Adrian Fenty.

Moten sent a text message to LL today saying that LL took that quote out of context.

"I wasn't saying like a physical erection," Moten said when LL called to follow up. Moten said his erection line was just meant to show that he gets a thrill out of helping others, similar to the "ultimate high" athletes get when working out.

LL said he thought readers understood Moten's meaning, and it was clear that he didn't literally get erections from helping people. It was a metaphor, if a fairly amusing one.

Not so, said Moten, who adds that he's been beseiged by calls this morning from people asking if he does, in fact, become aroused when doing good deeds.

"I'm dead serious," said Moten, when LL expressed disbelief. Moten sounded slightly annoyed that so many people have taken his quote literally.

"That doesn't help me," Moten says of his campaign to unseat Councilmember Yvette Alexander.

It sure doesn't. So, to be clear: in no time during any conversation that LL has had with Moten has he indicated that he actually gets erections from helping his people.

And now you know.

Photo by Darrow Montgomery

  • seDCdude

    This NINJA here is about as IGNANT as they come!

  • DcNative

    Is this newsworthy?

  • cottontails


    I don't think anyone took it seriously. I think he's taking people making fun of it too seriously. It was an odd choice of words, for certain.

  • OllieSeymore

    Ron Moten is a Joke! Sit down and Shut up already!

  • noodlez



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  • SEis4ME

    If true, it's silly of people to call asking does he really get an erection.

    It's also silly of him to "clarify" w/Alan because Alan never insinuated that he believed Moten literally got a stiff one.

    If anything didn't help him, it was his god-awful display during the Fenty/Gray election. That's what sealed the deal my friend.

  • keisha kole
  • ToiletLawmakers

    @noodlez - I appreciate your apt use of alliteration.

  • Southeast Ken

    All I can say is, LOL.

  • Ernest E. Johnson

    We want to thank the City Paper for their clarification. Ward 7 has the highest unemployment rate, crime rate and no economic development opportunities for its residents. The Ron Moten Changing Ward 7 City Council Campaign is going to keep working hard and reaching out to those people that want to work with us. The 44,000 registered voters of Ward 7 will choose whom they want to be their next Council representative on April 3, 2012.

  • Really?

    This unreal? And you post about this?

  • SocialViagra

    So wait, he doesn't get erections performing good deeds!? Ahhh, I thought I had finally found someone else who shared my proclivity for stiffys while serving fellow residents in need. Ron, no shame in the game homefries. If you stand attention while pacifying the warring factions within the DC Snitches get Stitches culture, don't be ashamed. You have a chubby friend in me. Stand tall my friend, stand tall. Now I'm off to satiate my need to help others.

  • ToiletLawmakers

    A while ago R. Moten's DC residency was questioned:

    Ron may be a phantom DC resident since he was using in December 2010 a DC SE address or perhaps this was the address listed when he took the line of credit in excess of $25,000 from an entity that won a motion for a hefty partial default judgment in March 2011.

    The civil matter was brought against Ron Moten, Jahaur Abraham, and the Peacoholics, itself.

    All defendants were obviously evading service since the Peacoholics and Ron Moten were finally served in February 2011. I know Moten hates the signer right about now. Significantly, Ron Moten was not successfully served at the private address he had on file. The service for his and the Peacoholics were effected at the same address, the business one.

    There was no judgment issued against Abraham, so he got away unscathed. The partial judgment was issued only on Ron Moten and the Peacoholics in March 2011 and denied against Abraham in the same month.

    In April 2011, the partial judgment against the Peacoholics and Ron Moten, when all was said and done, amounted to more than $56,000. The case is still UNDISPOSED as of May 31, 2011.

    @Ernest: How can you explain this? Ron's financial woes are ever present and he wants to run for council chair. See, this is precisely why it is believed by many that his potential run is a ploy to get Alexander re-elected. What a dirty, low-down, wishfully ineffective scheme you people devised.

    Now, I am really bereft of words!

  • ToiletLawmakers

    @Ernest: Do you believe that Ron Moten should start with you and himself on stamping out illiteracy?

  • Southeast Ken

    Lord, some are saying, former dictator Fenty might run for mayor again. Please say it ain't so.

  • ToiletLawmakers

    Between Fenty and Gray...I would gladly take back the former!

  • tired

    I don't want either one especially Fenty. Ron can you say no more money for you!!! The damn Bank is closed find a job.

  • tired

    By the way can someone get this fool a dictionary so that he can get the definition of erection. WOW. ANOTHER IDIOT.

  • seDCdude


    you're on your own champ!

  • DCDem

    Fenty is done. It is time, again, for a non-native Washingtonian as Mayor.

  • Truth Hurts

    Agree with # 14.

  • Wendy Washington

    noodlez, your post #5 is on point. I may have to use the term "FAKEASSENSTEIN" in the future to describe those of the same ilk as Moten. I don't want to plagiarize, so I will properly attribute that creation to you, as the author.

  • River City

    Ward 7 should check out two, very capable, highly intelligent people to consider enticing for a Council run: Latisha Atkins, of the Mayor's Office of Neighborhood Engagement, an attorney of integrity and dedication,and Johnny Gaither, now at the DPW. Both are Fenty hirees. Gaither worked for Mayor Williams in Neighborhood Services and for Vincent Gray when he represented Ward 7. Gaither is respected, committed, caring, seasoned and has integrity. If either of the two cared to run, Ward 7 would gain much from their talents.

  • Really Forward7

    @River City...get your facts straight. Johnny Gaither never worked for Vince Gray(maybe his campaign, but never in his office). Also, there are a lot of good people who can represent this ward with integrity. Everyone thinks they know this ward so well. If you did, you'd be able to name more than just johnny Gaither and Latisha Atkins.

  • La Esquina

    I don't live in Ward 7, but feel as if the ward would be better represented by a potted plant than by Moten.

    For what it's worth, I understand the beef Ward 7 folks have with Alexander. She's really really nice, but other than the blunt ban I can't think of notable legislation she's moved forward....and really, has that blunt ban stopped anyone in DC from smoking pot?

    A shame, because she's got some capable staff in her office. Amin Muslim's well known in the Wilson Building as an effective caseworker, and her LD& Committee Clerk are skilled young men with a ton of potential. With some luck, the threat of a challenge will spark a fire under her to start coming up with effective proposals and initiatives that will help out Ward 7's residents.

  • http://deleted leeshato

    Please stop tearing people down.Many people feel good when they help people that is a positive. If you do not like the guy do not try to smear him in others ways. I am not a fan ,but he could not be any worst then some of the other crooks that are presently on the council.

  • Charlie

    No one thought he literally popped a boner doing public service though I can see him getting teased about saying that he does.

    The problem is that no serious candidate would have made a statement like that. This type of thing won't win him any support.

  • Five To Go

    How stupid is Moten? You get an erection from helping your people--that is so sick.This fool could have chose another word. He will not get my vote--nasty thing.

  • tequilaNOsalt

    Ron, now you know you cannot bring that hood talk to politics, at least not in the public eye. You know you guys do and say what you want in private, but that hood 80s talk is absurd. Don't get me wrong. I've heard that same phrase before but from the hood, street guys. That talk is not for every venue. Let's get real. I think I told someone in your camp that you are in bad need of communications training/skills. I believe though you are a cause who cannot be helped when it comes to this sort of training.

    Hearing you, I cannot imagine you engaging in any legislative discussion because you don't know how the leg process works. But you do know how earmarks work.