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Woman Charged With Assaulting Police Officer During Snowball Fight


It turns out that there was another cop vs. snowball fight incident today. We reprinted an e-mailed account of the snowball incident which took place outside Wonderland shortly after the bar closed. Police officials confirm that a woman was arrested as a result of the incident. She has been charged with assaulting a police officer, a felony. What was her weapon? An ice-packed snowball.

Unlike the infamous gun incident, the officer involved was on-duty and did not respond by brandishing his weapon. Instead, he arrested the woman during a fairly tense scene, according to Third District Commander Jacob Kishter.

Kishter says the woman had hurled a snowball into the officer's police cruiser, striking him in the face. Police had arrived on the scene at 11th Street NW after receiving a call for "a large disorderly snowball fight."

Kishter says the officers approached the snowball fight with caution. "When the officers got on the scene, instead of pulling right into the block, they were in sight—not in snowball reach," Kishter says. "The officers put their overhead lights on to get their attention to move on. The way it was explained to me, there were people on each side of 11th Street and they were having a snowball fight across 11th."

The officers' presence and the flashing blue and red cruiser lights did not put a halt to the snowball fight. "Nobody was moving on," Kishter says. So the officers drive into the block.

People start throwing snowballs at the patrol cars.

One officer rolls down his window to get a better look at what's going on. He watches a woman hurl a snow ball at his window. The snowball strikes him in the face. "It was snow packed with ice," Kishter says. "It was like a missile.... Almost like a rock."

At that point, the officer called for backup. Eventually, at least four officer show up to address the snowball fight. But when the uniform officers approach the crowd, the snowball fight continues with one important difference. The snowball fighters had fresh targets.  "[The officers] start getting snowballs thrown at them," Kishter says. "Nobody pulled their guns."

Kishter explains that after the infamous incident in December, he went to roll calls and instructed his officers on other, non-lethal ways of combating a snowball fight.

The officer was able to pull the woman who hit him out of the crowd. The arrest effectively ended the snowball fight [see video]. The crowd broke up. The woman was charged with APO. Kishter thinks that she is 21 years old. This is her first arrest.

The officer is doing fine. The snowball may have left a bruise on his face. But other than that, Kishter says, he basically "shook it off."

UPDATE, 4:18 P.M.: Maria Louis Maria Lewis is the woman who was charged with the felony APO. According to her roommate, Lauren Barthel, she is still being held at D.C. Superior Court's central booking. She won't be released until the court re-opens and she's arraigned. There's still the potential that a judge could hold her at the D.C. Jail.

Barthel's account provided to City Desk differs significantly from Commander Kishter's narrative of events. She says that she and Louis Lewis had spent the night dancing at Wonderland where they bonded with their neighbors who all lived near the bar. After the bar closed, she says, about 35 people engaged in a "friendly" snowball fight across 11th Street in front of Wonderland.

After about 15 minutes, nine police cars pulled up. Some parked on 11th in the middle of the snowball fight. "They just parked and got out of their vehicles," Barthel says. "They never gave us an order to disperse. Had they given us an opportunity to disperse, this would not have happened."

Barthel says that she and Louis Lewis decided they didn't need such order, and started to head home. "We were starting to walk home when the police came up and stopped us," she says. The two had gotten a half block away; they live only three blocks from Wonderland.

An officer then arrested Louis Lewis. Barthel says she repeatedly asked the cops about why her roommate was being charged. She followed her roommate was placed in a patrol car. She continued to question the police the whole time. An officer turned around and ordered her back onto the sidewalk. If she failed to comply, he threatened to have her arrested as well. She complied.

Barthel says that there were no ice missiles being thrown. Nor did she see any direct hits on any officers or their patrol cars. "I did not see anyone aiming at the police," she adds.

Louis Lewis, Barthel adds, was just dumbfounded by her arrest.

"Until the police showed up, it was a fun way to meet people in the area," Barthel says. "Their response was completely unnecessary force."

UPDATE, 5 P.M., 2/11: The woman's name is Maria Lewis, not Louis.

File photo by Darrow Montgomery

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  1. #1

    Sigh. I was pretty strong in my defense of the snowballers in the December incident, but if this is true, I'm less sympathetic towards the girl who threw the snowball.

    Wonderland is in a residential neighborhood, so I can imagine someone called the cops after being woken up at 2 a.m. by the snowballers. And while it's one thing to throw a snowball at a car, it's a whole other thing to take aim at someone's face -- especially when there's as much ice out there as there has been. And that it's a cop? Stupid move, friend.

  2. #2

    Wonderland used to be Nob Hill.
    All these years and people are still snowballing there?

  3. #3

    Cherkis: Please ask MPD why it responded (within 12 hours) in detail about an arrest involving a snowball thrower, yet 5 days after MPD officers shot a suicidal man, MPD still won't say anything beyond its boilerplate press release. I'm far more concerned about police shooting people than I am about yuppie snowball fights.

  4. #4

    "he went to roll calls and instructed his officers on other, non-lethal ways of combating a snowball fight."

    If this is actually the verbiage that Commander Kishter used, he needs to be fired on general principle. What kind of civilian police force commander tells his officers that they have to "combat snowball fights"?

    This all speaks to the immense "us versus them" mentality that suffuses American police culture. Every interaction with mere 'citizens' is viewed as combat. And nothing really matters other than protecting your fellow officers: protecting them physically, protecting their careers, and making sure nobody -- but nobody -- ever gets away with 'dissing' an officer.

  5. #5

    This city is turning into a Stalag. These cops are a bunch of punk asses. Arresting over a snowball? Out of all of the bullshit that goes on in this city, a goddamn snowball is waaaaayyyyy down the list of priorities. Patrolling the neighborhood doesn't mean wielding arresting power at the first time you get pissed off. Way to build rapport and gain the neighborhood's trust!

  6. #6

    Shows that you might as well shoot a cop as throw a snowball....the cop admits the snowball didn't hurt him but he feels the need to throw a 21 yo in jail forever!

  7. #7

    For those of you against the cops no matter what, I'd like to know what your suggestions are for this kind of situation. What should the police have done? Sometimes when I read through comments on incidents like this, I get the feeling that some people wish that the police did not even exist. Is this the case?

    For the record, I too am waiting for more information on the "suicide."

  8. #8

    Wow, many of you commenters are idiots.

  9. #9

    Woman throws iceball at cop's face and people are whining that she got arrested?


  10. #10

    Yep, he shook it off. No harm done - to him. Not sure if the snowball "fight" was a nasty confrontation or not, but it just seems absolutely ridiculous to charge someone with a felony in this case. Police have a lot of power. They can pretty much destroy your life if they get up on the wrong side of the bed. Tossing snowballs around and in come the cops to break it all up. Amazing.

  11. #11

    I know this is sexist, but I wonder what she was aiming at?

  12. #12

    i'm guessing she'll plea out and it won't go down as a felony.

  13. #13

    Amateur theater script:
    W "Hey, I'm bored and don't have work tomorrow. Want to catch a buzz and go play in the street?"
    M "Nah, that's some lame weak assed shit. Let's get hammered, annoy the neighbors, and fuck with the cops when they arrive!"
    W "Wow, you are so hard core!"

  14. #14

    *cut to snowballing scene*

  15. #15

    Kill every fucking piece of shit cop.

  16. #16

    bullshit, what she did was wrong have any of you ever been hit the face with a ball of ice? Now as for daddylox according to this so call mayor and so call police chief crime is suupose to be down so what are you crying about? Crime on the street think about it they are trying to get credit for a national statistic.

  17. #17

    dougp you need psychiatric help seek it immediately. Because what have done is a terrorist threat.

  18. #18

    Would you losers who think it is ok to assault an office please GET OUT OF MY CITY!?!?

    Why is it so hard for these overgrown children to understand the rules?

    1. Don't throw snow across the street.
    2. Don't throw snow at police officers or their vehicles.
    3. Don't cry about the consequences of your actions if you decided to do either #1 or #2.

    If you can't follow those simple rules, you should not be living in a major city. The cops have a job to do, and idiots like this are wasting their time from being able to focus on bigger issues.

    She got exactly what she deserves. Makes it so embarrassing to be a single, twenty-something living in the area.

  19. #19

    officer snowballs is way too fragile for police work. judge will laugh this one out of court.

  20. #20

    see comments 6,13,15. DPW, get to work.

  21. #21

    So when did cops become so frightened of snow and exactl why should we believe that this cop was somehow able to magically figure out exactly who, in a crowd of people throwing snowballs, threw a snowball at him?

    The problem with this story is that it simply didn't happen the way cops claim. They did not calmly sit there and try to disperse a crowd. They rolled up and immediately hopped out and grabbed multiple people from the crowd.

    At no point did they make any kind of order to disperse. And frankly, if they simply drove their cars into an active snowball fight taking place across a street, of course their car was going to get hit by a snowball.

    Charging a woman with APO over this is insane.

  22. #22

    I wish that I could keep a clear visual prowess while taking a snowball to the face! SUPER COP!

  23. #23


  24. #24

    LOL at a bunch of spoiled kids whining about someone getting arrested for throwing an ice-packed snowball at a police officer's face. Your boundless sense of entitlement is sickening.

  25. #25

    Too bad the snowball didn't KILL THE PIG!!!!!!!

  26. #26

    The woman arrested is my roommate. I was standing by her side throughout the incident and can attest this portrayal is inaccurate. When Wonderland closed about 30 people started a friendly snowball fight across 11th street. 9 police cars pulled up, a few parking on 11th street in the middle of the snowball fight. Many people began leaving at this point, a few continued to throw snow across the street at each other. I did not see anyone aim directly at police or their cars. The snow we were throwing was light and I did not see any direct hits. A bruise on his face? impossible. At this point the woman arrested and I were trying to walk home because we didn't want to be involved in anything rowdy, but we were not allowed to. The police did not give us orders to disperse before putting two people in cuffs (the other person was released quickly).
    Had the police told us to disperse and given us a chance to before resorting to arrests, I guarantee none of this trouble would be happening.

  27. #27

    Lauren: I was also there, and witnessed the whole thing. (I'm the guy who wrote down the cops' names and badge numbers, and the email report at DCist is mine.) Shoot me an email at kylemcneelgmailcom, and let me know if there's any way I can help.

  28. #28

    hm. I guess the website thought I was trying to do html, and ate some of the punctuation. the email is kyle.mcneel at gmail

  29. #29

    put up your mittens! your snowballin days are done!

  30. #30

    Adding comments 23 and 25 to trash list

  31. #31

    What a joke? A felony? Cops suck. This reminds me of when Tom Cruise wanted to sue that guy who squirted him in the face with water? Assault with water? Come on. This is the same deal. Why did he have to role down his window for a better look? Are windows not see through? It is the cops fault for being rolling down his window, he was negligent and put himself in harms way. I'm sure she didn't aim for his face with a "ice ball as hard as a rock." What a joke. The snowball "may have left a bruise on his face." It doesn't even say there was a freakin bruise, it MAY have left a bruise and he shook it off. This does not warrant a felony charge. This country is becoming extremely lame and gay.

  32. #32

    I cannot believe this. The cluelessness of the comments on this site are appalling. First of all, if the woman didn't throw the snowball, then why was she picked out of the group to be arrested? And from the laughing on the video, this group didn't take law officers very seriously.

    Has anyone considered what would have happened if this had happened in another neighborhood in DC, or in NY or LA. The snowball thrower might very well have been DEAD. AND, the cop would have gotten away with it.

    I don't think I have to list the cases of other people who have been shot dead for reaching for their keys or talking back to officers or appearing to "resist arrest". We all know the cases.

    You DO NOT throw objects of any kind at police officers, ever. If you do you will be charged with assault. Period. Of course there are rogue cops, but they still put their lives on the line every day. Suppose we all decided to bombard police cars with snowballs whenever they entered our neighborhoods. What would happen??? THINK PEOPLE!!!

    Nobody elee would have gotten away with that and neither should this woman. The judge should throw the book at her as an example to others. The snowball throwing business was getting way out of hand in DC. Our snow is too icy and hard. It's only a matter of time before somebody's eye will be put out. (Happened to a friend of mine when I was a kid.)

  33. #33

    snowballs with ice feel like rocks, She DID assault a police officer. No doubt about it.

    She SHOULD have been arrested.

    You spoiled arrogant liberal brats think the world revolves around you.

    This was your wakeup call.

    Kudos to DC MPD!!!!

  34. #34

    LaVern... get a life... its a freakin ball of snow... what is wrong with you? Set her free

  35. #35

    Oh LaVern, I just could not help myself, I had to find this video so I could show you how another country's police force combat snowball throwers. Please watch this video from the UK.

  36. #36

    @LeVern: "First of all, if the woman didn't throw the snowball, then why was she picked out of the group to be arrested?"

    Wait, seriously? Are you telling us that because the cops grabbed her then she must be the one who threw the snowball?

    The police arresting someone is not evidence of guilt in and of itself. Given the crowd, the falling snow, a mass of flying snowballs, and a cop bizarrely deciding that instead of giving a dispersal announcement, it would be best to drive directly into the crowd, it seems pretty likely that the cop would have no real idea who threw any individual snowball.

  37. #37

    I cant wait for one of those police officers to shoot one of these
    "people" for hitting them with a snowball. Just because you are paying way more for your house, condo or apartment than its worth doesn't give you the right to assault police officers. Damn i hope i don't with one of these dumb MF'ers but i probably do.

  38. #38

    What a whiny little bitch. Wahhhh....I get to be loud and drunk in public, wake people up at 2:00am, and throw snowballs at the police, but they can't respond...wahhh. Hey jackass....if I throw a snowball in your face and I see you throw it, I would expect you to respond. The officer responded and the dumb bitch got locked up. Quit your bitching!

    And here's some great logic...."all the other stuff that goes on in the city and bust up a snowball fight?" Umm...yeah...someone calls for obnoxious assholes waking them up at 2:00am and the MPD responds....just like they're supposed to!

    Good job Officer Fitts!

  39. #39

    if a cop feels like being a little big-pitch on any given day, he or she can and will make your life difficult just for fun. that's why i avoid even making eye contact with any police officers. you never know if you're gonna get a decent cop or officer whiny piggypants-in-a-bunch like this guy who will haul you off to jail just to prove that he's a bigshot.

  40. #40

    In times when people in the DC area are facing hunger, hypothermia, cold-weather related -diseases and car accidents, all due to freezing temperatures, power outages, and lack of public transportation, but some gentrified-DC residents seem to be more concerned about a drunk woman who acted stupidly. Seriously folks, there is more about the ongoing blizzard than just snow fights.

  41. #41

    Re: foldingtime

    Yes, I believe police shouldn't exist although some of the justifications used for them are valid. Most neighborhoods aren't generally respectful and safe, but the idea that paid violent thugs who are external to the lives of the community members will resolve the roots of that is ridiculous.

    As far as I'm concerned, the police exist to protect and serve the interests of wealthy, predominately white people, and most especially, their property over human lives, grocery stores over the hungry, prisons over education, banks over foreclosed homes.

    Instead of funding for any more police, I propose that the city empower and support the efforts of local community organizers (like Empower DC) and communities to take on neighborhood crises on their terms.

    Ultimately, in a peaceful, nonviolent, cooperative society, we will need to abolish all police. Until then, we ought to start to figure out how to displace the need for these thugs on our streets, the cops I mean, because right now, the only useful purpose I see for police are to give accurate directions.

  42. #42

    @ Drez: THE PLAN arrived at 4:56, three hours earlier than you predicted.

  43. #43

    I agree with losers need to leave DC if you cannot live by the rules. Do not get upset if you are called out for being the f*c#&$ng loonies we all know you to be. Race baiting? You betcha! There is a problem here, everyone...some white people believe that they are above the law and do not have to act responsibly because of unearned privilege. Nevertheless, You, loonies, do realize that you can and will be arrested, shot, or tasered like everyone else who violates the law and pisses off a police officer...Remember, they have the don't. While you are spending a few nights in jail or have an arrest record and must go to court...writing letters to council members will not make them do anything in your favor that violates the rules of the game. If you are charged with a felony and it sticks, you won't be able to vote, who cares about your "vote" in an election year...You nutbags better take heed.

  44. #44

    Lauren, bruise or no bruise, you throw shit at cops, and that's assaulting an officer. Get over your righteous self.

    If I lived next to Wonderland and had to listen to you douchebags at 2am, I'd have dialed 911 on you too.

  45. #45

    I don't know...
    "blahblahblah...police exist to protect and serve the interests of wealthy, predominately white people...blahblahblah,"
    while tantalizingly close, doesn't quite get full marks as a full-bloom psychotic rant about THE PLAN.
    It's more of a full-bloom psychotic rant of the anarcho-utopian taxonomy that touches on certain tenants of THE PLAN.

  46. #46

    @Outraged: About half of the crowd outside the Wonderland was black.

  47. #47

    The youngsters should be allowed to have a snowball fight. They need to get out and work off the excess energy. Whether or not they are 2 or 25. The Police have better things to do. Also the statement by the Police did not include any orders to "move on". They just "put on their lights". Maybe the DC Police could organize a snowball fight on the Mall. Girls vs. Boys would be cool, but We all know who would win that one. Maybe a Cops vs. the younguns would be better?

  48. #48

    @PrinceofKenyon: But you don't live next Wonderland so you have no clue what actually happened. So your point is moot.

  49. #49

    But I actually go to Wonderland a lot. So I have a pretty good idea of how it might have happened.

    I seriously doubt that half the crowd was black. While no question that Wonderland is welcoming to all, that's not even close its demographic. About 90 - 95 percent white would be more like it.

    Also I don't get the fuss about "orders to disperse." If you're being drunk and disorderly in a residential neighborhood at 2am, and the cops show up, what else do you need to know?

    Finally, Alex, your anarcho-libertarian ideals only work in the a world where your parents are paying your college tuition. Sorry to be the one to tell you that.

  50. #50

    I hope that people throwing ice-packed snowballs at police officers are arrested, tried, found guilty, sentenced, and then serve time.

  51. #51

    Reasonable people may disagree about whether the plan has arrived yet, but there's little doubt the "EVERYTHING'S ABOUT RACE" spaceship has left the launchpad.

  52. #52

    whine, whine, im a hipster, the rules don't apply, i'm living in such an URBAN COMMUNITY, whine, whine, whine.

    i'm sorry, was anything else said?

  53. #53

    what a puss!

  54. #54

    When you throw a snowball through an open window and strike anyone in the face you have committed assault. This woman needs to stay in jail for a few days with the whores and drug addicts. As for Ms. Barthel you need to say out of the way of a lawful process.

    There are other morons who have posted who think that there is nothing wrong with hitting someone in the face with a snowball. Had it be you who was hit in the face and the police showed up and did nothing you would be the first to whine to daddy that the police were ineffective.

    Grow up you spoiled brats.

  55. #55

    All of you bitching about assault... did you read what happened? The cop MAY have had a bruise... MAY HAVE... if that constitutes assault you guys are really pathetic... don't get mad at other people having fun because your life sucks... there is something wrong when an assault is lodged when it didn't cause any bodily injury.. I guess according to all the old angry people here, if your pride gets hurt a little, then that's assault brother... what a joke... this was an assault with no injury, that's just stupid...

  56. #56

    What in the world. Not a brick. Not a ROCK but a stupid snowball. GROW UP MPDC

  57. #57

    G and two are the biggest fucking piece of shit assholes.

    As for MPD -- bust two caps in their asses.

  58. #58

    Jay...I would like to meet you so I could bust a nice cold icy snowball off of your brainless noggin. What a dick you must be to live with.

  59. #59

    So I was there and saw the whole thing. There was a spontaneous snowball fight of about 50 people at 2am. Was this stupid and disrespectful of the neighbors? Sure. Was a neighbor justified calling police to break it up? Yes. Did the police, upon arrival, issue an order to disperse? No. Was a police officer hit with a snowball? Yes. In the face? No. In his car, through the window? No: he had gotten out of his car. Is hitting a person with a snowball, without their consent assault? Yes. Is this crime made worse by the fact that the person hit is a police officer? I don't know. Did a crime happen? Yes. Is there any way the officer could know who threw the snowball? No. In fact, immediately after he was hit, he walked into a crowd; a couple started walking away, and he followed them for half a block south on 11th St. They exchanged words, and he turned around. He then went back into the crowd and randomly and arbitrarily pulled this woman out and arrested her.

    Was a crime committed? Yes. Is there any grounds for arresting this particular woman? No. For charging her? No. Could anyone show, beyond a reasonable doubt, that she is guilty of the crime? Absolutely not.

    And that's what this is about.

  60. #60
  61. #61

    Carlos in DC... not sure who you are calling a "gentrified DC residents" but I am very concerned about drunk people acting stupidly especially when they begin preventing the police from doing their job and think they are above the law.

    LOL @ Alex!! That's what we need in this town, more non-profits!! When did you move here again? Do you even live here now? I'll take additional police in my neighborhood. Matter fact, send the ones from yours and we'll give you a roving band of non-profit workers instead.

    James, are you mad b/c this was your girlfriend being hauled off?

  62. #62

    Some of these hate filed comments about police officers has got to STOP NOW!

    You, and I mean dumb ass morons like, 'DougP', 'dee' and the biggest ass of them all, 'Elmer Fudge' you should try doing the job of a police officer for one day.

    I hope one day any of the three get there ass beaten on and then hope the police can help you.

    Having to put up with scum and winey trust fund babies who act like children, living here from somewhere else, organize snow ball fights, GROW-UP and do something constructive for once in your pathetic lives!


  63. #63

    Okay, first of all -- as usual -- MPD has been engaging in sketchy activity since 2008 when Lanier and Fenty lobbied to have MPD removed from independent oversight. Nowadays, they get away with abuse and brutality, against all classes of people. Last night, people in the community were having a snowball fight. Big deal. Police arriving and driving into the center of it was unnecessary and foolish. Having fun is not against the law, and those who are defending arrests of innocent people need to think carefully about the type of society in which they wish to live. This is not the former USSR, and people who want to live in a police state should move to Moscow and put up pictures of Medvedev. MPD should not be acting like the Soviet NKVD.

  64. #64

    Shamwow, "having fun is not against the law" -- what a stupid statement. The kids who throw rocks at bicyclists in Columbia Heights ought to try the same argument! LOL

  65. #65

    'Hahaha', having fun is not against the law, being a fuck'en dumb ass drunk and assaulting a stranger especially a police officer with malice is!

  66. #66

    My bet is that the little twats Maria and Lauren (and their new bff, zipperhead Kyle) learned a valuable lesson from all of this -- when you are creating a public disturbance in a residential neighborhood at 2:00 a.m. and the cops show up, don't fuck with them. Your skinny white ass will end up in the D.C. jail.

  67. #67

    Rick Mangus:
    you mad.
    Let me introduce you to malice.
    Malice doesn't use snowball fights to assault police officers.
    Malice looks a little more like this:
    snowballs are like the exact opposite of malice.
    I'm tired of this handwringing from yuppies who think that you can't fuck with the cops. Yes. You can. And they piss themselves when you do. They act tough, but when the reaction to a snowball is "It was like a missile.... Almost like a rock," you can tell they're pampered little soft-handed fascists. When the rocks come at you, piggy, you'll know it...

    ps: shamwow, I don't know you, but you're statement is backed.

  68. #68

    'Free Maria!', it's not malice when you and a friend agree to participate in throwing snowballs at each other, it's malice when you throw a snowball at a stranger and strike them with a snowball.

    As far as this drunk cunt maybe she can get daddy or mommy to bail her ass out of this problem as I'm sure they did many times before, before she moved into the big city where you are responsible for your stupid actions.

  69. Simple Facts, Folks

    A-L-C-O-H-O-L plus arrogance plus disorder. Add cops, get arrests. Assault cops, get rough arrests. Assault cops in face, expect your own trip to the hospital.

    Watch this happen again at bar closings in the white yuppie neighborhoods in the next few nights. Watch white kids get pepperspray flavored snowcones and go to jail. Applaud.

    We'll see how steep the learning curve is for yuppie liberal drunks.

    Let's just hope MPD management has a backbone on officer safety issues. We'll see.

  70. #70

    All this race garbage is really getting old. There appears to be just as many nutjob blacks as there are whites who can't see anything beyond the prism of skin color. Grow up and get an education. Perhaps then you will stop blaming all of your woes on other groups of people. I think it is good to have a diverse city.

    As far as the young lady goes, to charge her with a felony is overreaching. If she did hit the officer with the snowball then she was wrong. At the MOST however her charge should be a misdemeanor disorderly conduct and/or simple assault. Anything more than that makes MPD lose credibility.

    By the way I am a black guy from SE.

  71. #71

    Also 'Free Maria!' you need to go back an learn basic english, it's 'your' not 'you', dumb ass!

  72. #72


    I could teach you English, Rickypoo, but I'd have to charge. (Hint- no, it's not "your")

  73. #73

    @Free Maria

    The joke is "u mad" not "you mad".

  74. #74
  75. #75

    Free Maria -- have her parents posted bail yet?

  76. #76

    Shamwow, "having fun is not against the law" -- what a stupid statement. The kids who throw rocks at bicyclists in Columbia Heights ought to try the same argument!

    Don't be silly. Whoever heard of MPD arresting anyone for throwing rocks at bicyclists?

  77. #77

    That's right Cminus, the cops should only arrest the lawbreakers you don't like, and leave the lawbreakers you do like alone!

  78. #78

    Cops shouldn't arrest anyone. What good does it do? But they especially shouldn't target random people for Felony arrests who didn't do shit. Officer soft, pink hands needs to get a real job, where you don't get to push around and kidnap a young woman for two days just because someone else threw a powder snowball at you.

  79. #79

    'Free Maria' what I like to know is this dumb ass women a full time resident of our city?

  80. #80

    Rick: what I'd like to know is why the fuck you think it's okay to swagger like you hate women all over these comments? "dumb ass women," "drunk cunt," "BITCH," etc.

    You got a grandmother? A mother? A daughter? A sister? Then shut your damn mouth.

    Also, is the reason you spend all your time defending the pigs because you see how the soft-handed little fascists get all welled up with tears when they accidentally get hit with a powder snowball? I can just hear the poor baby sniffling, stammering, "It was like a missile.... Almost like a rock." Jesus, pig, get over it. Next time don't drive your car into the middle of a snowball fight and roll your window down. Moron.

  81. #81

    ok free maria. simmer down, go back to your hipster corner and sob it out with your trust fund pals. go have an URBAN EXPERIENCE. which, if you throw something a a police officer (or any human who does not want you to throw something at them) may result in arrest. schooltimes over, now go out an' play!

  82. #82

    'Free Maria!', you still have not answered my question, is she or is she not a full time resident of DC? This is not a hard question I am asking.

    As long as you refer to police officers as PIGS then I will refer to her as a DRUNK CUNT and BITCH!

  83. #83

    I wasn't there, but the snowball "packed with ice" seems like a classic bullshit line. In my experience, cops add a lot of bogus spin to their stories to justify the fact that the cop was pissed and want to overcharge her because he's a cop, and she disrespected him. It was fresh snow -- very unlikely there as ice in it.

  84. #84

    I hope that assumption of risk is a defense to APO in that jurisdiction. Driving a cop car into the middle of a snowball fight is assumption of risk if I ever saw it.

  85. #85

    Kids, summer camp ended at the end of the four-year college your parents sent you to. City cops aren't the same thing as campus police. Time to start growing up.

  86. #86

    To all the flakes who think snowball fights are harmless you need to organize and go to the burbs like paint- ballers. If one is to hit anyone with anything it is assault, in this case the person hit was a police officer, hence APO. You fucking yuppies will cry for police assistance if someone takes your parking place but think all the childish and immature (pranks) as you call them should be overlooked. Let one of you motherfuckers make a mistake and hit me with a snowball and you will be the first to call the police

  87. #87

    Sounds like a girl that would hang out at doucheville wonderland,Since when do you think you can throw ANYTHING at a cop and not get owned...

  88. #88

    Thank you all for some fun reading. Being one of DC's pigs myself (over on the Anacostia side) I always grin reading these stories and the comments. I kinda understand parts of most of your arguments with the exception of the tard that said shoot at us (I kindly ask for him to catch up with me later and give it his best

    Almost none of you seem aware of the laws in DC made by your own city council. Disorderly conduct,drunken disorderly, throwing missiles (missiles could be rocks, sneakers, a baby rattle, ice, powdered doughnut, you name it) and you DO NOT have to hit anything for this charge, assault (even if you miss your target), and APO - Assault On Police. APO is a very general charge and even includes spitting, interfering, resisting, or impeding police. Anything you do to an officer must be charged under this. I can not charge you with simple assault, etc. Any and all of these are arrests in DC since we do not have civil summons tickets like other jurisdictions.
    It really makes no difference what the police do in this situation because someone will still complain. If we break it up then we are no fun, if we don't you complain we didn't. If someone gets hurt the whining about a lawsuit and needing a police report begins. Better yet, someone with alittle too much to drink gets mad and fists fly, etc, etc, etc... And most of the same whiners are the first ones to call for some dumb parking violation, loud music, hookers in the block, you name it.

    Only the girl probably really knows for sure what happened, but if you see the police at 2am coming to address your childish behavior after you leave a bar... it should be self explanatory and you don't need an invite to please stop and move along. If you all moved along when asked (which you don't) then Adams Morgan would clean out in 5mins after the bars close.

    I don't know what that officer was thinking but if I am on duty and I get hit by a snowball from some clown over the age of 12, you will go to jail. I can't throw one back at you (lawsuit) and ignoring your stupidity is not in my nature. After 10 years in the Marines I came to MPD and in 5 years here I have been hit by a stolen car while on foot, had my police car rammed, been shot at, hit, kicked, spit dozens of times, you name it. Being spit on caused me to have to take AIDs medication for a month as a precaution because they were HIV positive. You can mouth off all you want, just understand you go hands on and I will too.

  89. #89

    You and your delusional bargain basement snowday entitlement are the scourge of humanity. Police officers et al, who work during a significant weather anomaly to ensure public safety are not in the business of considering/deciding who is playing in the snow carefree and which inebriated bar patrons are likely to incite a brew-ha. It is in your best interest that they assume the worst; that a gun is likely loaded, that threats will be followed through, that a life is in danger.

    They are likely trained to nip things in the bud, or perhaps citizens would rather wait until after things get out of control, with drunks in the mix. Your well deserved felony status will be a badge of honor among the still wet from college lesbian groupies, though if such flaky sycophants have been out of college for more than 6 years then they are probably too old to champion such a social liability in a neighborhood that deserves and needs a strong police presence. If your gripe is with the police, I recommend that you do not ever call them when you need them while taunting in the same breath with 20 watt reprisals of retarded street justice.

  90. #90

    RICKY "MANSPUNK" MANGUS BEEF is a true to form, ALL AMERICAN, BLUE EYED, CAUCASION, SELF PROCLAIMED HOMOSEXUAL!! That should explain his EXCESSIVE and obnoxious references to this young lady, HELL WOMEN PERIOD!!!

    @ REALLY
    I respect your perspective and REASON as it applies to this situation, but YOU KNEW WHAT IT WAS WHEN YOU SIGNED UP and that same reason and calm you exhibit here should beapplied to the public!! You are afforded a significant amount of PERKS to be, perform and act professionally and respctfully! Your training and weaponry allows you a certain COMFORT LEVEL as well as your MARINE TRAINING which further puts more accountability and rationale on YOUR PLATE to GO ABOVE AND BEYOND THOSE LAURELS of mere average men, YOU ARE CHARGED WITH THE RESPONSIBILITY OF PUTTING YOUR LIFE BEFORE SELF so you have no sympathy from me as it relates to the JAILING AND PURSUIT OF CHARGES AGAINST THIS LADY IN SUCH A MINUTE SITUATION!!!!!!! OOOOOO AAAAW!

  91. #91

    First off, 'sedcdude' if you had any intelligence or education and read my coments about this so-called "lady" you would see where I comming from.

    The other thing you stupid closeted homophob, I am part native american, and I don't have blue eyes and if you have a problem with that then screw you BITCH!

    Oh! by the way 'Free Maria!' I'm still waiting for my answer.

    'Really', THANK YOU for your military service and for the thankless job you have now dealing with these nitwits, I know, trust me I know.

  92. #92

    LOL! I love how Free Maria is upset that the immature perpetrator is called a "cunt", yet in every post she calls police "pigs". Do unto others, Free Maria.

    I sincerely hope this trust fund baby gets at least a few days in jail and a nice felony charge.

  93. #93

    @ RICK

    FUKK YOU AND YOUR AGENDA, YOUR RIGHTS AND YOUR OPINION, ESPECIALLY WHEN IT'S BIASED and ill willed with no logical backing, EMOTIONAL and lacking testosterone driven REASON, BITCH !!!!!

  94. #94



  95. #95

    COPY DAT!!!

  96. #96

    Let me tell both 'sedcdude' and 'noodlez' you uneducated DL fools, and I say uneducated by the way you both write, it's not cool being stupid! As far as me and my partner we have been together for twenty six years, so why don't the both of you go knock-up some skeezer to prove your manhood, RIGHT, HA!, HA!

  97. #97

    Oh, don't get me wrong, the kid in me would love to toss a couple of snowballs back and call it even. BUT global whining would take over and some ANC commish would be emailing the Mayor that the police are "F"ing off and not doing their job.

    back @sedcdude,

    You are right in that police have to have a thick skin, however the restraint you speak of is when I just simply and lawfully arrest someone instead of beating the brakes off them. Putting on blinders is not restraint.

    Talking, yelling and even worse unlawfully hitting a citizen does very little good. It boils down to either letting it slide or making an arrest. There is very little else left for police to do. I let little stuff slide at times (driving on suspended,etc) but I, PERSONALLY, do not let touching me in any form slide. I will also use all the training and experiance you spoke of to measure my response to the assault. I have never locked up a raging snowballer, LOL, but if I had to do so I would need only enough force to pull out my cuffs. To a violent attack something like the "freemaria" person advocates, they would find my hands are not soft and no tears shed on my end (I am not the typical lazy, fat, talk to my girl on the cell phone all day type DC officer).

    This is police work folks, not rocket science and I'm kinda simple like that.

  98. #98


  99. #99

    I find people live in DC do not know what's fun and humor. boring.

  100. #100

    I have no problem with the police perspective as you present it, Really. My issue is that, based on several eye-witness accounts, and frankly, the cops' own statement, there is reasonable doubt whether or not this particular woman threw the snowball in question.

    I don't have a problem with a cop arresting someone for drunk/disorderly/simple assault of cop. I DO have a problem with a cop who will arrest the most convenient person, whether or not they were actually the one who assaulted said cop in the first place.

  101. #101

    @K that bitch is being introduced to urban life. They lock up the wrong person very often east of the river. Good thing is the court was closed so she had a great experience I'm sure. The whole thing in a shell is adults don't play children's games.

  102. #102

    @ sedcdude: I too enjoy quotes from historic figures, and Lincoln was a genius at wordsmithing.

  103. #103

    BIBOB, you must be another booty bandit?!

    Why refer to the young lady as such?? I see you favor the MANGUS as well!!

  104. #104

    i was in adams morgan back in november. i watch as a gang (and it was a gang their color was purple) trying to pop a lock on a bicycle right there on the main drag, in front of hundreds of people! a cop was standing there in their veiw! so i walked over to the cop and told him what was in progress. he look at me i even pointed at the gentleman as he rode by on the stolen bike. the cop looked at me like what do you want me to do? finially after seeing my reaction to this and seeing that i wanted to see some action done. he give chase after the guy was a block away(no joke, a block) ha that guy was long gone!!! while it was happening the cop had to have seen them! because they seen him!!! good going guys, keeping the streets safe?

  105. #105

    I just spoke with your parents and pediatrician and they both agree that you are an mistake and the shame of your ancestors. Rage Against the Machine wants their T-shirts back too. All of them want to drill you in the face with a snowball while you play your video games.

    "typing in "all caps" doesn't really make you write louder, stupid."
    -George Thomas Jefferson

  106. #106

    @ seduced



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