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Taan Not Closing After All

Earlier today, Taan chef Jonathan Bisagni tweeted from the restaurant's account that the ramen shop was closing indefinitely. He then told Y&H that owner Ahmed Ouihman fired him this morning and planned to replace Taan with a new concept.

But according to Ouihman, the only part of that story that's true is that he fired Bisagni. Ouihman says Taan will be open as usual tomorrow and that sous chef Michael Than is taking over the kitchen. He says he never told Bisagni that the restaurant was closing or changing concepts. Ouihman previously ran Marrakech Lounge at the same address.

Bisagni is sticking to his story, saying Ouihman "definitely" told him that Taan was finished. "I'm sorry that I called you and gave you false information, I'm learning all this from you," he told Y&H.

Photo by Jessica Sidman

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  • Ward One Resident

    Hmmm...interesting. Well the space is cursed, but aside from that, sounds like a bit of sour grapes from the now fired chef.

  • mike s.


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  • SW

    Without knowing the circumstances surrounding the firing -- that's a pretty cruel way to fire someone.

    I can't say I was in love with the ramen (let's just say it looked better on paper), but he seemed like a well-respected chef with good ideas.

  • Lovelace

    I only went once. Liked it better than Sakuramen, but not better than Toki. But since Toki requires planning my whole week around trying to get a bowl of ramen, and ain't nobody got time for that, I'd go back to Taan for my next fix.

  • Ouihman

    Bisagni doesn't respect his job. that's the reason he got to leave ,and we replaced him with very good known chef Lee Hon Phan from LA.

  • still bloated

    i felt like I nearly died from the salt levels in the meal I recently had there.

  • tomaj

    as long as they never serve that beet-based ramen again, they might survive.