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Red Sauce Italian Restaurant Will Replace Red Palace

Jimmy Silk, a partner in H Street Country Club and Capitol Lounge, is working with developer Joe Englert to open an Italian restaurant with indoor bocce courts called Vendetta in the former Red Palace space. (Despite what was reported on H Street Great Street, Granville Moore's Teddy Folkman tells Y&H he is not involved.)

The casual H Street NE spot will feature an "authentic, soulful" menu that includes six to eight different pastas and sauces that can be mixed and matched. In addition to more traditional sauces, you'll find pork jowl and tomato ragu, squid ink, and walnut kale pesto. There will also be appetizers like fresh burrata and a sausage platter as well as sandwiches, salads, and four to five daily chef's selections. (One of the dishes they've played with is a braised cinnamon crusted lamb shank with vanilla Chianti polenta and a broccoli rabe relish.)

Executive chef James Figueroa-Perez comes to D.C. from Miami, where he was most recently chef for the president of Florida International University. He was previously executive sous chef at Sofitel Miami from 2009 to 2011.

Silk says he's going for a homey feel and "Adirondack rustic" look with lots of wood outfitting the 5,000 square foot space. The two-story restaurant will have 120 seats and two 35-foot bocce courts upstairs (which will be free to play). The second floor will also be home to the 16-seat "Vespa bar" with Vespas suspended from the ceiling. Vendetta will serve beer, wine, and prosecco on tap as well as cocktails.

Vendetta is set to open mid-April. It will start with dinner and eventually expand to brunch and lunch.

Vendetta, 1210 H St. NE

  • Mario

    "vanilla Chianti polenta" Seriously? Why is everyone trying to bomb my palette with 3-10 flaovrs at a time? Just give me a fresh and tasty gravy.
    In 10-15 years, people will look back at the cuisine of the 2010s as the height of pretentiousness.

  • tom

    Mario is dead on. If they want to open in some NW local, fine! But H St? I am sick of this! Bring back vaudevlle and titties please. WTF. PPL still get murdered on H. Can we keep it low brow please?

  • Scott

    Tom - the vaudeville and titty business obviously failed.

    Glad to have a fresh new option on H. Hope they attract open-minded customers once they open.


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  • EP Sato

    Good stuff. Most of DCs Vespa clubs hold their meetings on H Street Anyway (54-46 SC used to meet at the Pug, the Turnbull DCs SC meet at the Queen Vic, the DC city scooter rally always took place on H Street as well), so this seems like a good spot.

    I hope the scooter clubs get invited to the opening so we can park a dozen classic Vespas and Lambrettas out front!

  • D.S.

    I'm with Tom. Bring back the vaudeville and titties (best comment ever, btw). While the model may not have worked, that doesn't mean the idea doesn't hold water.

  • joe englert

    EP Sato...and all scooter enthusiasts...

    Please email me at would love for you to come to the openings...

    Also, we have moved the Burlesque to Big Hunt every Saturday Night in "The Devil's Kitchen" segment of the estabishment...

  • Janette

    Amazing, so psyched for this!

  • oboe

    Wait, so they closed one of DCs (and NE's) few live music venues to open a fricking spaghetti den?

    "Vendetta will boast two bocce courts upstairs (think H Street Country Club) and will feature a Vespa themed bar, with several of the popular motor scooters hanging from the ceiling. Let’s hope they’re well secured.

    Vendetta will serve casual Italian cuisine, with a wide selection of pastas and pretentious sides, including something called vanilla Chianti polenta."


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