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Red Palace Will Close at the End of the Year

Red Palace, the burlesque house, bar, restaurant, and concert venue on H Street NE, is set to close at the end of the year.

Red Palace has been a work-in-progress for a while now: It reopened under its current name in 2010, after burlesque house Palace of Wonders merged with neighboring rock venue The Red & The Black. (Valerie Paschall documented part of the transition in her City Paper story about Al, Palace of Wonders' former bar cat.) Since then, burlesque and live music have shared the same roof at Red Palace.

The venue opened its new kitchen about a year ago, and began serving brunch over the summer.

The venue's online calendar lists only a few events through the end of the year. The club plans to host a final burlesque and variety New Year's Eve bash Dec. 31.

From a press release sent this afternoon:

After almost seven years the Red Palace will sadly close it's doors at the end of the year. The current ownership is changing, and with that change comes new ideas for the future.

Red Palace had it's beginnings in The Red & The Black and The Palace of Wonders. The Red & The Black a quirky little live music venue. The Palace of Wonders a Vaudevillian entertainment bar replete with sideshow oddities. Loving neighbors from the beginning it seemed only natural when they were joined in 2010 to become the Red Palace.

We would like to thank the H street community, businesses and the many talented artists and entertainers we've had the pleasure of hosting. We especially want to thank our patrons and our fantastic staff for making it a great place to be, and truly one-of-a-kind.

We love H Street, and feel privileged to be a part of the community. Join us over the next several weeks for a show, a drink and a bite to eat as we say farewell. Don't miss our "Ball Drop" New Year's Eve. It will be a party to be remembered.

When reached yesterday, owner Joe Englert and general manager Steve Valm declined to comment. Club booker Steve Lambert has not returned multiple requests for comment since Sunday.

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  • JesseBinDC

    Likely, this is part of the transitional process we've seen elsewhere. What will come next will be baller.

  • Lawyer/DJ

    I wonder if this is because of the scathing brunch review?

  • Lash

    Let me say on behalf of DC musicians across the city: fuck you Steve Lambert. I sure do miss the old Red and the Black though...

  • Lush

    And let me say as a DC musician, thank you Steve Lambert for actually booking good shows at a number of your clubs. Lash does not speak on behalf of me, music fans in the area, and the large number of musicians and fans that frequent Lambert's shows as audience or performer. Don't know any area venue that would have had the balls to put on shows like Death Grips, host a free show for a straight edge band's reunion (battery), stays ahead of the curve with up and coming acts (Foster the People and Phoenix both played his clubs before hitting mainstream markets); and on top of this, 99% of the time he gives local acts that are hungry to play the opportunity to open these shows... So thanks. Have fun at the Filmore while it lasts, buddy!

  • Jane

    The possessive of "it" does not have an apostrophe! Its! Its! Dear God!

    Merging was a good idea but it was too much of a niche market, particularly with the new competition of H St.

  • To “Lawyer/DJ”

    You think a blog review from "Bitches Who Brunch" would wield enough power to shut down a bar? Maybe if all 20 of their readers were regulars.

  • El Camino

    Gotta say, the combined place never added up to the sum of its parts, and the last burlesque show I saw there was kind of a yawn fest. So I'm not surprised it is closing.

  • DCBird

    One of the better small music venues in the city. Great acts, excellent sound system, intimate feel, and great drinks. Sad to see it go, and I hope that the upstairs music space remains in whatever comes next.

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