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The Fred Phelps Counter-Protest In Photos: Vaginas Nom Nom Nom

Today, the much-anticipated Fred Phelps counter-protest finally came to fruition—albeit a couple of hours after Phelps' homophobia parade got going. City Paper photog Darrow Montgomery was on-hand to document the results. (See all of Darrow's photos of D.C. gay marriage day here).

Below, counter-protesters utilize the Burger King Guy, God Hates [Blank], and unclear messages about vaginas in order to protest Phelps' bigotry.

It's no "REACH AROUNDS FOR JESUS," but it is confusing!

I'm not sure what this message says in full, but it includes "vaginas" and more than one "nom," so it's got to be something important.

Good start.

  • Lionel Webb

    I think the "Nom Nom Nom" is onomatopoeia for the Cookie Monster sound.

  • TomHandy

    Aside from that, presumably it's also got the double meaning of being a reference to NOM, the National Organization for Marriage.

  • TT

    Yeah, "nom nom nom" is an eating noise. And I'm guessing it's a woman holding the sign. So there you have it.

  • Adrian Bent-Me

    AHAHA. The burger king one is the best...

  • mdesus

    The sign says I <3 vaginas nom nom nom

  • Darrow Montgomery

    mdesus is correct!

  • Flutterby

    Cheers to everyone who protested! Would have loved to join you, but I'm over in California, where the bigots were recently victorious with Prop 8. Fucking hateful sons-of-bitches.

    The Phelps group had a protest outside my cousin's highschool a few weeks ago; multiple students there had recently committed suicide, and they decided to take advantage of that by adding signs like 'They deserved to die' and other stuff about God approving of the suicides to their usual anti-gay propaganda. It was sickening. And after an hour protesting there during the hour when most students usually arrived (the school started classes later that day so students wouldn't have to face that, thankfully), they moved on to a nearby College to go full-on God Hates Jews.

    There's no reasoning with them. They're sick and irrational. I'm glad people have discovered what seems to be the only way to fight this: turn it into a joke.

  • John B.

    My partner and I were among the 151 couples in line yesterday and I am SO grateful for the supporters who turned out for us and especially the creative counterprotesters. I didn't see their signs when we came out but I have seen plenty of photos. You people are the best!

    BTW TomHandy is surely correct, it's a wonderful double entrendre with "NOM" being the acronym for the anti-gay group "National Organization for Marriage", which has been active in DC (as it was in Maine and elsewhere) attempting to prevent us from getting married.

  • sydnerella

    Lol. The "nom nom nom" was referencing to the sounds you make when your eating something. That's hilarious.

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