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Spot Your Local Tucker Max Douchebag!


Tucker Max, professional sexist, swung through College Park, Md., and Washington, D.C., last month to help promote his new movie, "I Hope They Serve Beer In Hell." Tucker Max events, you may be surprised to learn, can actually prove helpful to us feminists. Max has the power to gather all the local sexist douchebags into one convenient location for an evening, and that makes those people a lot easier to identify (and mock). But if you didn't have the heart to trudge out and ridicule the hordes of Tucker Max fans in person, it's not too late to get in on the fun. Max has graciously provided anecdotal and recorded evidence of the tour's douchiest attendees for us! See if you can spot any douches from your workplace, biology class, or overpriced Georgetown lounge:


Here's Max's video of the "I Hope They Serve Beer in Hell" premiere in College, Park, Md. It includes a douchebag who allows Max's video minion to shoot him in the face with a Nerf gun in the hopes of coming face-to-face with his douche idol. It also features a lady-douche who allows a gentleman-douche to spit his chewing tobacco into her mouth. She wins a beer bong. Over on the written side, Max informs us of one College Park douche who says he once had sex with a fat woman in order to finally seize the opportunity to tell a disposable sex partner to weave him a basket.


Over at the Washington, D.C., premiere, Max's video minion ridicules both Vietnamese and African-American women, the former for being employed as a pedicurist, and the latter for having a name he finds funny. He also exposes several douchebags gathered outside the premier who can recite obscure details of Tucker Max's sexcapades, but are unable to name the second and third presidents of the United States. Max's douchey law-school buddies get in on the fun, but they ask Max not to repeat any of the shit they said, because they are douchey guys who went to law school. Also featured: An awkward night-vision shot of a theater full of douchebags writhing with glee when Tucker Max makes a joke about exterminating fat chicks, or whatever the fuck that guy does for a living.

UPDATE: Oh! Welcome, Tucker Max fans! While I'm not scraping the sand out of my vagina or feeding my cats, I'm composing more poorly-written articles about Tucker Max that you're sure to love. Clicky-clicky!


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    If by douchebag you mean "rapist" I'm right there with you Amanda

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    Why do girls continue to fuck him? Am I missing something here?

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    I bet you're not very attractive, are you Amanda?

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    You're such a tough guy "Man." Nothing you can say on the internet will make up for your sexual inadequacy.

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    i love that i have no idea who this guy is.

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    Who did he rape Becky?

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    Man: what difference does it make what Amanda looks like? Tucker Max is still a mysoginist douche bag.

    Also, agree with rfn: why the eff is this guy famous? Is he famous? Did I miss something?

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    Also, agree with rfn: why the eff is this guy famous? Is he famous? Did I miss something?

    He's famous for living out the fantasies of limp dicked losers with no game and there are a lot limp dick losers out there.

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    kza - Multiple girls. He even brags about it in his book. Accordingly to some legal experts, he could be arrested if he steps foot in North Carolina since what he did is considered a felony act.

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    Hmm I read his book and it seems like despite him being a complete asshole/prick/sexist fucker, he never forced anyone into anything. It always seemed like he was drunk and girls nearly raped him.

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    Sex with a drunk girl is rape? Come on, Becky, you're not a fucking retard. Is it rape if I'm drunk, and the girl is sober? Rape is a violent act, and you are only trivializing the women who are truly victims of it by comparing Mr. Max's exploits as such.

    Tucker Max is famous because he's a funny writer. Legitimately, very funny. It's not just for the content. There are plenty of people who've had similar experiences, but none can chronicle it as captivatingly. I don't fantasize about living Max's life, but I read his works because it's something fun to read. A flight of fancy, if you will.

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    I have to agree. If Max was sober and having sex with heavily intoxicated women that would be a different thing. But two intoxicated people fucking is not rape. Sorry protestors with too much time on your hands.

    That being said, fuck that scum bag.

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    Oh Amanda, why didn't you link to the video footage from the Raleigh screening?

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    Wow. I'll post on that one tomorrow!

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    Oh ok I guess I'm the crazy one for calling him out for this kind of pseduo-frat boy hatred of women: "Sexism isn’t the same as misogyny, you stupid bitch."

    Any school official that spends my tax payer dollars to bring this guy to their school should be fired on the spot.

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    Too bad he gave free screenings at schools.

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    I love how people keep saying that Tucker's sexual escapades are considered felonious according to NC law. Guess what, so is anal sex. Does this mean the behavior of gay men should be protested as well? Oh wait, it already is. But I'm not jumping on that bandwagon any more than I'm jumping on yours.

    I think the real douchebags in this scenario are the ones throwing around words like rapist, felon, and douche (over and over and over) because they think it will convince people to agree with them that we should be offended by Tucker Max.

    For the record, I am a 36 yr old woman who went to the College Park screening, and not because I wanted to bang Tucker or be like him. I happen to think his stories are funny and well-written. And when I met the man, he was very respectful and generous.

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    I don't suppose you're looking for rhetorical advice, but I'm in a wonderfully giving mood.

    Assuming people are douchebags simply by virtue of their being in a theater while a movie that you find objectionable plays is silly. I saw Jersey Girl in a theater. Does that make me an idiot, or worse, a friend of Ben Affleck? Likely, but in no way definite. I've undercut my point, so lets move on.

    I've read a lot of people imply that his bragging about rape is in the book without backing it up. That's arguing from a misleading authority; I'd love to see passages pointed to that meet any reasonable definition of rape. I'm not saying they don't exist, but I haven't seen any presented as evidence, and, as such, place very little stock in the claims.

    I'll also say this, and this is what I've said from the very beginning (when I was just commenting on my cat's blog): Max is an eh writer, an asshole in the stories, and kind of a dick on the internet, but he's an incredibly smart guys who really does give back to his fans.

    In other words, he's just a guy. Not a god, not a demon. Just a guy who wrote a book. Why spend so much time hating?

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    All the hatred stems from a woman who lives a life she wishes she didn't live. She's bitter, she's been hurt, and she's angry at anyone who expresses themselves in a way she doesn't deem fit.

    I'm not a fan of the guy, but to label a fanbase as "douches" and try and ridicule them for enjoying someone's stories is simple-minded and hateful and makes the writer look worse than the person she is writing about.

    But then again, this is the same woman who has judged other women on their personal choice of what kind of penis they like. Her view is obviously right and yours is obviously wrong.

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    How is calling someone a "douche" remotely in the same category as calling them a "rapist" or a"felon"?

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    Why spend so much time hating?

    Why spend so much time being a simpering, sycophant fanboy?

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    I love how at the bottom of your articles your blog suggests other stories we might enjoy, like "Even Sexy Lady Football Players Get Sexy Lady Cheerleaders!" Way to take the moral high ground.

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    Sorry, but you lost me at Amanda.

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    There are other ways to insult people besides calling them douches. Please use a thesaurus next time, dipshit.

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    If you were to listen to the speech he gave at UCLA this January you would know that Tucker does not treat all women terribly, but rather those who he doesn't like. He does plan on getting married eventually. Also, just enjoying his stories because they are funny does not make somebody a douche. However, giving someone a demeaning title for doing so does make a person ignorant.

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    Wow you think you used the word "douche" enough? If I replaced every other pronoun with the word douche I could seem like an angry feminazi too.

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    Maybe we should not be focusing on misogyny so much Amanda and more on Misandry:

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    Is this forum sponsored by Midol?

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    hands down best article ever, i Love when a semi legit company completely destroys itself becuase of their lack of research and their personal (in this case outrageous) biases.

    Good luck ever recovering

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    Amanda... you can call him and his fans/friends douches, no problem. However, there are a hell of a lot of cool chicks out there that get it and enjoy it and who are going to continue to sleep with Tucker and others like him. No amount of your feminist talk is going to change that.

    Also please keep writing pieces like this, its loads of fun to make fun of. Also, my laundry isn't going to fold itself... chop chop.

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    Before you all jump on this femi-nazi bandwagon, maybe you should do a little research. If i have to read more than 2 or 3 "I don't know who this guy is" comments, then obviously you haven't done your research. Tucker Max, while on the surface may seem misogynistic, is actually all for TRUE feminism: Political and practical equality.
    But you ridiculous hippie-chick throwback feminists with your 70's ideology don't recognize what true equality is: It's being treated the same. Max doesn't treat women any worse than he treats men, and will call some random guy a douche bag as quickly as he'll call a woman a whore.
    If you truly want your feminist movement to mean anything to anyone, how about you lobby to be included into the draft? How about demanding raised auto insurance rates to match men's? How about you stop rallying to your Oprah demigods when they call men pigs? Or here's a better idea: Shut the hell up. Max and his fans LOVE women. He says it blatantly, numerous times, and any man who reads his work will agree. But if a women acts like a whore, she should be called one, just as a man is when he's being a douche.
    You're hurting your own cause, and subsequently (and hilariously) bringing more attention to the man you're hoping to call out. Tucker Max is just someone writing about his own life, and now you see how many people can relate to someone like him.
    He just tweeted this article, so I'm sure you can expect many more replies from TM fans, but let me just say this: Tucker's writing is more deep than just sex and drinking stories.. it's about him living how HE wants to, and not bowing to social norms. We could all learn something from him.

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    I never post on ay of these things but this time I have to, because I am highly offended. "Rape", "felony"? Come on, you can't be serious. The writer of this editorial, and that's exactly what is, is probobaly just another overweight liberal arts major who couldn't get laid if her life depended on it and harbors a secret crush on Mr. Max. Either that or Tucker actually shot her down.

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    I'd be pissed off too if I were a failed journalist while someone else was making millions by doing something they love to do.

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    Before you bash Tucker Max maybe you should actually read his stuff. Tucker has always had consent, he's not a rapist. Also, if he was and he was publishing all this stuff wouldn't he have had law suits? Oh that's right, he did, and he won because he did nothing wrong. You people take away from the serious issues of sexism and rape by attacking Tucker Max just because he's popular and would never sleep with you.

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    none of you woman are worth the backhand i'd throw out for not cooking me dinner. if you don't like it don't read/view it. Tucker Max is entertaiment, nothing more nothing less. Now if you'll excuse me, your husbands/boyfriends and i have to go out and drink ourselves into a stupor and look at beautiful woman we'll never get because we settled for you.

  36. #36

    If it weren't for women, Tucker wouldn't have a reason to get out of bed in the morning. Tucker even admitted this.

    Anyone who thinks he hates women, please get a reality check.

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    Really? You are giving REAL feminists a terrible name. Check out the book "my horizontal life" women write similar things. It's called humor, get a funny bone, or a clue, preferably both!

    Real predjudice is women being kept out of boardrooms or receiving less pay, not women who get too drunk to control themselves and throw themselves at men so men have sex with them.

    Also, rape is serious and violent, do not mock and diminish such a serious offense by claiming that drunk girls are raped. Blame the alcohol producers or the women who put themselves in such positions.

  38. #38

    It's in the same category because you're labeling people you don't know. Aside from all the anecdotes of "professionals in NC" and people saying he's raped women (and, amazingly, zero have made any claim in the last 7 years of his "fame), you have no proof that he's a rapist and no proof that people who follow him are douches. You've done no research, you've talked to no one, and you've gone on to ad hominem attacks simply to strike someone down.

    It's a pathetic excuse for writing, a pathetic excuse for "feminism" (in quotes because what you're doing is actually ANTI-feminist, but I don't think you're smart enough to understand why), and an overall abandonment of morals and ethics.

    You just seem so bitter and angry at someone who, at this point, has done nothing but live his life and write stories that have gathered an immense fanbase.

    In fact, unless you have proof that he's a "felon" and a "rapist" than you are committing libel, which makes YOU a potential criminal. THAT'S what puts you in the same category.

  39. #39

    real feminist i'll burn bras with you anytime! speak it sister

  40. #40

    I am a 33 year old married mother of 2 girls. I read Tucker's Book. I have the premier of I Hope They Serve Beer in Hell in my calendar - I'm going with a group of people (men AND women). You people are all insane (let me clarify - "you people" to be those bashing Tucker)... it's a book about real life situations. If I were Tucker Maxx I would be suing your ass for liable. You just accused an innocent man of rape! Why? Because he had sex with drunk girls who SOUGHT HIM OUT! You undermine each and every rape that has ever taken place by throwing around the word. I don't recall Tucker ever writing, "yeah, that bitch said no and guess what? I didn't stop." Come on...
    TUCKER - SUE these people - write about it, and then make another movie... just my advice.

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    I *love* Tucker Max! His stories are hilarious and the movie was awesome!! It was quite entertaining making fun of the ridiculous protesters outside the premiere.

    This crap about calling him a rapist is terrible. If you read his stories you will see he doesn't rape women. If he had raped a woman, I'm sure at this point in the whole "controversy" we would have heard *something* about it. Some women like sex. A lot. Some women approach sex just the same as men do. Or is that kind of equality bad??

    For the record, I'm not a douche bag. I am a professional woman that actually has a sense of humor.

  42. #42

    Well look at the bright side to that chicks logic while all the up tight girls who don't put out know where we are and to stay away so do all the horny sluts know where we are to come get some. For every one girl that puts a guy down or tells people to stay away always draws 3 girls to that guy cause a woman is gonna do what you say she can't every time. Its in their nature.

  43. #43

    Have any of you nay sayers actually read the book? It begins with "My name is Tucker Max and I'm an asshole." It's HIS life and he is willing to open his experiences and his life to the world for scrutiny. Nobody on here would have the BALLS to do that.

    Women willingly bang this guy. They are the ones that obviously have some sort of "I need you to need me complex" or simple go after him for the chase.

  44. #44

    I fail to understand what will this post do. And why do you waste time writing stuff about all of this, don't you have anything better to do? Jeez, it's just a fricken movie... Be aware there's people different than you in the world and those people might have different ideas. Being all cocky and whatever isn't going to make you right Amanda. I suppose you lacked something really interesting and serious to write about today?

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    i think all the girls are jealous he hasnt slept with them yet? ahah

  46. #46

    If you had ever read the book, Tucker makes many comments saying that he knows what he does is wrong and actually tells readers not to follow in his footsteps. If you truly dislike him, why are you trying to make him more famous? Yes, he may be a womanizer, but he also tells women that men will respect you as much as you let them. That is a fact. Women who don't care about respect will deal with the things he (or most men) do just to have sex. I am a woman and I love his writing. It isn't about how he cheats women into having sex with him, it is living his life the way he wants. He honestly doesn't treat women any differently than any other person at a club. If a girl doesn't care who she sleeps with, she's going to find someone. Same with men. Yes, Tucker has his "shallow" standards, but so does everyone else. Maybe he's more of a man to write a book and be honest about his standards. More so, if a female feminist has certain standards about men she likes to date or sleep with, does that make it okay because she's a woman? I am not saying that women don't deserve rights, but if you want to be equal, be equal all the way in every aspect. Also, the things that people did to meet him are not that extreme compared to other celebrities. But because he has a book about his life that you may not agree with, all of a sudden his fans are douches? You need to grow up and if you don't like it, don't make him more famous by putting his name in your mouth.

  47. #47

    Don't hate the player, hate the game. If your a slut , you'll be treated like one! Tucker keeps it real and sorry if you can't handle the truth.

  48. #48

    How does one become a self-proclaimed feminist these days? Is it by hating all honest men with a spine? By belittling women who are sexually open as unsuspecting victims? Perhaps you need just to completely discount the severity of rape by applying it to non-violent situations that just happen to pucker your ass? Maybe it comes by developing one's vocabulary to the true heights of intellectuality, repeating name-calling I hear from my 11 year old nephew. How's that nightly Composition workshop @ the CC working out for you, anyway?

    Your definition of feminism is perverted and better described as a thinly veiled attempt at controlling women, all the while thinking you're protecting them from the true equality for which the founders of the feminist movement fought.

  49. #49

    Hey Becky, can i have your cell number? But be sure to write it on a piece of bathroom paper... so i can wipe my ass with it. Thanks.

  50. #50

    I'm not usually the type of person to weigh in on editorials like this one, but I just wanted to leave a quick comment.

    I'm a young professional female, and my girls and I enjoy sitting around reading from "I Hope They Serve Beer in Hell" and we're planning on seeing the movie opening weekend.The only reason we didn't attend either screening is that tickets were sold out.

    Is Tucker an asshole? YES. He freely admits it. His stories are fairly well written (at least better written than comedienne Chelsea Handler's "My Horizontal Life" which talks about HER sexual/alcoholic/drug escapades), and they make me laugh.

    Tucker does, as Jack pointed out, talk about how much he loves women, and his hopes for the future. I have no doubt that he will raise any daughters he has in the future to be strong independent who won't put up with any of the crap Tucker tried.

    On the flipside, I know that Tucker just tweeted this article, and I hope that his fans continue to articulate themselves well.

  51. #51

    i am a woman... fairly attractive or so ive been told. Regardless, I think Tucker Max is HILARIOUS

  52. #52

    Tucker is what every guy wants to be. He lives life without a care in the world and enjoys it. He could careless what any of us think, and not many people can honestly say they can do the same.

    As far as the rape thing goes, you woman are ridiculous. Why is it when things don't go according plan, or they find something they don't agree with they cry rape. Woman have to understand how strong that word is. It is thrown out way to much and can really effect lives of people who are innocent.

  53. #53

    When I think of "date rape" I think of purposefully giving a woman a large amount of liquor, or giving a girl a roofie to make her pass out in order to have sex with her while she's unconscious. I do not consider two people at a party who are mutually attracted to each other having drunk sex a felony. In my opinion, it's all about intent.

  54. #54

    Shaun, thank you thank you thank you. Max, it is on! But can we burn sopies of this article as well? Anti-feminist "feminists" are worse than sexist men.

  55. #55

    copies* of this article

  56. #56

    way to use the words douche bag so creatively. honestly i would be embarrassed as a columnist to put my name on that and you're probably just upset because some asshole who can write better than you can still gets laid all the time while you're forced to sit at home alone with your cats and write about that dicks that won't fuck you. if you dont like tucker max then dont buy his book or see his movie. other than that why do you even care? tucker is very honest and open about who he is, asshole or not, girls know what they're getting into when they choose to be in his company or in his bed. and its the most pathetic and degrading thing to claim that once a woman has had a few drinks she cannot make a conscience decision. thats absoultley insulting to me and if you're a feminist than you've just contradicted everything you're fighting for by claiming us fragile women can't have a few drinks and think properly while men cannot only get wasted but still think clearly enough to convince a woman to go to bed with him. if you consider that to be rape than the # of women that are raped each year just quadrupled. honestly its morons like you that make me embarrased to be a woman. you're setting us back not bringing us forward. and lighten up for christ sake! and maybe buy a vibrator cause you sound like you need one. that or call tucker max and he'll help you out

  57. #57

    ali I think I've fallen in crazy chick love with you :) hahaha

  58. #58

    You know what offends me? Some self-labeled feminist who calls consensual sex with between two adults rape.
    Fortunately for me I’ve never been raped, but I’ve been there to help a very dear friend who has. It infuriates me that you, Amanda, would put what she experienced on the same level as what Tucker wrote about.
    Furthermore, if Tucker would be considered a misogynist, then I suppose the rest of the men in locker rooms across the world would also be tagged to that list.
    I have read his book and found it hilarious. As a journalist, I also found it well written.
    I myself don’t use the term feminist because women like you hurt what is actually trying to be done, which is work for equality.
    You really should be ashamed of yourself and apologize to Tucker.

  59. #59

    Amanda, I am deeply upset by how atrociously written this is. Maybe you should read Tucker Max's book not for the stories, but to get a clue how to write properly. Honestly, there are just so many problems with your article that I could not even begin to point them out.

    Your slander makes me sick, and you make outrageous generalizations that make me believe that you are completely naive. You think Tucker is doing something wrong? Look at you trashing a whole group of people just because they saw a movie! Do yourself a favor and stop writing until you start living in the real world.

  60. #60

    Ya'll are too funny. Tucker Max actually Tweeted about this article...hence how I got here.
    Either you like his work/life stories or you don't. If you're part of the latter, fuck off because no one is forcing you to read it, or see the movie.
    Part of our "free country" people.
    Happy Friday everyone!

  61. #61 much anger. What happened, did your boyfriend tell you to hit the curb?

    Seriously give every actual feminist a bad name. Grow up.

    And Libel/Slander, in some states, is also a felony. Tucker Max a rapist? BWAHAHAHAHA.

    Seriously, you trivialize every single woman who has gone through the life-altering trauma and horror of actually being raped. Grow up. You're probably one of those pansy asses who thinks that regreting one's actions the next moring = rape too. Get over yourself - you ain't that special.

  62. #62

    I want to print this article out just so I can wipe my ass with it. Even doing that is giving the "article" more credit than it deserves.

  63. #63

    gentleman douche' ??? is'nt that an oxymoron? At the very least this article deserves to be ridiculed for such outstanding terminology.And given the fact that as a general rule america is a sex orientated culture, the fact that you have women's magazines telling you how to give a guy the blow job he'll never forget or the endless flow out of hollywood that promotes people as being sexually active gives reason to believe that as a general rule sex with multiple people is not a reason to label someone as a rapist or even the much favored douchebag.The people who find the book offensive because it ridicules woman or portrays woman as sexual objects fail to realize Tucker Max is only playing along with how the girl wants herself to be seen...Simple fact is if you act dumb you get treated dumb if you go out and ware a skirt that could pass for a belt men are gonna try and screw you in the bathroom

  64. #64

    You need to lighten up! In time when most things suck, Tucker Max is a source of entertainment.

  65. #65

    Aside from the completely ignorant views that this so called "writer" Amanda has, she unknowingly has done a HUGE favor for Tucker Max, and everyone that worked hard on making this movie. These types of reactions are exactly what will make people, fans or not, want to see this movie or read his book that much more.

    Amanda, you have single handedly ruined your credibility, and any chance of a career you might have ever had, and freely promoted what will be the funniest movie of the year!

    For that, I thank you, you ignorant, idiotic, waste of a human being.

  66. #66

    I'm pretty sure she just needs to get the sand out...maybe then her anger, for something she knows nothing about besides a few YouTube vids, will subside.

    Ignorance is bliss. She's just doing the same things she shunning Tucker for. Or maybe just jealous that she will never get as many women as he does.

  67. #67

    I am just jealous since Tucker Max doesn't want to sleep with me.

  68. #68

    And neither does any male OR female, after reading this incredibly stupid article.

  69. #69

    The author's frequent use of "douche" without exchanging it for possibly less vulgar synonyms screams hypocrisy, misguided intellectual superiority, and an inflated sense of moral supremacy. Way to convince us Tucker Max fans aren't the only ones being "douchey."

  70. #70

    you need to get your tubes tied cause this world is in a shit load of trouble if you reproduce.

  71. #71

    SHOCK! his genius fans have to resort to attacking the looks of the writer who called him out for what he is - a liar and a near criminal. Have any of you actually seen what Amanda looks like before you rudely insulted her?

    EXACTLY what you accused the protesters of. Except the protestors were speaking truth to power and you're going after a writer who poked fun at your false idol.

  72. #72

    If you said douche one more time maybe people would believe you. Instead of using all your emotions, why don't you calm down and write with a level head. Use argument instead of personal attacks.

  73. #73

    lol what's criminal about having sex with consenting people?

    Becky needs to lose the sand as well...

  74. #74

    I'm a woman, a feminist and a Tucker Max fan. Yeah, it's possible. If nothing else, I like Tucker for this line: "There is no such thing as "deserving" respect; you get what you demand from people." If you want to be respected as a Tucker fan or a Tucker protester, at least know what you're talking about before you go off having pissing matches with idiots over the internet.

  75. #75

    you miss are a complete idiot..tucker max is the man all you women who are protesting him theres a reason..ur all probably ugly fat b*tches who tucker would rather stick his cock in a pencil sharpener then in you..get a life tucker is a god!

  76. #76

    Worst. Article. Ever.

  77. #77

    @Jack (post 30)

    Are you really so stupid as to think being called a whore is the same as being called a douchebag? A douchebag is a person who treats people badly and is full of himself or herself (yes douchebag is applicable to women). A whore is a really awful phrase used for a sex worker and it's often applied to folk who other folk think have had too much sex or no standards.

    Does Tucker Max call men whores when they have the same amount of sex or the same standards as the women he calls whores? Has he ever called a woman a douchebag? I sure doubt it.

    Come on, you moron. Learn what equality and "treating people the same" actually means before you open your mouth.

  78. #78

    To be fair, it wasn't Amanda who brought up the rape subject. That was started in the first comment by BECKY.

    But I included the douche calling with the rape/felon calling because they are both ways that people attempt to convince others that Tucker is unfunny and offensive. The use of the term douche ad nauseam in her article is an example of the first level of histrionics. That was enough for Amanda, but it wasn't enough for Becky, so she went to the next level - apply the rape/felon label.

    Congratulations Amanda and Becky, you got our attention.

  79. #79

    There's not much else I can say that hasn't already been articulated very well, but regardless, does Amanda and her Tucker fan bashing 'editorial' really have any merit to any cause other than her own? She is quietly perpetuating misogyny with her words. It's OK if someone dislikes Tucker AS A PERSON, or may not agree with the sexual undertones of his book or movie. That's OK. It's all subjective. But to make a broad, sweeping generalization about his fan base is not only childish in your disdain for him, but insults the legions of well educated people who appreciate his art. It's women like you who give women of any denomination (feminist or not) a bad name. I read your text abortion of an editorial and right away I thought, "fucking women nowadays are batshit insane". I had to back up and think, "ok, ok, that's not true. JUST THIS ONE IS FUCKED UP". Unlike you, I need not debase an entire group of people or gender to feel better about my life.

    Also, before you vilify the man any further, and refer to his fanboys and friends as "douches", take a look at his company. Rudius Media has some of the most intelligent, SUCCESSFUL, and entertaining personalities presenting their views to the world. Some of these people are established authors and entertainers who have published many books. What have you published Amanda? Exactly.

    I dare you to call Robert Greene a douche. He's a Rudius author. He wrote 'The 48 Laws Of Power' and there's a chapter in there dedicated to idiots just like you, Amanda. You should read it. Oh wait, you like to make baseless claims on the internet about a man who thrives on controversy, especially misplaced femnazi attacks with zero credibility.

    I instantly hate you.

  80. #80

    becky, you're a sad excuse for a human being. get a fucking life, and yes people are going to make fun of every aspect of this dumb ass authors life because she deserves it and now so do you. you're an embarrasment to yourself and all women out there

  81. #81

    Oh, dear Becky...
    Is that your only rebuttal? That a few Tucker Max fans attacked Amanda's looks? Wow, really scraping for something to retort with.
    Considering that most of us who replied are able to form cohesive thoughts and arguments based on facts, your arguments and protests are null and void. Here's the simple breakdown:
    #1. Tucker has never raped anyone. He says so outright on his website, and it's libel (not to mention incredibly idiotic) to accuse him of such based on a story in his book that he wrote.
    #2. Tucker is not the only man to live a life like this. As he states, he's merely "... the first one to write it down." Does this mean all men are assholes? No. But it means we're tired of being vaginized my militant woman who aren't fighting for equality, but superiority.
    #3. (I'll take a break here while you break out your thesaurus to understand what I've written so far)
    #4. It's all entertainment. Even though he's writing about his life (with witnesses to every story backing him up), you'd be laughing your ass off if you saw it all in a fictional movie.. doesn't it just make it more hilarious that it's real? LOTS of people think so.
    #5. You're empowering him. By reading such a poorly-written article as this one, responding in the comments, and then responding again, you're simply fueling the fire.
    #6. The only reason there's more than 5 people reading this is because Tucker tweeted it. Otherwise this nobody "Amanda" would never have hit the radar. It's my guess she's just trying to use Tucker's success to gain some of her own.
    Well guess what Amanda.. fail. The extra traffic on your site today will only ever be reproduced by writing about Tucker Max in the future. And we, his fans and upholders of the First Amendment, are anxiously awaiting your next foray into Retardville. Enjoy your tenure there.

  82. #82

    How to be an Attention Whore
    By Amanda and Becky

  83. #83

    Haven't seen a response from author extraordinaire Amanda Hess in a while ... but I'm sure her hectic editorial-writing career has her working on another "piece." What's the hackneyed word du jour this time, Amanda? Jerk? Butthole? Poopyface? Doodyhead? I'm really very anxious to see your next pretentious and tedious-yet-somehow-half-assed work.

  84. #84

    Becky - you call Tucker a liar, but your calling him a rapist is a serious and offensive lie.

    And I refer you to my post at #17. If Tucker is a near criminal, then so are gay men. Those laws are leftovers from our puritanical beginnings. So if you don't want to break the lawy yourself, sweetheart, you better not dare ever have sex any other way than with your husband in the missionary position.

    You disgust me with your hypocrisy and straw man fallacies.

  85. #85

    Oh, as an addendum to what has already been said. I find it wonderful that a good majority of the people responding to this libelous and hypocritical text vomit are in fact, women, you know, the same gender as you. Women who actually understand the merit of Tucker's accomplishments. They know he's not a felon, rapist, misogynist, or anything of the sort. Way to go Amanda, you alienated your entire gender with your hate mongering.

  86. #86


    Shock and awe but women can be misogynists too. Just like men can be misandrists, black people can hate black people, etc etc.

  87. #87

    @Amanda: I'm not here to agree or disagree with T.M.'s approach, however don't you find it somewhat ironic that an overwhelming number of Tucker Max fans/supporters (if you will) are actually women. You're blog is quite counterproductive because you're targeting the wrong audience, which prompts me to think are you genuinely interested in the well-being of women or do you simply enjoy demonizing men?

  88. #88

    This article was completely uninformed. First, she won a beer pong kit, not a beer bong. Second, feminists aren't very good writers, you've proved that.

  89. #89

    Amanda is a douche.

  90. #90

    Ah... I always find these articles to be quite hilarious due to the fact that every writer thinks that they have Tucker Max figured out down to the molecular level. However, every article I have read that is written with the intent to recruit others to hate on him has been poorly executed and under researched.

    Obviously you have not read the book nor have you seen the movie. Even on his message board he has talked about his respect for girls. This is a direct quote from him:

    "Do not be an asshole and push this to far. That is called rape, and that makes you a truly disgusting person worthy of a slow painful death. Had the girl said, "Yes, take me home," I would have do so without question. At any point, had she stopped me, I would have stopped. She wasn't even drunk when we fucked, not at all. It's not about tricking the girl or making her do something against her will, it's about understanding people well enough to get them to do what you want them to do, but voluntarily. There is a HUGE difference between the two means to the end."

    Yeah, I can see he is really into forcing himself upon girls and is unwilling to stop when the women say stop.

    Furthermore, I guarantee you have not been out after the premier of the movie with Tucker. He treats women like any other guy would. He talks to them and does not make an ass of himself all the time, like you imply.

    I am putting my actual name up because I do not mind having people argue FACTS against me. However, when I see slander against a man who took his talent to write humorous stories that were intended for the part of the population that understands moral boundaries while having fun, I cannot hold back. Feel free to contact me if you wish to discuss this topic more.

    For the record, I am a college student that has read the book and attended a premier. I understand where and when morals come into play and have never once considered that Tucker Max may have committed ANY sexual crimes.

  91. #91

    If Tucker ever goes gay he's not going to look far for fellario. Seems many would volunteer.

  92. #92

    get a fucking life you feminist twats. grow a sense of humor and open up your closed minds. its meant to be entertaining. just because a group of women on their perpetual periods thinks something is sexist isnt gonna change a god damn thing. if you cant find humor in little things like this then i truly pity all of you people who fail at life.

  93. #93

    @AngryDykes This is the reason Tucker Max will continue to be successful. You can act as if you're superior in written content/moral fortitude but you're still talking about Tucker Max. You are failing in your quest to silence and win public opinion. When YOU create controversy, HIS book/movie/website sales go up up UP!

    That's the beauty of Tucker Max referring to all of you as dykes/not real people/ugly. He knows you'll respond because daddy didn't love you; maybe he loved you too much. ;)

  94. #94


    "It’s not about tricking the girl or making her do something against her will, it’s about understanding people well enough to get them to do what you want them to do, but voluntarily."

    You realize that social manipulation isn't someone doing something voluntarily but being tricked/coerced right? When you engage in social engineering (which is what Tucker is doing) you are working your way around their will. It isn't anything like mind control but it's hardly 100% voluntary either.

    Now, if he was simply convincing people, that would be different. He's not. He's manipulating them. Social engineering has its place, certainly, but the way he uses it is disgustingly irresponsible, dangerous to women and risky as hell.

    Manipulate someone right and they're not going to feel safe saying no. And then, suddenly, you're a rapist. Personally, I would say it's a lot smarter (and less asinine) not to take the risk and actually be up front about things, instead of a manipulator. At least when it comes to sex, that age old thing that has such potential to fuck someone up when done wrong.

    He's a scumbag. Not because he's a social engineer, but because he doesn't give a shit about who he hurts as he engineers. That's the difference.

  95. #95

    Good job, you got what you set out to get, attention.

  96. #96


    Don't know a lot about how humor works do ya? XD Comedy is about appealing to an audience. If one does not appeal to an audience, then that is the failure of the comedian not the audience. Tucker has his niche and is successful there. But if we don't find him funny, that's not a failing of ours. It's a failing of his. He's just not a good enough comedian to appeal widely.


    You might want to wipe the Tucker semen off your chin, there. XD For me, it isn't in the least bit about silencing him. I'm a pretty firm proponent of the first amendment and I will defend to the death Tucker's right to say whatever idiocy he wants to. For me, it's more holding him up as an object lesson. Taking apart what he does acts as a good education tool. And you'll notice, there's a lot of folk who don't like their idol questioned. Well they can suck it, because their discomfort means I'm succeeding. Making them uncomfortable with their Tucker is all I need to do to make my point.

    Silencing him does nothing more than make us first amendment violators. And that I'll never support. That amendment protects us all.

  97. #97

    Putting aside all these ridiculous comments made by people who would probably never say them to each other face to face (both sides of this "argument" that is)- can anyone tell me how this movie is supposed to be different than The Hangover?

  98. #98

    Don't get mad that you are only a two star. I'm sure that you will find a guy willing to let you have his testicles and wear the pants one day.

  99. #99

    This is an interesting rally cry because it achieved so much. Let's run through a checklist:

    [ ] Convinced Tucker Max fans that Tucker Max sucks.
    [ ] Exposed Tucker Max for who he really is.
    [ ] Used Tucker Max as an example of who not to be.
    [ ] Made people think twice about seeing his movie.
    [x] Vilified the group of people whose minds you are attempting to change.
    [x] Redundancy: Feminists already hated Tucker.
    [ ] Used a thesaurus. See: "Douche"

    The women chronicled in Tucker's book made their own choices. The choices they made might parallel the discretionary ability of the average zoo animal, but they are choices nonetheless. We don't hesitate to laugh at this phenomenon in nearly every arena of daily life. The idea of women making their own choices is, last I checked, the backbone of feminism. Unfortunately, as we all discovered in the magical experience known as "growing up;" choice comes with responsibilities. When people (yes, that's women too!) make asinine decisions they will be ridiculed the same way we ridicule the clown-suit-wearing porn star looking to make a buck.

    That's life.

  100. #100

    I don't even know where to begin. This is all such crap.

    Women who enjoy sex are not whores, just as the guys they consent to have sex with are not rapists. This isn't even an argument that should be based on gender. I happen to be an intelligent woman who loved this book because it appeals to an intellectual sense of humor.

    Tucker and his friends are charismatic and intelligent. You can't be as hilarious and quick witted as he is without being both. I went to a premiere and had an awesome time. I hung out with some of Tucker's "minions" afterwards. They were all down to earth and respectful. And funny. And good looking. What else do you look for when enjoying the company of the opposite sex? None of them would ever have to resort to rape. Or sleeping with "whores" (unless that's a personal preference).

    I completely agree that your poorly written libelous "article" will do nothing more than draw support for Tucker. His fans are sick of hearing it. And we're sick of being judged for having a sense of humor.

    We have at least done our homework before spouting off. Any "quotes" being used to support your slander, are taken totally out of context, just so you know.

    Also, thanks to guys like Tucker who say what they want and defend it, we still have first amendment rights. Which is the only reason you have a forum to spew this nonsense.

    And if any of you Tucker haters have ever told a blond joke or Jewish joke or anything else along those lines, you have objectified another group of people for the sake of humor. We all do it. He just happens to be exceptionally good at it.

  101. #101

    To all: If anyone truly thinks they are swinging votes one way or another, you are blind to the ideals that make us a democracy. Tucker Max is not MANIPULATING anyone, he is pretty much doing what any good salesman does everyday, making a pitch to a women and stating why they should choose him. Its amazing that we throw rapist around with such disregard for what it really means anymore. The only reason this article used that word was because it invokes such hatred when its read that all the simple minded readers with now thought process immediately block out what is actually going on and jump on the bandwagon. REAL rape victims will paint you a different story of what they went through, and believe me, Tucker Max doesnt fit the profile of any rapist ANYWHERE in the world. I dont believe ive read in any story of his, in any interview with some girl that fucked him, in any excerpt anywhere, that he forced any sexual act, drugged a girl, or in anyway made a girl do something she didnt already want to do. Furthermore, why does this "author" feel the need to lambaste women for expressing their sexuality with a man? Correct me if im wrong but for the last god knows how many years, women were looked at as equals in our society now, and in many cases are above men on the food chain now. I cant wait till a female version of Tucker Max writes a book exploiting HER escapades, because when it happens, what happens to your man-hating feminist movement then? How are you going to crucify Tucker Max and not her? I dont see a plethora of men coming to the fore front to say she raped them! Tell you what, ill go get drunk tonight, and the first girl that hits on me ill take home and have sex with...oh no though, im drunk, she took advantage of me, i guess thats rape now, eh!? Take a look around at the world you live in, things have changed since the 50's, time to come out of bomb shelter, open your eyes, and go enjoy your life instead of using it to make a mockery of women everywhere. You have effectively just demeaned your own sex and proved that unless people like you get with the times, we will never have equality.

  102. #102

    why does it matter who this guy fucks and who fucks him, his stories are hillarious, anyone is capable of being drunk ass whore. he writes about we read it and laugh, is there any more than that, if you dont like drunk whores dont be one dont fuck'em dont read about'em. other than that shut the fuck up, really, if your strong vocabulary and prudent lifestyle were so satisfying what in the fuck are you doing on here raiseing awarness to people who get a kick outa this shit, because the only way i heard your winey voices was cause i subscribed as a fan of the book on facebook,

  103. #103

    His advertising consists of a party and comments on a blog.

  104. #104

    holy shit your a cunt. everyone knows these people exsist we just ignore them and let them live there stupid lives. The only people who care are the people who fought for the ability for women to vote and look where the fuck that got us.

  105. #105

    One thing that hasn't been mentioned is that the law holds accountable those who are intoxicated and/or under the influence of drugs. If I get drunk or high, then plow into another car, I would be held responsible. I wouldn't be able to say, "but your Honor, I was totally blasted when I dozed off and wiped out that entire family. Its not my fault!" Yes, it is.

    Thus, a person who consents to sex while drunk STILL CONSENTED. Yes, a person always has the option of revoking that consent at any time for any reason, but where in Max's writing does he force himself on someone or suggest that doing so is an acceptable act? Show this, and your claims will hold water. Fail to back up your claims with facts and references, and you'll be dismissed as yet another emotional train wreck who projects their biases out onto the world.

    If Max truly broke the law and committed rape, he would be the easiest person in the world to prosecute: he's written and published stories depicting his actions (i.e.: he freely admitted to what he's done), and the women he supposedly violated would be easy to find and interview. The fact that after all these years of popularity he has not been arrested nor convicted shows that the hundreds or thousands of prosecutors around the country do not think that his actions constitute rape.

    The only logical argument you can possibly present is that the current laws should be changed to fit your PERSONAL OPINIONS regarding consent while intoxicated. Of course, I, and many others, would strongly oppose that idea, but still... you could try that without necessarily making yourself look like a douchebag.

  106. #106

    I was going to press Tucker Max's case but as i scrolled down the page it became clear that this was not need as these "douches" have clearly demonstrated that the author of this article and supporters of this author are awesomely biased and trying to push their way of thinking as right.

    So i salute those in the above comments that have set these people right.

  107. #107

    @Joe Law

    "Tucker Max is not MANIPULATING anyone, he is pretty much doing what any good salesman does everyday, making a pitch to a women and stating why they should choose him."

    Getting people trashed is a sales pitch? o_O

  108. #108


    "Yes, a person always has the option of revoking that consent at any time for any reason, but where in Max’s writing does he force himself on someone or suggest that doing so is an acceptable act?"

    How likely do you think a trashed out of her mind girl will be able to articulate that in a way a trashed of his mind guy will understand?

    I know when I'm unbelievably drunk, it's hard as hell to understand what people are saying or even hear them. And it's tough to articulate words or push someone away if they aren't noticing you saying no in your drunk voice.

    Tucker isn't a potential rapist because he has sex with someone who is drunk. One can do a great job with the drunken sex thing, you just need to be sober enough to spot warning signs and listen and actually make sure that some kind of safeword is around so that there's something distinct that you can know to stop with if either of you is too drunk to do it that great.

    His whole attitude is very... neglectful is putting it lightly. It's pretty clear that he doesn't give much of a shit about the women he sleeps with, so really, do you think he's going to have the backup shit necessary to not end up raping someone?

    Although honestly, he strikes me as the kind of guy who, if a girl said no, he'd keep on pushing her to say yes, getting more and more in her face and asinine the more times she said no. Now if you're doing that during sex, when she needs to stop, then that makes you a complete piece of shit and a rapist in training. If you get physical about your attempts to "convince" her (like trying to start it up again, when she said no) then you are sexually assaulting her.

    Tucker is the sort of man who is playing russian roulette with a rape conviction. He skirts the edges as close as he can by doing the most godawfully stupid, dangerous and awful things to women he can and someday soon (or perhaps already) he's gonna end up being a rapist because of it.

    But hey, I guess he's a really cool guy, right? I'm sure you'd love it if someone secretly videotaped you during sex, or a guy got you trashed and buttsexed you. XD

  109. #109

    Saying that anybody is a "rapist in training" is totally ridiculous. He has sex. With consenting adults. It's not a fucking crime. If one girl said 'no' there would be others available, I'm sure. It's not like he's some hideous cretin.

    People can have sex without being rapists. And they can drink without being alcoholics. And still be considered an adult, capable of making adult decisions.

    People who drink socially use alcohol as a social lubricant. It just makes things go more smoothly and less awkwardly. Try it sometime.

    And, he didn't "get them trashed", they got themselves trashed. If they feel they aren't capable of making responsible decisions under the influence, they should refrain from drinking.

    If anybody here really wants to take a stand for women, take a stand for the fact that they are capable of making their own decisions, whether that involves drinking or sex. At least hold them equally responsible if you intend to vilify this type of behavior.

  110. #110

    I wonder which number will be greater. The number of fake names he will post under on this site or the number of theaters his movie will play in.

  111. #111

    "But if a women acts like a whore, she should be called one, just as a man is when he’s being a douche."

    "If you're a slut you'll be treated like one."

    EX-FUCKING-SCUSE ME? what if a man acts like "whore?" how the fuck does that work out? i need to be virginal yet you want to be able to fuck me? god, you should be shot.

  112. #112

    Ok, I'm not going to pretend I read every post, so I may be repeating other intelligent people. Supporters of this article, people who believe what is written here is fact, you need to do your research.

    REAL feminists believe that women should be able to make their own choices. By calling a woman that sleeps around a whore is just as bad as saying that a woman can't do anything but cook and clean. If a woman wants to sleep around that is her choice, if a woman wants to wait until marriage to have sex that is her choice, and neither should be looked down upon. It seems to me that the people against Tucker Max are more at fault of degrading woman than Tucker Max is. He believes that people should do whatever they want when they want and to live the life they have.

  113. #113

    Amen, Lauren!

    Alexa, how can you condone murder but not name calling?

  114. #114


    "How likely do you think a trashed out of her mind girl will be able to articulate that in a way a trashed of his mind guy will understand?"

    If this is a problem for someone, then it is their responsibility to not put themselves into this situation. Just like a person is responsible for not getting behind the wheel of a car while intoxicated.

    "His whole attitude is very… neglectful is putting it lightly. It’s pretty clear that he doesn’t give much of a shit about the women he sleeps with,"

    Should he, or anyone in his position really care about the person they're bedding? The thing about hookups is that neither party cares about the other: its all about the sex. That's the point. If you're not personally comfortable with the idea of people having sex with no emotional attachment, then feel free to not partake. Keep in mind, too, that while he doesn't seem to care about most of the women he sleeps with, they don't seem to care about him, either.

    "so really, do you think he’s going to have the backup shit necessary to not end up raping someone?"

    To tell you the truth: yes, I do. A guy like him has a BIG target painted on his back. A saying I once heard sums it up nicely: "jealousy is the tax one pays on success." You hear this over and over again from famous people but in different ways. The more successful a person is, the more people there are trying to bring them down. And nevermind the psychotic women with past history of abuse who project their issues on everyone around them. There are quite a few misandrists out there. So yes, considering this and that he is an intelligent guy, I would think that he does watch what he does very closely.

    "Although honestly, he strikes me as the kind of guy who, if a girl said no, he’d keep on pushing her to say yes, getting more and more in her face and asinine the more times she said no."

    Why do you think that? Can you reference something specifically that suggests he would (or did) do that?

    Since becoming popular, it seems like he has absolutely no reason to force himself on any woman; they just voluntarily throw themselves at him constantly. When a girl turns him down, he can just go to the next one. Even IF (and that's a big IF--which I don't believe) he happened to be that kind of a guy in the past, he certainly has no reason to take that sort of a risk anymore.

    It seems like you're projecting characteristics onto him that aren't there.

  115. #115

    Wow. So much total misunderstanding about rape in these comments it's MIND BOGGLING. I recommend you all read this:

  116. #116

    My favourite part, Amanda, if I can address you by your amply generic moniker, is your plentiful inclusion of the word 'douche' in your "Art-icle" Your blatant disregard for womens' health is 1000x more disgusting and pathetic than anything that Tucker Max will accomplish in his life. I can only believe that your mind is saturated with the word "Douche" because you see it 100 times when you open your filthy medicine cabinet for your daily-dirty-vagina-cleaning ritual. (Amanda's DD-VAC)

    Oho, and since we can plainly see that sex isn't on or anywhere near your menu, the only use you have for them will be to combat VAGINAL FUNGUS. It's obvious you've had toxic shock syndrome plenty of times, stop blaming the world for your bad hygeine habits, you fat cunt.

  117. #117

    JoJo: "To label a fanbase as “douches” and try and ridicule them for enjoying someone’s stories is simple-minded and hateful and makes the writer look worse than the person she is writing about."

    Truer words have never been said.

  118. #118

    Thanks Tucker for posting the link to this. AND to the "author" of this article I would encourage you to view any of the videos Tucker has on his site including "thoughts on rehearsal." I've said and I'll say it again. THIS is why I adore Tucker as an author and will read his next book. I would also encourage "Amanda" to expand your mind a bit....even consider having an understanding about the subject in which you choose to write about. Objective is really possible if you care enough to honor those that have gone before you as authors that really have talent by understanding your subject matter in your writing. Try it. You jjust might learn something. IHTSBIH opens the 26th? I'm there.

  119. #119

    Bitch please. This chocolate ain't meltin'.

  120. #120

    I'm glad Tucker Max exists. It makes it easy to weed out the world's more pathetic life forms-- just look for his minions.

    Obeying someone's Twitter Orders? Wow. You sure are independent and have a spine, just like a real man.

  121. #121

    I wouldn't call what Tucker does anti-feminist, it's not exactly right either. And it's not just Tucker, it's the entire culture. In her book, Ariel Levy refers to it as the raunch culture. Individuals seem to have no sense of respect, either for themselves or others around them (IE the woman who lets a man spit snuff into her mouth WTF!?) And allow themselves to be selfish above all else.
    There is also an interesting pressure on women to go along with this culture. Yes, women like sex. But do they like being sex objects? You wouldn't think so, unless of course that's the only way men will accept them. If I'm against Tucker, I'm an ugly uptight prude, even when i'm actually I'm a 121 lb "hottie" who loves sex. If I don't display my boobs for a girls gone wild camera it's the same thing. Men let women know that the only way they can get attention is by acting like "sluts," and then ironically put them down for being sluts.
    We have turned sex not into something that two people should share only when they really want to, but something to be attained at all costs, a game. We also show a very narrow definition of sex and sexy. Our media tells us that only straight, young attractive people can have sex. Where are all the cosmo magazines telling you how to be a better lesbian lover? Where is the gay Tucker Max?
    Anyway, those are just some points, and while I think that some of the protesters took it too far, I would not hesitate to call Tucker or his most hardcore followers douchebags. Now, go let someone spit on your face, or read Ariel Levy: Female chauvinist pigs: women and the rise of the raunch culture.

  122. #122

    I'm glad that there will be 10 nominations for best picture at the oscars this year. Now Tucker can finally get that Academy Award nod.

  123. #123

    Come on people, the REAL problem has not been addressed yet! Grow up, stop being mind controlled slaves, take some Entheogens and wake up to reality! This world, ALL of you, and myself, have a long way to go with real knowledge before any of us are anywhere near healed enough people to comment on others. Have any of you ever wondered why such nasty activities and such low standards of respect of life for men and women alike have surfaced, and what has caused it? All of us are very uneducated despite what you THINK you learned in your past institutionalized public education system and even college. "You people are a joke. You hear Moloch's back in town, you think "Oh, boy! Let's gang up and bust him!" You think that matters? You think that solves anything?" -Edward Blake/The Comedian (Watchmen-full of metaphors!). I challenge those of you that "think" you have any sort of self-respect, to stop believing in social control mechanisms that have been ingrained into you all your life. Start making your own decisions about ALL of your "opinions" mainly concerning entheogens, and marijuana. I ask this because in ALL honesty, the few that have found the truth (not referring to people labeled as "Hippies" either) look down on not just "sluts" and "douchebags" but ALL of society. Stop listening to the lies of the media, and the government! THEY DON'T CARE ABOUT YOU they murder people every day, and use US citizens unknowingly for biological agent testing! "We're all puppets, Laurie. I'm just a puppet who can see the strings." -Jon Osterman/Doctor Manhattan. The evidence is out there start searching for what they don't want you to know and what they don't advertise on any major media! Start gaining your individuality back, this is only one of many lifetimes, so start now! Lets work on making an environment on this Earth that does not support such activities because here is the big kicker, never has mutual consent automatically deamed any act ethical or positive! People addicted to sex are no better then addicts of HARMFUL substances. The human body becomes ADDICTED TO THE FEELINGS WE EXPERIENCE. It becomes harder to control your own emotional ACTIONS/REACTIONS! Society is on a downward spiral and the few who realize it are a minority but ever growing. Now is when you ask yourself do you want to be another sheep in the heard that they butcher at will, or an individual on the outside looking into the masses wondering why the herd does not understand OBVIOUS tyranny in their shepherds (leaders)? The choice is yours, it always has and will be. Stop thinking "It wont happen to me/us", continue to be distracted by society and face the negative consequences that ARE COMING, or become part of a movement and be someone above the scum filled stockyards they created that we call civilization. Start your own research, remember "A fact is a fact, is a fact!"
    Turn on, tune in, drop out!
    Love, Kaibigan

  124. #124

    I wonder which is greater. The number of fingers on my hand or the number of good reviews this movie gets. I'm betting the former.

  125. #125

    skc, actually I saw this on my facebook page and wanted to check it out. I didn't even read the page to see if it truly did say that the fans should check it out. kza, please stop hating on him because you hate men for not giving you the attention you were craving. The women having sex with Tucker willingly did so and you cannot blame him for that. Never in my life have I ever, EVER, gotten too drunk that I couldn't articulate myself and NEVER had I had sex when I didn't want to. If I had sex drunk, I wanted to and I never assumed that the man coerced me into it. Never would I even begin to think to claim rape. Honestly, I am embarrassed to be a woman because of these "feminists." If you are going to call yourself that, maybe you should work towards empowering women and gaining true equality not bitching about a man who wouldn't want your messy drunk ass and basically degrading a huge number of people.

    kza you claim that Tucker gets on this lame excuse of an article with numerous names and such, but honestly it makes it seem that you are just Amanda trying to pretend you have support. My name is Ariel Tymeson and you can look me up if you truly believe we're all Tucker Max.

  126. #126

    this is one of the most poorly written articles i have ever read. first of all, get a thesaurus. i know for a fact that there are other words that you could use to describe someone. perhaps read his book and take some notes. tucker uses wonderful imagery. second, using personal opinions based in no way on truth or fact will never get you anywhere. no real publishing company will ever respect or hire you.

    i am personally offended that you would refer to his fans, an entire group of people, as "douchebags" and "minions" do you use the same kind of judgment when referring to other large groups of people? to be considered a minion i would have to live exactly by his teachings correct? i can guarantee that only a very small percentage of his fans can be considered minions. none of my friends who have read his book and website have ever set out to be more like him.

    are you afraid that other people have no will and are compelled to be like every person they read about? celebrities are only that. they are famous, but people who look to them as role models need to seriously reevaluate their own lives.

    i read his books, because he is funny. legitimately. the analogies and description alone are amazing. i did not read it because i needed a new bible, set of values, and commandments like you are making it seem. do you have a story that you like to tell? so does he. that's all he did. he never tried to convert people to his ways, just wrote down some of his funniest stories for others to enjoy. seems like a pretty selfless act to want to spread joy, doesn't it?

    i have so many more issues with you and your "article" but i think most of them have already been stated. i hope that you do think more before you speak or write next time. your generalization of people could end up very poorly for you in the future. you don't always get to hide behind your computer every time you fuck up. next time you write a slanderous and libelous article you will probably be sued. you can read his statement

  127. #127

    Why would I want a man I'm not gay...not to bright are you hun? Or should I say bro ;)

    Tucker has gone on message boards and posed as different people before hasn't he? With 0 budget i don't blame him for promoting his product in such a lame way lol.

  128. #128


    How is it ridiculous? Do you think people are magically born rapists? Certain attitudes need to be in place for one to actually go out and rape someone. And certain attitudes need to be in place for one to accidently rape someone (yes it can be done.)

    "If one girl said ‘no’ there would be others available, I’m sure."

    How sure are you he wouldn't try to "convince" her to say yes after all? And when I say convince, I mean keep on going while trying to verbally convince her that she wants it.

    It sucks to get in bed with someone when you're all wound up and ready to go and suddenly they don't want it anymore. Know this from experience.

    "And, he didn’t “get them trashed”, they got themselves trashed. If they feel they aren’t capable of making responsible decisions under the influence, they should refrain from drinking."

    I've got no problem with people having drunken sex. I've got a problem with people not safely having drunken sex.

    Guy and girl both say, "fuck condoms, we'll be fine". Girl gets pregnant. Guy's fault, girl's fault or both?

    You seem like you would only blame it on the girl. Little bit stupid really.

    "At least hold them equally responsible if you intend to vilify this type of behavior."

    I engage in such behavior at times. Just safely, responsibly, with safewords and with questions as to how well one is able to communicate when drunk.

    Does Tucker do that? Does Tucker's girls do that? If not then there is a fucking problem here.

  129. #129


    "If this is a problem for someone, then it is their responsibility to not put themselves into this situation. Just like a person is responsible for not getting behind the wheel of a car while intoxicated."

    Did you know? Part of what you responded to referenced the guy. Yes that's right, the guy could be a problem too. And the girl does not know how well the guy can interpret shit or understand things.

    The responsibility for that falls on the guy. Tucker Max doesn't care about that though. It doesn't even occur to him that he might not know if a girl needs to stop.

    "Should he, or anyone in his position really care about the person they’re bedding?"

    Would you be okay with it if a girl you hooked up with gave you herpes? Not having an emotional attachment is different from taking such an apathetic take on someone that you could literally seriously harm them.

    I'm sure Tucker would whine like fuck if a drunk girl gave him HIV. Oh well, she doesn't need to care about him, right?

    "To tell you the truth: yes, I do."

    Alright, that's fair. He does draw a lot of flak. And it would be godawfully stupid of him not to take precautions.

    Of course, if he has the view you seem to hold above, he will consider himself absolved of all responsibility simply because the girl is drunk. If one has a dangerous ideological view, then why would he change that out of caution?

    Now, let's say for an instant that yes, we know for absolute sure that he takes all the precautions, talks to the girls ahead of time, let's them know the safeword, the out and sets it up that way.

    Is that shown in his books? Does he give any impression of doing any of this responsibly? No. Absolutely not. So even if he's being a stand up guy and being responsible, he's teaching a huge number of guys to do it wrong, very very wrong.

    And that's a problem.

    "Why do you think that? Can you reference something specifically that suggests he would (or did) do that?


    It seems like you’re projecting characteristics onto him that aren’t there."

    It's possible. Some of his attitudes suggest it to me. The blanket statements of women being whores, the idea of pushing things beyond the point of reason, without checking first (like the videotaped anal sex incident) all say that he has a dangerous attitude.

    I can't make a perfect analysis though. I haven't met the guy. So I'll hold off on making statements about him personally and deal with the image he presents instead. After all, writers do embellish.

  130. #130


    You make me giggle. XD


    Man, I'm pretty sure I'd have to smoke some pot just to understand what the fuck you just said.

  131. #131

    From now on I think its safe if you address people as @tucker or @tucker rimmer

  132. #132

    ahh, another voice in the crowd claiming they're not affected by what they see/hear in the media. Meanwhile Tucker, instead of being a joke, is idolized. Rather than hanging on the fringes of society he's what everyone's talking about. Because apparently he has written the best piece of literature since "how to make love like a porn star," Janet Jameson's bestseller. Yes, we know all the names of all the big porn stars and top Hollywood skanks. We read the grutty mags and make fun of women who don't have barbie bodies. And we fill our television hours with reality shows about shallow, despicable people who whine over everything and fight over nothing.
    So let me ask you, if people aren't effected by the attitudes they see on television and read in raunch books, why is that attitude becoming ever more acceptable? Because it's morally preferable? LOL.
    Nope, this trash that permeates our culture does so because that's what the corporate media sells us, because it's easy. And people buy it and buy into it, again and again. And every time you see a strip club in a movie, the more you think that it's a place you want to go. And every time you see these charismatic, happy-go-lucky strippers in movies, the more you buy into the idea that that's what strippers are actually like. And the more likely you are (as a woman) to sign up for a pole dancing class. Ever hear of those being offered a few years ago? Now they're all over rural OHIO!
    And the only defense people can offer this culture, this type of behavior, is that it's about freedom of speech/actions. Okay, that's true. But at what point in our culture did people lose the ability to think past whether or not they CAN do something to whether or not they SHOULD do it? You know, just because you CAN go around calling women every name in the book, getting wasted off your ass and boning complete strangers doesn't mean it's always a good idea. I can think of lots of things that I have a "right" to do that I wouldn't, because I'm smart enough to consider the implications and consequences of my actions, not only toward myself, but those around me as well. But, since I have a "right" not to give a f**k about anyone around me, maybe I should stop caring. Apparently everyone else has.

  133. #133

    I stumbled upon this website, searching. Rats. They had infested all of my many rooms, gnawing on my drywall and interrupting my sleep. That was an unfortunate annoyance, but these feminists-these feminists could drive you fucking crazy.

  134. #134

    Boooo Chris is'nt that lame is he? If he is there's a role in I Hope They Serve Beer in Hell 2 for him.

  135. #135

    I only hope that his book is fiction being passed off of reality. Because if he honestly did all that, the worst thing of all is that he's become rich from being a horrible human being.

  136. #136

    If women are stupid enough to sleep with him then that's their problem not his.

    People are stupid, it's quite obvious, getting angry at them is sure not to solve anything.

  137. #137

    Post #17 nailed it, but I think the writer really should clean that sand out of her vagina, and get the pole out of her ass.

    I bet Tucker would love to help with that though, if you were looking or someone to help out.

    And People are not stupid. Some people are stupid. Most people just don't care. And then the rest are smart.

  138. #138

    Few people capitalize people.

  139. #139

    As a 26 year old woman who had a great time during college, I enjoyed reading TM's book 2 years ago. I plan on seeing his movie. My husband, on the other hand, did not enjoy the book. He thought TM was very childish. He didn't perceive him as a rapist. As someone who was raped freshman year by my ex, I think I would have found TM very appalling. He is someone who writes about his activities because people find them funny. Nobody is going to take his book as the next bible. It's his antics and nothing else.

  140. #140

    What? A rich frat guy found drunk girls who were willing to have sex with him? That's probably almost never happened before. Oh wait, that happens all the time at EVERY college EVER. Mr. Max isn't exactly breaking any new ground here.
    Also, U of Chicago and Duke law... great use of a top level education, Mr. Max. I'm sure that all those kids who couldn't get in are really happy with your use of those degrees. It must be nice, not only to be able to afford to go to those schools, but to decide that instead of busting your ass to pay off student loans, you will just write shitty books about how awesome it is to be rich and crap on the rest of society.

  141. #141

    I love that all the Tucker Max robots parrot the same bullshit argument like good little worshipers of his crap-covered temple. Glad you sheep all followed him from Twitter to recite his tired talking points.

    Stock phrases like "you're probably too fat to get laid" or "Tucker Max probably turned you down (because you're fat, ugly, liberal, feminist, etc)" are just weak little programmed retorts that ignore the actual point and unsurprisingly oversimplify it down to the brain-dead, obvious "hey, the dude is getting laid!" "the dude bangs a ton of chicks" and "I bet he's boned more chicks than you!" arguments, which actually makes sense considering the only people that take this ball of mediocrity seriously are sex-obsessed frat boys and sex-starved college guys who WISH they could be the frat boys. Oh, and lets not forget the college girls with low self esteem that pretend to like garbage like this in hopes of reeling in one of these losers.

    Enjoy college, kids. It's all downhill from here. I promise.

  142. #142

    breath johnson <3's the cock so much she hates it.

  143. #143

    you know amanda i think fox news is looking for a new journalist

  144. #144

    "save me! save me!" he cries (ok, tweets...), and the loyal fan base comes running to his rescue with foul mouths, ad hominems and colorful descriptions of other people's body parts... (minus #139) wow, there seems to be a lot of anger, fear and resentment in Tucker Max's fan base. y'all might want to get that checked by your doctors, if you are lucky enough to have health care. stress and high blood pressure are real killers.

    i have no respect for any self-styled "humorists" or "comedians" who prey on vulnerable people for cheap shots...cowardly and lazy.

  145. #145

    "What's your porn name?" "Scott Peterson." I'm not much of a Tucker fan, but that was funny.

  146. #146

    omg i just read this and the comments on here. i just realized that people exist who find tucker max funny. i figured no one actually did based on the exceptionally poor showing of the film (assuming all ticket sales were ironic).

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