Loose Lips

Watch: Vincent Orange vs. Fox News

Vincent Orange hasn't exactly been master of the media lately, but he came out pretty well in a Fox Business appearance yesterday in defense of the living wage bill.

Watch for the four-minute mark, when Orange decides to just run out the clock on hosts Stuart Varney and Charles Payne.

  • IAmNotALiberalDemocrat

    Very interesting interview.

  • Purify

    It's pretty sad that interview is an example of VO coming out pretty well in an interview.

  • RealDC

    Interesting interview with Orange finishing strong. Im not a VO backer but he did well considering the situation. He defended his vote and the backing of the living wage bill quite skillfully.

    Charles Payne, on the other hand is a crusty face hatchet man that try to torpedoed VO and he missed his mark badly..... catch your breath, bama........... and stop reciting the Walmart talking points......DC will not crash if Walmart gets funky.....For REal!

  • h st ll

    I agree with realdc. I am not a VO fan but he came off quite well, especially considering the two hosts were acting like brats.

  • Mr.Remember

    That's my Alpha brother... better know it.

  • dc only

    I thought Vince was a Kappa

  • Really?

    Slow clap...yes...yes...yes greasy! Yes! Great come backs, good handle on the facts and way to stand your ground,

    Now I'm not a fan of greasy at all but this clip right here is good PR. Now throw all those press releases about the side door and taking giving the council the right to impeach the Mayor.

    Great job VO! Stay this course and you might be able to keep your day job.

  • Corky

    He is a loudmouth, job killing, blowhard. He didn't require Costco to pay 12.50 an hour when it moved into his ward, nor does he care about the fastfood workers at McDonalds making 8.50 an hour in his ward. Or the waiters and waitresses who can't even get a paid sick day in this town. But Walmart, with 900 jobs in the offing, must pay more than any other retailer in town because his union bosses say so. Call me unimpressed.

  • Really?

    Corky...what are you thoughts on Walmart workers receiving medicaid and medicare? Over and over on this board folks crap on the poor who receive any type of assistance from the gov't. esp if they live in Wards 7 and 8. So the jobs come, they still wont be enough to stay in the city and they still need assistance (i.e.) welfare from the city.

    Costco pays higher wages, benefits and holiday pay (i.e they actually close and pay thier employees). Costco has shown that it's possible for a big box store to make a profit and treat employees right.


    @Corky- How about we just call you unimpressive?

    Why each and every time this bill discussed the "pro" Walmart folks bring up McDonald's? What is that? This bill is about big box retailers not fast food chains. There is a difference. Now Vo is a loudmouth and a blowhard but he is not a job killer. He has stepped up to the plate with jobs. I'm not a VO supporter but you have to give credit when credit is due.

    Catania added the 75,000 sqf requirement to the bill and then he still voted against it ...that is some bullshit!! Then he tried to add a C of O requirement with a sunset but the council did vote that bullshit down. Catania is very dishonest on so many levels, you added an amendment to a bill, then you still vote against it...... What is that?

  • TruDat

    Never was a fan--but dude handled his very well. Came across as knowledgeable and surprisingly poised. Also managed to bust some MC Hammer dance moves during the interview--"Can't Touch this"

  • Typical DC BS

    VO has stepped up to the plate with jobs? In what dimension of reality is this occurring? Not ours. Or is that like the government creating jobs by taking more money from taxpayers (or borrowing more to increase our monstrous deficits)?

  • qwerty

    Vincent Orange handled that shouting, rude twit from Fox. Never was a fan of VO, but hats off.

  • RealDC

    Home Depot, Costco are all in Ward 5, his home ward! They all have hired residents.

    Love or hate greasy VO, he has delivered the bacon on occasions.

    Really, not ours?? Ok, what planet are you on? That is the government's way of keeping the economy going.... government contracts and spending. The US government is the largest consumer in the world. If the US government stops buying, the world would suffer.