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Vincent Orange Side Door-Gate Continues

Does Vincent Orange's office have a side door? LL thought this debate was dead, but Orange brought it back to life this afternoon by demanding a D.C. Council investigation into the matter.

On June 12, Orange dodged reporters waiting outside his office to ask him about a federal subpoena of his campaign. That prompted NBC 4's Mark Segraves to report that Orange slipped out a side door. But because Orange's office doesn't have a side door, Orange insists that made people think he jumped out of his office window.

Orange hasn't received an apology from NBC 4, despite a press release complaining that they turned him into "the butt of jokes." So Orange took his quest for a correction to the dais today, asking for a Council investigation of the station.

Orange promised to provide voicemails from Segraves and receipts from a lunch he had that day at the San Antonio Grill as evidence. "As y'all know, there is only one way in my office and one way out," Orange says.

Segraves, who was in the chamber when Orange asked for the investigation, declined to comment. When Orange sent out his press release about the phantom side door last month, though, Segraves told LL that he meant a side door to the Wilson Building, not Orange's office.

Marion Barry co-sponsored Orange's request for an investigation, but Chairman Phil Mendelson declined to refer it to a committee. Now we'll never get to the bottom of this.

Photo by Darrow Montgomery

  • joan

    what a buffoon

  • drez

    Why does he keep this 5th page story alive?

  • truth hurts

    Dumbass. Worthless dumbass.

  • drez

    I have to disagree that he is worthless. He's done some good things. But this is just too tied up with his ego. He needs to let it go and stop making a fool of himself. Whatever the merits of the original story he is doing himself more damage than it ever did.

  • CapitalTruck

    Say what you will, he voted for the living wage. Also, he is on the record against speed cameras, which I agree with. I'm all for the red light cameras, but the speed cameras as currently deployed are strictly $$. I have found myself agreeing with Orange a lot recently. This vote for a living wage despite Wal-Mart's threats was a good one.

  • Typical DC BS

    Living wage is a joke. More liberal (excuse me, "progressive") nonsense. The lack of business sense on the city council is astounding. Entry level jobs are NOT meant to support a family on. Wake up.

  • Bob

    Vincent Orange Jumpsuit needs no help from the press to be the 'butt of jokes.' However, the only side door that he will be heading through is when he's hauled away from the court room to Federal prison.

  • Methinks

    The Councilman doth protest too much. The more he keeps talking about this, the more I'm starting to think he probably did jump out his office window.