Loose Lips

How Many People Does It Take to Host a Party?

Unlike likely mayoral candidates Ward 2 Councilmember Jack Evans and Ward 6 Councilmartyr Saint Tommy Wells, Ward 4 Councilmember Muriel Bowser has been keeping her potential ambitions out of the press. Evans and Wells haven't been shy about their shared goal of becoming the District's next mayor, while Bowser, whose name is often mentioned as a potential candidate, has stayed mum so far.

But just because Bowser isn't saying anything publicly doesn't means she's not sending any messages. Take the list of 200-plus "host committee" members of Bowser's 40th birthday party/campaign fundraiser scheduled for Thursday, which includes plenty of well-connected lobbyists, deep-pocketed developers, and loyal supporters of former Mayor Adrian Fenty—as well as the former mayor himself.

(LL won't go through the whole list of bold-faced names, many of whom are from outside of Bowser's ward. But a few notables include: disgraced former Ward 5 Councilmember Harry Thomas Jr.'s mother, Romaine Thomas; Gray for Mayor finance committee member Doug Patton; and former Ward 7 Councilmember H.R. Crawford.)

LL asked Bowser if she's trying to let her potential political opponents see just how much support she'll have should she run for mayor. (Note: Bowser doesn't have any opponents in the November general election for the Ward 4 spot, but she had more than $130,000 in the bank as of last month.) Nope, says Bowser, who noted that there are plenty of "grassroots" supporters among the host committee members as well.

"It's a big birthday," she says.

Indeed. The list (in a familiar color that LL once would have been tempted to call "Fenty green," but may soon be better known as Bowser's aesthetic):

Photo by Darrow Montgomery

  • watchingtoo

    More on her please. That was much ado about nothing.

  • RealDC

    Who cares? Really, she is LOUSY at every angle but the "Greenies" want another turn at bat. Nope it will not happen.

    For real, Bowser is what really is wrong with DC politics. Its all about the show with no substance behind her. Lets spend our time looking the part than actual serving the community. She was hatched into office by Adrian, continues to ride his coat tails and use his supporters and give the same birthday-fundraisers that Adrian held. (Uh, this is where we all throw-up.) It is sad for ward 4 that we cannot get someone to run for this office. Anybody? They say ward 4 has the most affluent AAs in the city, and we are stuck with Fenty's lap dog. Embarrassing and shameful because SHE is LOUSY!!

    What has Bowser done? And stop telling me, that she is not under investigation... That is not an accomplishment even among this group!!

  • Lisa Jackson

    First of all where do you live? Muriel is a fierce advocated for Ward 4 and te entire city. You clearly are delusional and have NOOOO clue about government!!!

  • SEis4ME

    This sounds peachy! But Bowser doesn't stand a chance in Hell. I imagine she win over Wells and lose to Evans.

  • Ward4 Susie

    Bowser may be a sure fit for her mayoral aspirations. After all let's look at the some of the people this city has elected. Most of which have brought their friends in paid them too much for services and taken the city for millions. Bowser is right in that league. She has pathetic constituent services except if you are on her A list. She only shows up for Ribbon cuttings and where media is sure to capture her on video for the 6 o'clock. She legislate changes that will not effect her as she runs for re-election/election for higher office. Speaking directly to the revamping she recently spearheaded for the campaign finance laws. She blatantly left out some of the most important factors. Corporate donations! Read her list of contributors, and it is clear she comes in first in taking money from those that have inspirations to build, tear down, and earn huge profits from creating change that most of could live without.

  • Here We Go Again

    Bowser? Ahahahahaha ahahahaha ahahaha you can't be serious? Aint no way in Sam Hell I'm voting for this lady, she wouldn't have a clue in the world as to how the city should progress in the future. All of her stuff is borrowed from the Fenty files....

    She has dirty money also!!

  • DC Antics

    Muriel Bowser? For mayor? Please. Next ...


    Say what, I wasn't included on the guest list, Muriel?

    Faints at computer. LOL

  • umis habit hummm

    We're makin' a list & checkin' it twice, gonna find out...

  • 8709ham

    Its about time we got an honest leader . . .and Bowser is it. If she takes care of the city as mayor as she has done for Ward 4 we will all be lucky

  • just sayin

    My neighbors and I wish we could get back the moments of our lives wasted trying to get a response from her office on anything. Yeah, now that she wants to "take care of the city", she'll be grimacing a through those clenched teeth at the little people that she's ignored in Ward 4.

  • RealDC

    @lisajackson- put the pipe away and open your eyes.

    Bowser is useless on every level. Case in point, the June storm that knock out power in half of ward 4, she was a no show as usual. Folks in ward 4 did not get their power back on until after the 4th of July. My power comes back on the 4th after 5 days in 100 degree heat and I turn my TV on to see the evening news showing Bowser marching in the Palisade Parade, giving out balls. Yes, really, ward 4 is throwing out food and sweating their a$$es off and this Bullwinkle looking hefer is smiling and passing out balls with Tom Sherwood. Pissed.

    It's just a complete disregard for the people of ward 4.

    I did not see Cheh at the parade that was held in her ward. Cheh had folks without power.

    This is why ward 4 needs a choice!!

  • Looking in

    Wow... what is this a list of the city's most corrupt individuals? Ms Ethics, merely add Ron Moten & Sinclair Skinner et al. and the AUSA Office referral list will be nearly complete.
    Warren Williams and others SMDH ?? And Lejuan Strickland LOL ??? Whoa, who has she and her husband Jose' robbed recently to donate to your cause.

    Bowser, you are such a FRAUD can't wait until you are exposed and arrested along with the corrupt invites on your Bday/Fundraiser list. Hopefully, Romaine will give you better advice than she gave her son, you dilly bimbo.

    Good Luck fooling the stupid DC voters....!

  • Read Scott Martin

    Only if she makes an ironclad pledge not to become a competitive triathlete should she even be considered.

  • Hmmmm

    Bowser IS the front runner for Mayor. Time for a woman.

  • councilworker

    pick me up off the floor from laughing at this...bowser can't run down the street let alone run for mayor. she is the caption nexct to the word idoit and YES I LIVE IN WARD 4! She was handed the ward 4 council seat, she didn't earn it by adrian fenty because she would be and was his "lap dog" she voted yes for everything he wanted, good or bad. she allowed all of his frat brothers to double and triple bill the city, she allowed Ron Moten and the Peaceoholics to blled the city out of over 10 million dollars, she is only responsive to "certain" residents in ward 4. Her council office has had the biggest staff turn over in history and staff leaves because of her. she lies to your face and will stab you in the back.
    AND if you looking for more stolen moeny and funds just look to everyone of her campaigns, she has nothing but lobbiest pouring "yes vote" money into her campaigns which is to secure her vote so they can get what they want...not us the people or residents of the city.
    bowser should be removed from office for stealing dc money because everytime she collects a paycheck she just stole dc dollars!

  • councilworker



    Bower's daddy stole all the money from North Michigan Park Rec so she has been taught well on getting away with taking the money.


    Are her and Fenty still an item? Does anyone know? I guess she will depend on wards 1-5 because she doesn't know nothing about east of the river and she has always stated that ex-offenders and welfare mothers are beneath her.

  • ward4DC

    LOL. Look at this list of crooks and shadey individuals, half of them do not live in ward 4.

    Wow, this list was published by the CP, I wonder if folks are running background checks and googling these folks, there you will find some interesting stories. Fines, liens, court cases, child support, criminal charges, etc.

    Stay tuned..............


    Like it was said before, she is being BROUGHT and paid in full

  • Hope4better

    Pray that DC residents aren't that desperate to elect BS Bowser. Everyone on that list know$ that they can control Bowers. Please wake up DC and get these weak corrupt politicians out and keep them out. We Can Clean the Wilson Bldg Up but first we must clear it Out.

    Bowser needs to Go right after Gray, Brown, Orange, and Jimmy Boy !!

  • CrookedCollar


  • LeJuan

    @Lookingin-you have the wrong Stricklands. Yvette and Jose' Strickland are no relation to me. For the record.

  • rezOfward4

    After she openly disparaged renters during an ANC meeting when she served her term as a useless commissioner in Riggs Park community, she lost any potential vote from me. I didn't vote for her but since she was the one we ended up with as a council rep, I tried to give her an opportunity to prove herself to be an effective respondent to the ward. Bowser and her staff are selective about who they represent and respond to. As for supporting her mayoral aspirations, just as she's given many of us in Ward 4 her azz to kiss, she can kiss mine.

  • Dan

    Never voted for her for ward 4 rep and will never vote for her for Mayor.


    hey I remember when she was an anc commissioner she got the funds frozen when she was the treasurer...she was bad handling dc dollars back then so why chance her handling the entire city's budget

  • ward4resident

    if bowser becomes mayor I will move to Maryland. Yeah she has her supporters but those are the ones who host her birthday party in their back yards, who work the campaigns for her etc. she can't spell mayor let alone become one and those of you who don't live in our ward need to listen to those of us who do. she has had ample time to make things happen but it hasn't. when the modernization for DCPS was done Coolidge and Roosevelt were 2 of the first schools to be done, but with bowser as the council member and when fenty was running for mayor and he tried to get east of the river on his side he fixed their schools first and bumped the high schools in ward 4 which were both older and in more need bowser sat right there and let it happen she never spoke up or out for the residents of ward 4 now that is what I call brought and paid for by those whose pockets you are in.

  • DCres

    Nice pic .... It'll make for a better mug shot Fat Face-
    LMAO Mayor Bowser really ? Inmate Bowser sounds more like it.

  • DCres

    Nice pic .... It'll make for a better mug shot Fat Face-
    LMAO Mayor Bowser really ? Flunkie Bowser sounds more like it.

  • Ward4 Susie

    I think that voters will wake up and begin to see the daylight with Bowser. She has a nice smile but there isn't much after that. I think someone called it clueless!
    Bowser has the worse constituent services of any elected councilmember I know of. Her staff is pretty much a laughing stock of the council. They only return phone calls for those few that they like or that they feel support them. She has done little more than show up and be counted. Legislation that Bowser has been involved with has been very weak and incomplete at best.
    This city deserves so much more than they are getting now in Ward 4 let alone citywide.

  • One City

    Glad to see the One City Gray team back on the list serves. No where to turn now that Vinny Gray is going to jail.

  • SaveWard7

    Oh goody, we get to see fenty with his hand up her ass, making her lips move while he speaks!!!

    NO ONE on that council should run for Mayor of Washington, DC

  • LOL

    Puppet is a nice word for her she and her team sit and collect a payroll check just for the heck of it she doesn't even have all ward 4 people on her staff as all the other council members do. she will appoint her father and he will steal more rec center money as he has done before in ward 5

  • Ward 6 Voter

    With all these "spontaneous" negative posts, it sure looks like Sainted Tommy Wells had his council staff working overtime sending in comments. Of course, it could have been Gray's cronies doing the posting but I understand they are in hiding from the US attorney.

  • haterspotter

    Whoa! So many of you need get your facts checked before you embark on your rants. I am glad she is running again so that she can change this City...no more bad boys club.

    'crooked shirt', 'fat-face','fierce','has a nice smile': would you use the same words to describe a male candidate?
    We are ready for a woman to lead us out of the dark and into the light....she is capable

  • rezOfward4

    Those of us who are "ranting" aren't doing it arbitrarily, and without factual basis. I've lived in Ward 4 for many years, and Bowser simply hasn't impressed or served me and my neighbors as a representative. There is no one, male or female, on the current council who would get my vote.

  • ward4DC


    If all she got to run on is gender or race, then she truly is a joke. Her record is terrible. Does she have a vision? What is it?

    Ward 4 is embarrassed by her and the fact that no real leader will step up and lead the Ward is shameful.

  • rezOfward4

    @Ward4DC..and don't forget that she hasn't been caught doing anything for which she can be investigated. These are sad times in DC, because that seems to be the sole criteria that trumps actual substance. Hell, she's no more ethical than a person standing in a garage can be labeled car.

  • Ward4 Susie

    First off, Ward 6 Voter, for the most part I don't find these postings as "spontaneous" or negative. You clearly don't know Muriel Bowser. If you did you would definitely have a different opinion.
    I hope you will consider facts when relaying your opinion and base it on real hard facts and not your biased opinion.
    Muriel Bowser cares nothing for the majority of her constituents. She is removed from seeing to their needs.
    I have numerous examples.
    She is smart, and could possibly one day be capable of managing the city and all of which that details. At 40 she is both too immature, and lacking the refinement to be mayor. After all we have been there and done that in her friend and mentor A. Fenty. His immaturity got the best of him, he disrespected many residents and they got rid of him.

  • Saveusfromignorance

    I guess pulling in 7,541 (65%) of the votes in the last election means she is not popular in Ward 4? LOL um ok... Her closest competitor (who shares the same last name) came in with 1500 votes (13%). She is popular in Ward 4 and judging from these comments many of you are scared of how strong her base is.

  • cutthecrap

    Talking about hateration, hollarion in this dancery...

  • LOL

    she didn't have another of value running against her and the only reason good people didn't want to run against her is because they/everybody already knows that all the big money people and corporations were feeding her campaign because she is brought and paid for way before the election. She is riding a free ride simply because of what fenty handed her...not on anything that she has earned. those people hosting her birthday party at their house get everything they want from street/lights fixed to anything ward 4 has they are front row...she cateres to those who back her and ignores the rest.

  • sticktoyourguns

    the only thing I hate is that my tax dollars are paying her salary. I want a refund cause this chick is dumb, in over her head and a snob...oh and I forgot her trickery just hasn't been exposed cause she has done alot of deals and swindling as well..Adrian Fenty taughter her how to pay for play.

  • DCisStuckOnStupid

    Marie Antionette Bowser's popularity base was the advantage of multiple opponents who split the vote and more corporate money than anyone on the ballot.

  • Ward4 Susie

    Dear Saveusfromignorance,
    In case you haven't noticed. Muriel Bowser is deep in pockets like Walmart, Jeffrey Thompson and others. She remains so to keep up her ability to take payoffs and then appease them with things that they want done.
    Just watch the Walter Reed Site and wait patiently for who gets favoritism and who gets rewarded for this strong support for Bowser. If nothing else, Ward 4 should look to new leadership so that at least the re-development of the old Walter Reed Site is done without bias and favoritism to those that support her. Sit back, wait and watch. I'll all take place. In all due time my little sweetie, in all due time.

  • Honest Abe

    Muriel Bowser is and always has been nothing more than a rubber stamp for King Fenty. King Fenty was an evil, vile, arrogant S.O.B who did not respect anyone, including Sinclaire Skinner. Muriel is their to continue to pander to King Fenty's allies. The chickens came home to roost for King Fenty, and they shall do the same for Queen Bowser. Josh Lopez, Antonio tha Cuban Cigar Smoker, David Jannarone! Man, if that aint quite the list, I swear. hahahah!!!!!

  • ward 2+2

    What a PIG we have in a council member!

  • sticktoyourguns

    well her party was filled with business owners "who want something" the people fenty catered to..."white people" and that about sums it up.
    If you want to do buiness in DC, need a contract without following the rules to get it. Vote Bowser and feed her campaign and your wish is her command.

  • Ward4 Susie

    It is not about the white people. It is about blacks that don't want an honest system and so they figure vote for the one that will keep it black and see that the rules are made for us. If you look at her list it is split with blacks wanting favors and whites that just file in line to see that they can get from supporting her.
    Major dislike for white people as I have heard Muriel say things that have lead me to fully understand that she wants the city to remain black.
    It's the whites that raised the questions about education and that helped us. It has been the black elected officials that have traditionally stolen. She'll be no different.