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Tommy Wells: I’m a Bad Mutha!

Man, how did LL miss this story in Roll Call in which Ward 6 Councilmartyr Saint Tommy Wells gives his most candid take yet on his almost certain mayoral run? More importantly, how did LL miss this particular quote from the Roll Call story:

“I know every corner of this city, go to places where police won’t go without backup,” Wells said. “There is no place in the city where I’m not comfortable, and where people don’t know and support me. ... I have a social agenda of social justice that speaks for itself.”

Hmm, that seems a little over the top. Where is D.C. so dangerous that only backed-up police and Tommy Wells will dare go? LL has a call in to Wells for some details; meanwhile police union boss and Wells critic Kris Baumann has a theory: "The fantasy land that Tommy Wells lives in." Ouch.

Wells also talks a little campaign strategy, explaining that he didn't join three of his colleagues in calling for Gray to resign because he did not want to seem like an scummy opportunist: "This is a tragedy for all of us and I do not want to be viewed as someone who is opportunistic, and that is why I have not called for [Gray] to resign. Clearly a special election benefits me more so than anybody else."

Why would a special election benefit Wells? Because independents and Republicans could vote and Wells "claims" independents as his part of his constituency, the article says. There are about 80,000 registered D.C. voters who don't belong to a party. 

UPDATE: Wells calls to say he has some issues with how Roll Call characterized his remarks. He tells LL the police backup quote was in reference to his time as a front-line social worker from 1985 to 1991, when the District was in the throes of the crack epidemic, not the work he does today.

Wells says he would regularly have to investigate allegations of child abuse at some pretty sketchy locations, places he says that police officers would tell him that they wouldn't go without backup.

"Frankly, I had to go into crack houses," says Wells. Other rough patches Wells says he visited include public housing complexes Benning Terrace and Potomac Gardens, a location which Wells noted was where Geraldo Rivera did a segment on urban violence.

Photo by Darrow Montgomery

  • Joe

    Oh good, another opportunity for LL to be a petty asshole to one of the only political figures in DC with any integrity. Why don't you save your jerk remarks for the people who really need it rather than the councilmembers who are actually making the city a better place. I really appreciate all the reporting you've done on HTJ, Kwame and Gray, and I think you do good work on exposing malfeasance, but your attitude toward Tommy Wells sure makes you seem like a dick.

  • http://www.facebook.com/AntLorenzo Anthony Lorenzo

    I actually live in a place where police don't go without backup. #Ward8

  • name

    Tommy doesn't have enough brain cells to rub together to light a streetcar. He's just another dimwit 1960's era progressive who thinks if people just had the same "opportunities" then somehow people would get off drugs and become productive and upright human beings.

    News flash, 40+ years of history shows us it only makes it worse and you pass that sh** on to your kids.

  • @SamuelMoore

    Wow, one of the things LL doesn't do that often is give Wells crap... not sure what blog / paper you've been reading, Joe.

  • Krispy Kremer

    Joe aka Charles Allen:

    Wells gets a pass in the media on a regular basis. If he is going to run for Mayor, he has to be ready for all of the skeletons in his closet - his drinking problem, etc. If he cannot take the heat, outta the kitchen with ya!

  • Sally

    Wells means well, but man is he dumb. He really, really needs to stop listening to the Greater Greater Wells echo chamber.

    Would be fun to FOIA all of Chucky's work emails to see how much time is spent on taxpayer's dime doing Tommy's political work.

  • Jimbo

    He's already started to embarrass himself.

  • H Street Landlord

    Lol, some of ya'll mad at the fact that Wells IS the best politico in town.

    By the way, having worked many years in social work, he was on point (beyond the police won't go part...) Everyone of my coworkers has been assaulted many times (I would get assaulted about once every year or so, but fairly significantly), goes to every neighborhood, etc. Just a fact.

  • Ward6Resident

    Tommy Wells is a fool.

  • Ward 4 Voter

    I would never vote for Tommy Wells because he's too liberal. We need some moderate or Blue Dog Democrats on the D.C. Council. I am sick of all the left wing ideas of Tommy Wells and his Council colleagues.

  • Ex-Tommy Wells Constituent

    Tommy Wells would fit in as a Chicago alderman, where he could run his little patch of the city from the perpetual happy hour at the Tune Inn. But a leader of a world-class city he's not, despite his constant preening. When Kwame Brown slapped him around earlier this year, not one of his council colleagues said a word. He's a progressive caucus of one, swerving & stumbling around Ward 6 on his fully-loaded bicycle...

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  • …..Yea Right

    With all due respect, Tommy Wells should never be considered Mayor. I rarely see any white politicians East of the River, nor in any of the neighborhoods where police are or even need backup.

    You talk a good game, why dont you come down to Barry Farms and attend one of the games down here?

    Why are you never at any of the funerals for our youth being murdered in the streets?

    Why havent you challenged DCPS to do better?

    you may work for Ward 6, but you sure as hell cant work for the whole city!

  • RealDC

    Who is this clown? What have Wells done? Really. And don't give me that bag tax BS. Is the Anacostia River any cleaner today than when Tommy boy pushed that phony "green" bill through this incompetent council.

    It really sucks to walk out of the store with my groceries in my hand. Thanks, Tommy boy have another drink. That is why I shop in Virginia.

  • name

    @RealDC, there's a lot to complain about Tommy, but if you're too poor to scrounge up $0.05 or too lazy to go searching for pennies, you belong in 'bama.

  • …………………..

    Wells is an oportunist first and foremost! Potomac Gardens is in his ward and you rarely see him there let alone any place where the police won't go without back-up. Give me a break!

  • Urkel

    Tommy has the most vision, and is the cleanest council member we have. The Wells haters better practice their BS complaints, because they'll have at least 4 years worth of unwarranted complaining to do when he's mayor.

  • lefty

    @ Urkel:

    Did you see the Post poll? No one knows Tommy and outside of his GGW echo chamber, he does not have even a fraction of the support or resources ($$$) to run a successful Mayoral campaign. When he is Mayor? Man, now I have to clean all of this coffee off of my computer screen.

  • MJ

    @RealDC-Yes, actually, the Anacostia is cleaner today than it was a few years ago. Pollution is down.

    @YeahRight-Just because you haven't seen Tommy doesn't mean he isn't there. I live on the Hill and it's not like I run into him around every corner. It's a big city. Don't be so needy. Evaluate Tommy on his plans and vision for the city, then have an opinion.

  • Really?

    Ummmm Tommy/Charles there are way more Wells non-supporters than supports. STOP letting the Washpo pump up "Nobody puts baby in the corner" Wells'head.

  • KeepInItReal

    I am sure Wells has been to every corner store selling Wild Irish Rose.

  • EP Sato

    Wells being loved by all types all throughout the city is news to me. For starters, it's my understanding that the mom and pop business owners of H Street (that were pretty much forced out of business during Street car construction) are no fans of his.

    The guy always comes off as nice, but he's dimwitted. And sure the 80,000 independents might support him, but what's their turnout in local elections? For the most part, the GOP and independent voters are a non factor in local elections, and that's not going to change, EVEN IF (and that's a big "EVEN IF") the primaries become open.

    Wells is a fool, and his followers are more foolish. He's not as progressive as he plays himself off, and no where near as popular as he thinks he is. Let him run for mayor, the city could use with a good laugh these days.

  • Frank Lee Mahdear

    Tommy has deep and loyal support throughout DC, more than any other ward-based CM, and that support is based on his stands on issues and not on how much cash he spreads around. Which may be why the LL "you're just attacking HTJ/Kwame/Mayor Gary 'cause he's black" crowd is attacking him. An ethical leader with a vision for the city may be the scariest thing in their world.

  • MY Goodness

    Tommy Wells have been handed Ward 6 on a Silver Plater thanks to Sharon "the punisher" Ambrose. It is her efforts and work that Tommy socalled saintly is surviving thus far. After Capitol Hill has rid itself of high crime statistics and better living environment here comes old Tommy "Red in the face" Wells. Parks and Recreation Yes...Mayor NO!!!

  • Ward8voter

    I am a life-long resident of Ward 8 and I would vote for and campaign for Wells! Wells 2014.

  • RealDC

    @name- Really? Is your world two-dimensional as well? Its not the amount of the bag tax that is the problem. It is being lied to and deceived about putting the tax in place. What was done to fix the Anacostia River with the bag tax money? Fenty used the bag tax money to repair the streets. The city has NEVER used the bag tax money on the Anacostia River. NEVER. Typical liberal BS, find a noble reason to impose a tax and then don't follow thru on the initial purpose. Then come back with, "dude, its only a nickel, what you can't afford it, you poor,yayayaya". Meanwhile, Tommy boy is laughing,"Bag tax suckers can make me Mayor". Wake up, dummy!

    Also, I don't understand "in bama", go back and talk to your black DC friend and tell him to teach you how to use the word "bama" correctly.

  • Ex-Tommy Wells Constituent

    Come to think of it, Tommy Wells gives "fully-loaded" a whole new meaning.

    I'm also reminded of Tommy's infamous "pot luck suppers" at Potomac Gardens after the inmates there violently attacked several neighbors. Don't bring a butter knife to a gunfight, Tommy!

  • RealDC

    @MJ- Really? Cleaner? Who says? EPA? Dept. of Interior? Or is that your opinion?

    My question: What did the bag tax provide for the Anacostia River? In other words, of all the money that was collected under the "bag tax", how much was actually spent on the Anacostia River?

    Multiple Choice:

    a. 0
    b. zero
    c. zilch
    d. nada
    e. all of the above

    Pick one? e.


    So you might be right, about the Anacostia looking better. But the "bag tax" had nothing to do with it.

  • Here We Go Again

    @MJ dude you are fucking clueless. Tommy Wells doesn't go to any other areas in the city. I live close to Sursum Cordas and I have never seen him around here.

    DC should never be granted Statehood if Wells Evans or Bowser are the choices we have for Mayor.

  • Hill Resident

    He's too soft to be mayor of DC......not enough backbone. You need an outsider (with strong Fed/State Govt management skills to run the city...That's why Mayors Washington and Williams were the best.

  • nowaitaminit

    Hill Resident how long have you been a hill resident. Walter Washington was NOT an outsider. You couldn't get more insider than he was.

  • nowaitaminit

    @ name aren't you the one who made that scurrilous gentrification statment? That kind of talk will keep any candidate you back from being elected.

  • jimbo

    Charles and the staff must be working overtime thinking up comebacks and fictitious names to make it look like there are some fools out there that believe his bs. Is there a tax on brown bags to hide booze bottles?

  • RedDead

    Nice Kwame sticker, Tommy! With judgement like that, I'm sure you would be an excellent Mayor.

  • Wrack

    @RealDC, you're just factually incorrect. Fenty wanted to use bag tax money to *sweep* (not repair) the streets, and the Council stopped him. The District has indeed used bag tax money for the purposes identified in the legislation that created it. If you'd like to see how the District actually uses the bag tax revenues, why not go look it up? E.g.,


  • Mahdi Leroy J. Thorpe, Jr,

    Tommy Wells won't win. This guy has no integrity and is as phony as a three dollar bill. He has no interest in improving the the poor and disadvantaged minority businesses owners in Ward 6. He reminds of a plantation owner that parades around his marginally employed black female office workers to black events pretending to be not a racist that he allegedly is.

    Jack Evans, if he runs will kill Tommy Wells in a city-wide election. I am still with Gray despite the bad and unfair media he is getting.

  • KeepinItReal

    @Mahdi, I am with the Mayor as well. Unless and until he is charged and convicted. Things are moving along in the city in spite of this scandal. Things are getting done.

  • seDCdude

    Vincent Gray for Mayor,,,oh snap, he is THE MAYOR!!!!

    ONE city!!!

  • DC Voter

    Never have I seen such a tremendous outpouring of comments on Saint Tommy "Tune" Wells. DC residents are finally catching on that "Mr. Red Face" is living in what some might say is a drug induced never never land.

    If you really want to see what DC would look like under a Mayor Saint Wells then visit his creation at the old DC General Hospital where he oversaw the creation of a filthy, overcrowed 1200 bed family homeless shelter in a decaying building which is now surrounded by 700 methadone patients he moved onsite. The greater greater crowd and Wells cronies ignore this creation.

  • Ward7

    Wells is the best option for Mayor at this point. I live Ward 7 and I would never vote for Bowser.

    Casting a vote for Wells in 2012.

  • Ward7

    In 2014*

  • Drez

    MLT I agree with you on the Jack v Tommy thing.
    But will you PLEASE grow up and quit it with the plantation references?
    You make yourself look stupider than you are.
    Stop being the big (well, medium) fish in a little pond.

  • jim a

    Tommy seems to be against people driving cars. fine. That's what he believes in. But is that a basis for being DC's Mayor? What would his campaign slogan be? "Shame on Drivers."

  • did I say that?

    MLJTJ: The man with the big, big name.
    Wonder why these azzwipes are willing to expect forgiveness for massa's 300 years worth of atrocities, and then get upset when massa's domain is accurately referenced? I think it was an apt description. The man disdains AfAms and only interacts with us when it is required in an attempt to 'prove' he isn't racist.

    If I had time, I could cite instances to prove the point.

  • Anonymous, Three

    Hey Jimmmmmaaaa: How about shit on drivers?

  • “Bring That Ball, Meat!”

    Which Fantasy Land does Kris Bauman and his union flunkies live in? I guess that would be a "no" vote from our not-so-finest in blue?

  • seDCdude

    WELLS is from ALABAMA correct??? Nuff said!

  • GoBama!

    Tommy wells is from Alabama. Go 'Bama! Alabama is a great state, but, really, will DC's first White Mayor really be from Alabama?

  • DC Native

    Run Tommy, Run all the way back to Alabama!

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