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Fenty Campaign: See Marion Barry in Gray Gear!

An aide to Mayor Adrian Fenty's re-election campaign just e-mailed a bunch of D.C. political reporters and bloggers a photo of one-time mayor-for-life Marion Barry wearing a Vincent Gray campaign t-shirt (and hat, it looks like). The Ward 8 councilmember hadn't officially endorsed Gray yet, but he has shown up at a few events, including the high-profile Ward 4 straw poll, to back him.

The fact that the Fenty camp was so eager to get the image out just underscores the fascinating racial dynamic at work in the primary—one in which white voters appear to be breaking heavily for Fenty, and black voters seem to be going for Gray. Who runs the place once known as "Chocolate City" may well come down to what percentage of the electorate on Sept. 14 is white.

Barry's support for Gray may help the D.C. Council chairman in parts of the city, but it'll also feed into Fenty's narrative that Gray wants to take the city back to the way things were before, well, a lot of white folks moved in. (A narrative Washington City Paper lampooned here, complete with several shots of Barry.) UPDATE: Of course, four years ago, Barry endorsed Fenty, though Fenty didn't campaign publicly with the former mayor then. They did pose together at Fenty's inaugural ball, as Gray's campaign noted last night.

The photo, after the jump:

Barry for Gray

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  • edward baltimore/DC Mayor

    In I run for Mayor of DC;I was Muzzled from the same phony screwed down process of keeping negrids as slaves and Indians and Hispanics is why I was to nevr free you from white boy and girl,even from looking like them and dressing like them from Indians to Hispanics to negirds from Africa and abroad,is the shame of the whole infarious obfuscating racist forcing of a Catholic church setting where kids are being molested @ an alarming rate and when I finish getting the People free,as if Indians and Hispanics knew how free they are with Edward Baltimore as Mayor of DC;whom is @ 202-393-9132/202393-1909;whom is still running for Mayor of DC;and is seeking vehemently,for the sake of the children and their families in DC;and Nationwide;a Debate with Vince Gray so I can run his ass out of public for good to never return,with what I know about what nothing none of you know about,that can actually free all of you,Instantly is what's needed in WDC to soothe the Nation of deprived People that haven't had their Rights given to be treated like humans,not even amongst their own white people

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  • http://Yahoo John Handcock

    Botton line white folks just want to control this city.

  • http://Yahoo John Handcock

    They figure if they are not running it like the old south its not good, well you know near by Virginia is the heart and soul of the Confederacy!!! oooom. something to think about Brother and sister before you put Mr. Gray down, because he hasnt done nothing.

  • http://Yahoo John Handcock

    To brothers and sisters, Just because a white person is a Democrat there not your best friend and could care less bout you.

  • http://Yahoo John Handcock

    Pay close attention to these people you so called trust.

  • http://Yahoo John Handcock

    The Devil is alive and well trying hard in The District of Columbia,I just want brothers and sisters to know this,please pay close attention. A huge majority of black people has done great thing and benefit from the Barry administration, when others wouldnt allow such a thing. Black Businesses has prosper and done very well because of Mr. Berry, now it is clear why they want to get rid of him, he puts it like they dont want it , straight up and clear,its like hitting a bad nerve. You know they say the truth hearts. brothers and sister please get some sense!!! dont do anything stupid ok?

  • http://Yahoo John Handcock

    Mr. Gray is here to help, not to heart. He aint just here to wear nice suit and take pictures in front of cameras for the spot light and attention. This man knows he has a job to do, and verry much like to get it done. We all know that so lets come together and support this fine gentlement politician and let him do what we elected him for. Just pay those crazy ass white folks no attention.

  • http://Yahoo John Handcock

    We need to make some "i support Mr. Gray" T-shirts many strong and wear i his support.

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