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Abdo Bails on Logan Circle Project

Not gonna happen, soon.

Developer Jim Abdo's lawyer tells me that he's withdrawn the zoning application for his planned 70-ish-unit building in the empty space between 14th and 15th Street on Rhode Island Avenue NW, and declined to give a reason for the reversal. It's not an unprecedented thing for Abdo; he's proposed building on top of his office and the Caribou Coffee building on 14th Street, and not moved forward there either.

  • Thayer-D

    When I first moved into Logan circle ten years ago there where two victorian townhouses there. One was an 1870's Italianate with a porch and the other was a beautiful stone Richardsonian Romanesque pile with a two story bay. You already knew what their fate was even though you hoped for a miracle. Then Abdo tore off the roofs under some presumably dubious pretext. Then the buildings gradually deteriorated until he was allowed to take them down becasue of their condition. The definition of demolition by neglect. He bid his time and DC lost a little more of it's history and character. Now he's not going to build there? I think Michelle Bachman has a word for that...chutz-paa.

  • Wayne Dickson

    Thayer-D. You've got your history wrong. Abdo did not destroy those beautiful buildings. That was the work of a couple of suburban attorney speculators who demolished the buildings in an after mid-night raid. In a rare act of justice the city came down on those two with both feet and they were eventually forced to sell. I also recall that being quit a bit longer than 10 years ago. I wish I could remember all the details because it's a juicy story. Fortunately that kind of demolition is just about impossible to pull of these days. I

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