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Two New Projects Filling Holes in Dupont/Logan

The First Baptist Church apartment project for 17th and O Street NW.

Up for consideration at the Historic Preservation Review Board this month are two new projects that will just fit in between the buildings around them.

The first: A nine-story apartment building at 17th and O Street on land owned by First Baptist Church (yet another religious institution making good use of its extra acreage) and developed in partnership with Keener Squire properties. The design, which will accommodate between 185 and 230 units, mimicks the Streamline Moderne look of the Bay State and Mass House condos nearby.

And a little bit east, developer Jim Abdo is building a narrow, eight-story apartment building sandwiched between two others of similar size at 1427-1429 Rhode Island Avenue NW. The space has been vacant since the last building there was demolished in 2006. Abdo is just going for a concept review, so there's no set design, but the scale will likely stay at around 70 units.

An Abdo project at 14th and Rhode Island NW.

  • RT

    The building on 17th should have ground floor retail frontage. The area around there (near Mass. Ave) desperately needs retail.

  • Chris in Eckington

    I was wondering what/when they would build on that parking lot of 17th Street; it's one of the last undeveloped parcels in Dupont. But it begs the question: where will the churchgoers park? Or will some parking spaces be set aside from them in the building?

  • Rob Schneider

    For a project of this scope, I'd expect underground parking with enough reserved spaces for Sunday morning.

  • http://distcurm.blogspot.com/ IMGoph

    It's great to see the holes getting filled in. Very little left that isn't developed now (when is that building on Rhode Island next to the University of California finally going to come online?)

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