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Things Keep Getting Better for D.C. at Walter Reed

As Walter Reed Army Medical Center pushes towards a September 15th deadline for its big move, the breakdown of how the site will be divided between the District and the State Department has been made official. The final map looks similar to the first tentative redrawing, but D.C. will get the entire footprint of the giant old hospital, bringing our total up to 67.5 acres. Meanwhile, the Office of the Deputy Mayor for Planning and Economic Development has put out another call for people interested in taking space at the complex. Last chance!

We'll put down some duct tape in between.

  • Steve S.

    How has DC addressed the historic buildings in it's share of the WR campus? Certainly, they are not planning to demolish them, that would be awful.

  • DC Guy

    I am pretty sure the historic structures are part of the registered landmarks and should be considered very safe for adaptive re-use.

    The bigger question...will there be any political will to relocate the WMATA facilities on the site, perhaps underground? This is a prime opportunity for a lot of parts of the city, and little to no expense.

  • Lydia DePillis

    @Steve S.

    Yeah, all of the historic ones will have to be preserved. There's already a historic district nomination pending. Here's the inventory:


  • DC Guy 2

    @DC Guy - You can keep your local Chevy Chase bus barn.