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Snyder Keeps Top Critic On the Payroll

Red Zebra, the radio arm of Dan-Jazeera, has just announced that Steve Czaban has agreed to a two-year contract to stick with Dan Snyder's sportstalk station, WTEM-AM.

Czaban was Snyder's harshest critic among local radio and television types for years before Snyder bought WTEM.

Snyder's previous behaviors indicated Czaban's continued employment at the station would be in jeopardy when the Redskins owner took over.

Czaban, after all, was once suspended from a Comcast TV gig during the 2006 season because he was too hard on the Redskins, the cable station's meal-ticket.

But he not only stayed on the job under Snyder, Czaban even turned up the entertaining brutality during the Zorn Era.

If Czaban's been worried about losing his gig, it hasn't been obvious at all this season. With his contract on the verge of expiring, he's still been hammering away at Snyder's woeful team.

Good on Snyder.

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  • Grumpy

    Helps to have the secret pix of Danny and Vinny in 'conference'...LOL

  • noodlez

    its not who he keeping on the payroll its who he should be getting off the payroll.

    1. kyle shanny
    2. jim hasnott
    3. d. mcbadd
    4. all the oldass dlineman that was bought in this year
    5. c rodgers

    mike shanny is also becoming a blip on the radar. we should have hired grimm instead. he knows what the nfc east and the redskins is all about.

  • Typical DC BS

    Did you hear about the new sandwich at McDonalds? It's called the McNabb. When you order it, the cashier throws it at your feet and behind you.