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HR-57 to Close H Street NE Location This Saturday

7381324888_33b40293d1_zThe HR-57 Center for the Preservation of Jazz and Blues, the two-decade old jazz club currently located on H Street NE, will close on Saturday. Frozen Tropics first reported the news Monday evening and club owner Tony Puesan confirmed the decision to Arts Desk this afternoon.

Don't look so sad, though: Puesan plans to reopen the club at a new spot in Northwest sometime early in the new year. His team is currently considering three spaces and has yet to decide on a final location.

This move marks the club's third relocation in five years: It opened at 14th and U streets NW in 1993, moved to 816 H St. NE in 2011, and took up residency at 1007 H St. NE in early 2012. Puesan says that while he's enjoyed the time in Northeast, he couldn't pass up an opportunity to move the venue, named after the 1987 congressional resolution that declared jazz to be "a rare and valuable national American treasure," back to Northwest.

Visitors have four more chances to hear jazz in the club's current digs. The regular jam sessions take place on Wednesday and Thursday nights, followed by an all-star jam on Friday evening and a Latin jazz combo on Saturday night.

While decisions about the new spot are finalized, Puesan will keep HR-57's programming running throughout the fall by presenting live shows at different venues around town. HR-57, he assures area jazz fans, is not going anywhere. "As long as Washington, D.C. is in existence," he says, "we'll be in existence."

Photo of Antonio Parker Quartet at HR-57 by Flickr user Timothy Forbes, used under a Creative Commons Attribution Generic 2.0 License.

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  • TJ on D NE

    This is a bummer. Probably making way for another gimmick bar.

  • how long? as long as the day is long.

    last time i heard, the dude was getting taxpayer grants to run a jazz club, and the bar was off the books.

    maybe things have changed.

  • I wonder…

    When HR-57 was on 14th, 5 to 6 blocks from U St by the way, ...the ANC Commissioner, at the time, helped with grants to keep the business open.

    How is that possible?

  • yousteppedinyourownbull

    Yea, he's a douche who treats the musicians like crap and runs a crappy "business" anyway. It's a non-profit, but the profit is his.