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Listen: Lyriciss’ “My Life”

The last we heard from Lyriciss, he was rapping fervently about the effects of capitalism. It was an overcooked motif in hip-hop, but the city's most improved MC—according to us—provided his own take with gritty tales of street hustle and perseverance.

Released today, "My Life" makes good use of a Mary J. Blige sample flipped by yU collaborator SlimKat78. It's also the first single from Lyriciss' new EP, The Balance: Heart, dropping Aug. 21.

Overall, the song comes off a lot calmer than his recent work. The Prince George's County native speaks of his upbringing and climb up the local rap ranks: "Homie, I'm workin' hard to represent P.G."

DJ Booth has the single.

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