Sidwell Friends' Football Futility The Obama kids' school football team is losing even worse than Dad's political party

Not Losers : These Sidwell athletes of yesteryear were never taunted online.

The Fighting Quakers from Sidwell Friends aren’t putting up much of a fight lately.

If the school’s had a worse football season at any time in its 127-year history, nobody remembers it. The team is winless and has been outscored 373-43. Without the slaughter rule, intended to limit the humiliation suffered by somebody on the business end of a beating by directing the timekeeper to keep the game clock running once a team goes down by 35 points, the margins would have been a lot worse. It’s been invoked in every Sidwell game this year—not counting the one forfeit.

Sidwell went into Saturday’s game against Saint James, a boarding school outside Hagerstown, having lost the two previous weeks by a combined score of 95-0, and gave up a touchdown on Saint James’ first play from scrimmage. Coach John Simon tried to fire up his team by screaming “You gotta play football, not lacrosse!” at them. That didn’t work. Sidwell went down 38-0, thereby qualifying for slaughter-rule protections, when there were still about eight minutes left in the first half.

The final score was 51-12.

“It was really nice of [the Saint James coach] to take his players out at the half,” Simon said at game’s end. “Class act. We used to win here.”

Simon’s been with the football team since 1989, and is in his 14th season as head coach. His teams dominated Mid-Atlantic Athletic Conference football a decade ago, as Sidwell won six straight league titles. He’s never gone through a season winless.

Times have changed. Some parents blame this season’s collapse on the administration for years of not paying attention to the football program; administrators attribute the downturn to students’ losing interest in Sidwell football last year while the home field was being rebuilt.

“The lack of home games meant football got no exposure on campus,” says first-year Head of School Tom Farquhar.

But to paraphrase the mother of one famous Sidwell alum, it takes a village to build a football program this horrible. The school was forced to do away with the junior varsity team for the 2010 season because only 30 kids went out for football this summer—nowhere near enough bodies to fill both JV and varsity rosters. The freshmen and sophomores who would have played JV went straight to varsity.

The team lost 10 players to injury, including all but two of the seniors, in the first two games of the season. And after taking a 61-6 pounding from some new Catholic outfit in Prince William County called Pope John Paul the Great, school officials ordered the forfeit of a game with Baltimore Lutheran, fearing the lack of upperclassmen could create dangerous mismatches against more mature opponents. There was some talk in Sidwell circles of cancelling the rest of the season after the forfeit. But Farquhar says he saw that sufficient safety precautions were in place—including post-game brain-function tests of all players to look for concussions—and decided that the hard times offered a season’s worth of teachable moments; the surviving players could learn valuable lessons “about perseverance” not available to kids on good or even mediocre squads.

Sidwell only brought 19 healthy players (including 9 freshmen), and about as many fans, to Saint James. No students showed up to cheer on the team. When an ambulance drove by the field during the game, some parents half-joked that they hoped the medics weren’t going too far away. (As it turned out, no Sidwell players had to visit Saint James’ infirmary.)

Sidwell’s never expected to be a football powerhouse. Its prestige comes from academics and from being the place where generations of D.C.’s most powerful people sent their spawn: Offspring of Theodore Roosevelt, Herbert Hoover, and Richard Nixon and kin to the Clintons, Gores, Obamas, and Bidens.

The most talented sportsman to ever crack a book at Sidwell was basketballer Roger Mason. But the future University of Virginia star and NBA player left the school after his freshman year for the jockier pastures of Good Counsel High, now located in Olney.

Non-athletic pride used to be enough. One Sidwell alum remembers Fighting Quakers fans taunting visitors from less-bookwormy schools in the mid-1990s with chants of “Hooked on Phonics!” at sporting events. And at a basketball game in December 2008, students taunted fans from Maret in Woodley Park, a MAC rival and the runner-up to Sidwell in the competition for the Obama girls’ enrollment (and $32,000 tuition payments), with repeated calls of “Obama! Obama! Obama!”

But some segments of the Sidwell community are embarrassed with and peeved by the total collapse of the football program. In the Saint James visitors’ grandstand, fans talked among themselves about what can be done to make the team less slaughter-friendly. The football parents say they’ve been told by administrators that as many as 10 slots are open in this year’s sophomore class. They want athletic prowess to be given more weight during the admissions process, even if that means lessening academic and social requirements. That’s a change they could believe in.

“If they [make concessions] for a Supreme Court justice’s kid,” huffed one parent, “why not do it for football kids?”

The pounding the school has taken on the field this season has incited Sidwell haters with allegiance to other hoity-toity privates in the area to go semi-public with their beefs against what currently ranks as D.C.’s most elite institution. Ever since Sidwell administrators called for the injury-inspired forfeit, the website has hosted the prissiest flame war imaginable.

And those with Sidwell leanings have responded in kind. Or unkind.

A few samples from the 30-pages-and-counting of uncouthness:

Sidwell bashers: “Sidwell is a girls school that happens to have boys.’” “At other schools, excellence in the classroom and athletic fields are not mutually exclusive.” “Maybe Sidwell should consider a flag football league. Or just games where boys tickle each other with feathers.”

Sidwell sympathizers: “Come tell some of the real male athletes (yes, there are a few) at Sidwell that they’re ‘girls’ and they’ll sort you out.” “Sidwell just isn’t a meathead school. Hey, if you want a meathead school, head to Landon.” “Landon athletes will have plenty of time to lift weights in prison.”

“I think [the message board war] is more about politics than anything else,” says Chris Stern, who has two kids on the Sidwell team. “It’s people who want to say ‘Look at those liberals who think they can play football!’ If Sidwell has to take some lumps on dcurbanmoms, that’s alright. Yes, this is horrible. This is a systematic failure. But you know what? The kids are having fun.”

Farquhar wouldn’t predict a quick turnaround for the football team. He said conference rules prohibit Sidwell from making “first contact” with prospective athletes, meaning the athletes must initiate the recruiting process. But recent gridiron slaughters notwithstanding, he remains very satisfied with the overall state of the school; the school’s It’s Academic team is “in fine shape,” he says, referring to the WRC-TV Saturday morning quiz show.

Sidwell ends its season this weekend against Maret. Sure, Sidwell’s had an all-time horrendous year. But Maret is only 2-6 itself. It’s also an intradivision rival. So you can toss out the record book, right?

Heck, no. Sidwell’s gonna get slaughtered.

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Our Readers Say

Who do you think you are to talk about my team like this? Have you ever played a game of football? You can write this from the comfort of your home or office, but I'm willing to bet that you have never played. Try interviewing one of the players themselves, not their fathers. Don't talk to our administrators, don't talk to the coaches, and especially don't talk to the parents. None of them put on the pads except for the players. Also, we have lost 15 players to injury, not 10 so get your facts straight. The fact that this article is said to be written on "November 5th" and its only November 3rd, shows how bad and inaccurate of a website this is.
Who do you think you are to talk about my team like this? Have you ever played a game of football? You can write this from the comfort of your home or office, but I'm willing to bet that you have never played. Try interviewing one of the players themselves, not their fathers. Don't talk to our administrators, don't talk to the coaches, and especially don't talk to the parents. None of them put on the pads except for the players. Also, we have lost 15 players to injury, not 10 so get your facts straight. The fact that this article is said to be written on "November 5th" and its only November 3rd, shows how bad and inaccurate of a website this is.
whose worse the kids playing on the team or the reporter who is payed, probably very little, to write about them in a news site that no one reads. At least these kids will go onto a real future unlike your pathetic life.
This article is written very haphazardly.

Sidwell's conference, the Mid Atlantic Athletic Conference (MAC), awards a trophy for the athletic program with the best all around performance each year. Guess what school has won that trophy 8 of the last 9 years?

Yeah, you'd be surprised after reading this article to hear that it's Sidwell.

Go to Potomac or Maret or Flint Hill and pick on one of their worst sports. I'm sure it will produce another fascinating article.
Why you feel compelled to pick on a bunch of high school kids who are in a difficult situation through no fault of their own is beyond me. This article is trash and should never have been written.
Sick career Dave McKenna, reporting about high school football team on a site nobody reads. You clearly have done things with your life....
This article is complete and utter balderdash, and under no circumstances should of been written. This is de- moralizing a great team with terrible luck, and what is the last line of this article about, this clown probably cant predict shit.
The Farquhar effect is alive and well. He has the abilty with his presence to be able to bring down an athletic program without even trying. Don't worry he will say half truths and straight lies to anyone who tries to improve the athletic situation
First off, don't ever write another article about anything because your terrible at your job. Second of all don't talk about a school who every weekend goes out an plays there heart out. The o line is filled with smaller kids because the powerfull seniors are all out due to injury. And yet due to this small o line the leading passing yards and the leading reciving yards were Sidwell Friends players. Don't write an article to attack a school about it's sports. Every school has a sport that isn't the strongest. But even so that doesn't allow you to write so poorley on a program because your description of the football team isn't even close to what its really like. I don't play football but I've been to most of the games and every single kid wants to be there and win. You have never played an organized sport and it's shown in this article. Football takes the biggest physical toll on your body and try playing 48 mins with 20 players. I don't ever want to read another one of your articles again. And don't attack the athletic department saying the sports arnt good. Sidwells boys an girls soccer are in first and second place in the league respectfully. The boys xc team has one of the top runners in the country and always is compeating to win the mac every year. The boys basketball team has 3 of the best sophmores in the area on the team and a jr who is top 50 for his class In the entire nation. Be prepared to eat your words on the poor athletic programs at sidwell win the guys go in defeated in the mac this year and knock of some of the areas "top" teams.
I know you've had a rough year but, you guys have never taken it easy on us. Why should we take it easy on you? We're going to crush you guys. Ask your coach about the 178-0 shirts and you'll understand why we're not going to hold anything back.
Mr. McKenna,

What an outrageous article. Put simply, it is poorly written, does not accurately represent the football situation at Sidwell, and is a insensitive and heartless attack on hard-working and courageous players. Your sources only included selected parents and administrators, and the tone of your article reflected your obvious desire to be needlessly critical of the team and its players. This is not much of a "news" article -- you are completely biased and stunningly unaware of Sidwell football. As a student at Sidwell, I watch the football team practice hard and eagerly every single day. They are on the field long after any other sports team. Your article mentions the fact that freshmen are forced to play against faster, bigger, and stronger varsity players. But (somewhat amazingly) you did not stop and mention the courage, heart, and enthusiasm that these underclassmen exhibit every day on the field. This article showed absolutely no respect for any of the Sidwell football players. If you had taken the time to quote just one of the players, you would have realized how wrong and awful the things you have written are.

If you really mean the opinions you have conveyed in this article, I feel sorry for you. I hope you have gained satisfaction from inaccurately representing a situation about which you do not deserve to be reporting and know nothing.
To those of you who have an indignant, "how dare you?" attitude, you need to rethink. We have something called freedom of the press in this country, and, hello, the fact that you're playing your heart out doesn't make you exempt from negative commentary. Whatever your opinions of this paper and this writer are, it/he does not exist to give morale boosts to the Sidwell Football team.

To "Really?",Tom Farquhar is an extremely qualified head of school whose job is, hello, not to build Sidwell into some kind of Dematha-esque athletic powerhouse. That being said, your claim that he does not care about athletics is extremely false, he showed up last Saturday to support the cross-country team at the MAC/ISL championship. Sidwell football players and parents tend to blame everyone (be it Poff, Coach Simon, or now, Farquhar) except themselves for the embarrasing performance on the field.
Again wait for basketball season. The boys team only lost to dematha this summer by 6 points and sidwell didn't even have 2 of it's starting 5
Hello to you too.

"We have something called freedom of the press in this country, and, hello, the fact that you're playing your heart out doesn't make you exempt from negative commentary. " - Regardless of the fact that this is a snide article that essentially mocks a group of high school athletes, an "article" any real journalist should be embarrassed by, the existence of freedom of the press does not mean that "journalism" such as this should be condoned. Just because it isn't illegal to write an article such as this, it doesn't mean that slanderous mocking of a group of teenagers completely undeserving of such condemnation is anything short of atrocious conduct.

And the reference to our "its academic" team? Classy writing, to say the least.

Hi Mr. McKenna,

I think my fellow students have made their points very clear. We might not be the best at football, but in almost every other sport, we are much better than the majority of schools in the area. As for the "Sidwell Bashers" that claim “Sidwell is a girls school that happens to have boys.’” “At other schools, excellence in the classroom and athletic fields are not mutually exclusive.” “Maybe Sidwell should consider a flag football league. Or just games where boys tickle each other with feathers.” I dare you to come and fight our wrestling team. Not only have they been incredible since nineteen NINETY (1990, twenty years, in case you can't calculate it yourself), but they have also won 57 MAC Championships and are looking for another one this year. In addition, this year will be the 7th consecutive MAC Championship (11th in the past 13 years). So for all those people out there saying Sidwell is a girls school, we'll force you to "tickle" each other with feathers. Oh and one more thing, within the next 6 years, I can guarantee another MAC football championship.
fuck this fucking shit head, sidwell rules, we gunna be ruling the world while landon scum and dave mckennas son lick our fucking boots
dude, dave mckenna, u have no life, u probably jack off in ur parents basement while writing this article. dude, get a life, or better yet go back 2 college, o wait u never went 2 college becuz ur school sucked ass compared to sidwell, dont fuck with us, i got mcgruff with me, we puff much izzy
My comment is directed towards "I mean, come on." You have problems. We are a high school football team, I repeat, we are a high school team. I can "Really?" whom ever I please. Do not tell me that my performance is embarrassing or that my fellow teammates performance is embarrassing. You can say anything you want on the internet without anyone knowing who you really are, think about that. If you have any pride or self-respect, you will tell me who you really are and we can have this conversation face to face. No one is blaming Farquhar, Poff or Coach Simon.
To #15: You might not agree with it, nor the mission of this paper, but not everything in life is a good review. Open up any newspaper and you'll see everything from movies, to teams, to politicians panned. High school sports are covered by news sources in this area. That coverage isn't always going to be good. I will say though, for the record, that this does seem to be very similar to what happened with the article on this website after the infamous "Obama" chant two years ago. It does seem like the main aim of this website is to stir up trouble.

To #16: Your facts are pretty bad, Sidwell's teams, though good, are not the top teams in the area. Girls soccer and cross-country would come close but not be ranked within the top ten in the area. The MAC has not existed for 57 years. And, your guarantee of a MAC title within the next six years is false, come on.
I also guarantee one. The freshman are ridiculous, and have so much more experience. The fact that you are from Sidwell and don't support your own players and classmates is extremely sad and it reflects on the type of person that you really are.
I would just like to point out the extreme dedication all of our football players have shown in the past season. Even though we only had 30 players, they stayed in the games despite knowing that the probability of receiving an injury is very high. These players are still playing even though each game, they know that they will be outnumbered and will have to play a multitude of positions. In my mind, that commands respect. To the Sidwell Friends Football team, I salute you.
Your point that a post as bashful and ignorant as Dave McKenna's is present in any newspaper is simply untrue, especially when one considers that the subject is an independent high school football team.
To 20: I'm sorry, but you just don't know what you are talking about. The guys cross-country team is definitely one of the best in the area this year. Also, not only will we have extremely experienced seniors in a couple year, but several grades in the coming years are completely stacked when it comes to athletics.
Jacking off??

what are you talking about? he doesn't have a dick
The boys cross-country is one of the better ones in the metropolitan area. Seven tweets, stuff gets around.
57 individual MAC champions you dumbass... someone doesn't understand athletics... or anything for that matter.
Does the article mention that while the current headmaster at Sidwell was at Bullis, Bullis went from a 10-1 team to winless over the course of 3-4 years?
You need to get your facts straight, mister!

You say that girls soccer and cross country would come close, but that's it.

have you ever looked at rankings, say in the last year or two? no doubt if you had you would have seen that sidwell had a premier - sorry THE premier - boys soccer team in the metropolitan area according to the washington post last year. Not to mention wrestling program has also been nothing short of great recently, consistently beating schools like STA and Landon and dominating the MAC, as well as producing many DC champions - yes, Gonzaga is in DC - and sending wrestlers to Nationals.

not bad for a bunch of girls, eh?
Unbelievable. The Sidwell parents/students on this thread are laughable. If you the results on the football and lacrosse fields weren't proof enough that Sidwell sports is a joke, just look at who they hired - a guy who destroyed the Bullis sports program. The article is pretty fair and balanced, but the Sidwell community is in attack mode for no good reason. The reason why the football team is so putrid is because the school doesn't care about sports.
Really? This article is "fair?" Making fun of a bunch of high school kids who are playing their hearts out? It's not even like he is taking little shots at the team. he KNOWS he is making fun of them. The god damn caption of the picture is "Not Losers : These Sidwell athletes of yesteryear were never taunted online." HE KNOWS THAT SIDWELL STARTS FRESHMEN AND SOPHOMORES. Does it make you feel better to make fun of a bunch of 14 and 15 year olds who just love playing a sport? Straight up. You're a douchebag.
Bullying taken to an all time low. As a parent of a football athlete at a rival school, Sidwell players won't take this seriously. The values that Sidwell instills in their students guarantees that the students will not give this a second thought. Consider the source.
Stick to beating up on that horrible Daniel M. Snyder and his Redskins, young man, and leave these lads alone. The profession of journalism is a shaky one, Davey Boy, and your job is always hanging by a thread. These Sidwell lads often come from well-to-do families, and someday you may be sitting in front of one of them, auditioning for a job. Be careful what you say about them now.

Never forget the famous cheer for the hapless MIT football team, "Tangent, secant, cosine, sine! 3-point-14159! That's all right! That's okay! You're going to work for us some day!"
You SIdwell weirdos are unbelievable. He is talking about the terrible football program and how people have reacted to it this year - both outside and inside the school. He talks about injuries and apathy within the program have forced kids way too young, inexperienced and devoid of athletic talent having to play key roles for the team. If you take your blinders off, he is SYMPATHETIC to Sidwell's plight.

Get a grip and realize that this article is not a bashing of Sidwell, but a simple article describing Sidwell football (and athletics overall) today.

And to the person boasting about Sidwell soccer, it is not the premier program in the area. Episcopal has not lost a game since 2008 and has always been ranked higher in that timeframe.
I have no affiliation or real affinity to Sidwell at all. But this column is pretty low.
I feel a bit bad for the parents who spent so much money sending their kids to this school. Not a lot of very bright comments here. I take it these kids' parents write their college essays for them. Actually, I presume that these parents have their own parents to thank for giving them cushy jobs.
Man, if you guys are really Sidwell boosters, try spelling your comments correctly. It's especially comical to come back to correct "in defeated" but leave "your," "it's" and "arnt" standing.
damn mckenna. if i were you i would stay away from upper wisc ave. you may get

from the 30 or so responses you received full of passion lets hope that passion transitions to student and parent support to get out and rally the team and school and help sidwell play their hearts out.

if sidwell gets the victory they should put an asterick by the lone win and give credit to mckenna for rallying the football club.

man up sidwell! and stop quaking.
All of the hyperbole, grammar mistakes, and childish name-calling on this thread are really doing a disservice to the reputation of Sidwell Friends.
Being an Alum of St. Albans, not Sidwell, I find this article in very poor taste. Its just an attack on the kids, the school, and the community. If you were going to write an article about this, focus on the fact that parents are online trash talking on behalf of their kids. This makes Sidwell seem like a total joke of a school athletically. Again, I did not go to Sidwell, I went to a 'rival school' if you could call STA one, and I have the utmost respect for the school. Their students are smart, a lot of them are athletic (just not football players), and nearly all of them are a lot more respectful than a lot of kids who went to my school and all the other schools in the IAC.
god help us-students at an elite private school are still struggling with the difference between 'your' and 'you're' in high school

that should have been examined in waiting for superman
Not a story here....Go back to your lives citizens.
Wow for a site nobody reads and a dude nobody likes he sure gets a lot of comments. Whew....Keep up the good work. I love you Washington City Paper and Dave McKenna for giving me reason to smile and laugh on this rainy day.
You sick person. People who have gone to Sidwell are a thousand times smarter than you are. You work for a C list paper that nobody reads, and you dare put up such ridiculous articles. Just leave these guys alone, they have a future unlike you.
I go to Landon and think Sidwell is littered with a bunch of not as smart as they think pussies but the guy who wrote this is a jackass. Writing an article about a bunch of high school kids playing a sport you obviously know nothing about is cheap and below the belt. Just because your best sport was watching dudes shower after practice doesn't mean you need to take your teenage angst out on a bunch of kids in your crappy paper.

Bears Eat it Raw
I'm pretty sure the posters who are using poor grammar are not real Sidwell students.
This comment is directed to the young man from Landon (#46 above). You speak harshly and with little regard to your own intellectual capacity about the students at Sidwell Friends School.

Was it not Landon that was faced with athletes on the famed lacrosse squad being caught for extensive cheating on the SAT examinations? Is it not Landon that seems to hold it kids up as athlete-students as opposed to student-athletes?

Thank you for your insights and your ability to show the level of education you've obtained at Landon.
A better title for this story might have been "Why Jason and Ashley's A-List Parents Can't Buy Their Kids' School a Football Team" After all, the elitism oozes from many of the posted comments; and it was this sort of arrogance based on economic class that led my parents to move me from private school to public school for third grade and beyond. Years later, my geek needs were largely met at T.C. Williams H.S., and I got to root for great football and basketball programs before attending a top-tier university as an undergrad and receiving my Bachelor's at 20.
I didn't have a bad opinion of Sidwell until I read through the comments posted here by parents. They set a poor example for their children by flying off the handle like this. Lighten up. Do you really want to teach your kids that yelling at strangers is how to cope with an adverse situation?
Not only is this article completely inaccurate; the author makes it sound like Sidwell hasn't had a decent sports team in a decade. Not only was I on a tennis team that won multiple MAC banners, I witnessed the '05 football team compete to second place in the division along with '06 as well. The '06-'07 basketball team achieved a perfect Mac record going 15-0 in Mac play. The soccer team was dominant during all 4 years I was at Sidwell including a ranking 22 in the country my senior year and number 1 in the post the following year. Sidwell has achieved countless cross-country banners and not to mention being a MAC wrestling powerhouse. Simply because the football team has fallen and can no longer compete with schools such as STA does not mean that Sidwell sports are not great overall. As to post #46-Sidwell, unlike other MAC schools such as Flint Hill, do not recruit for football and there's no arrogance apparent in these comments other than a simple defense of a schools football team and pride. On another note, you may have attended a top-tier university which is great and there are innumerable amounts of public school kids who attend top-tier universities, no one has yet mentioned college aside from this post. Sidwell is a school with wealthy parents and children, but it's also a school that offers financial aid to over 40 percent of the students which is more diverse than any other DC area private school. There are negatives about Sidwell Friends School, but to criticize it's football team while attempting to make a sarcastic comment about the President or to post a comment boasting your own accomplishments, and posting an unwarranted attack on Sidwell and the private school system as a whole, makes both the author of the article and the poster of #49 seem spiteful, bitter and jealous.
Love kids who supposedly went to Sidwell using "it's" incorrectly. Grammar wasn't included for your $35,000 a year?
Brenda, cheating is on the SAT's is is much better than failing in life. I have huge muscles and will dominate my way to the top.

Bears Eat It Raw
To those commenters pointing to some of the posts made above by Sidwell students that have grammatical errors (the $35,000 a year comment, for example), I don't think it's fair to judge the intelligence of an entire student body based on only a few statements made online by a small number of upset football players.

On another note, independent of the tone or type of comment made by students here, I believe these players have good reason to be upset. This article is simply unwarranted slander and tabloidesque journalism at its worst. If anyone puts themselves in these boys' shoes for a minute, they'll agree that they too would hate to fight through what sounds like an extremely trying season only to have someone attack their team just for the sake of creating controversy. I think any team from any school would try to defend themselves.

Knowing the sense of team pride I felt when I was an athlete in high school and remembering the kinds of things we did as teenagers, I would watch out if I were Mr. McKenna...
Amazing how many people read and feel obliged to comment on this crappy paper. I say good work, McKenna. Picking on someone? Please. The team sounds like its pretty bad and in an unfortunate spot. If anything, they got my sympathy. Most of us know what its like to be on a bad team and get destroyed all season long. Impressive that these kids stick it out, even if they do get killed each week. Nothing wrong with bringing that to our attention, is there?
column shouldnt be called cheap seats, more like cheap shots.
I agree with the numerous comments that the journalist misrepresents the school's athletic programs, and athletic legacy. I graduated in the 2000s we had at least 3 division 1 athletic recruits graduate my year, and many more D3 athletes. I know of one of the D1 recruits that went on to be a star in her sport in the PAC10

As stated in previous comments, the wrestling team is perennially strong. Look at the accolades from 2003.

The class at Sidwell is about ~110-120, so 50-60 men per class, who are being sent in a lot of different directions athletically. It's not surprising that there is going to be inconsistency
As a Quaker I feel that the school should do away with the Football, Lacrosse, and Wrestling teams and focus on being nonviolent and smart, like they say they do.
winning the MAC football banner (or placing second, as someone puts it) means you came in second among six schools who don't care about athletics. they should all do the smart thing and just not have a team, like GDS.
-from a 2002 All-MAC cross country runner.
I wonder what would have happened if he decided to write about Sidwell Boys Varsity soccer. this was probably the worst decision he could have made, write about the football program. I'd like to see him and his vag get pounded on the football field. Motherfucker.
I dare say, sport, you seem to have inflamed my upper NW chums more than a Bush/Cheney sticker on a Hummer 2!

The pursuit of sport is not something we put as much emphasis on here at Sidwell Friends - it's such a vulgar enterprise. My own father wasn't so enlightened - he loved baseball, hunting and other antiquated male pastimes, whereas I celebrate opera, gardening and appeasing my angry, Prius-driving wife.

While my passivity and latent homosexuality may negatively impact my son's performance on the football field, I am confident it will prepare him well for a life of NPR, canvas totes, and garden parties featuring locavore cuisine.



Why don't you write an article about how bad Flint Hill soccer is? Did you see the Sidwell-Flint Hill game today? It was 8-0 in the first half. Way to add insult to injury.
This ariticle is truely inspiring. Dave McKenna has an unparraled mastery of the english language combined with superb journalism skill. I have you become a more prolific writer so readers like myself can continue to enjoy you insightfull and beutifully crafted masterpieces.

Keep up the good work Dave

The Nobel Prize I'd undoubtably in your future!
Looks like somebody's kid didn't get into Sidwell

A sidwell 2nd grader displays a better mastery of the English language than you good sir
This article and the current SFS season is about 20 years in the making. I recall my parents attending an SFS meeting when the AD proposed a de-emphasis on the football program that resulted in SFS leaving the IAC. So I left for STA and became a dominant IAC football champion by beating Landon. There is nothing better than being part of a winning football program and watching the entire school rally around it - no school rallies around individual achievement sports or girls soccer - face it it's just true - FOOTBALL IS THE ULIMATE ALPHA AMERICAN TEAM SPORT AND THE BACKBONE OF ANY ATHLETIC PROGRAM. This doesnt make me a nice person but once I left couldnt help but laugh when SFS was playing schools that a) I had never heard of and b) were for teenagers with impairments. Sidwell made their decision and I made mine. Sadly I parted with three amazing SFS teammates, who all played major college sports, but in my view their talents went under-appreciated by a school that didnt care. I can attest SFS students are some of the sharpest tools in the shed and it amazes me that with so many brains on campus and the number of SFS parents praticing law the school has not shutdown the football team. With a co-ed population to draw from and some 30 players you simply cannot compete. Its putting those guys that care at risk - and gals too as SFS has had female footballers. The NFL wont allow college underclassmen into the league for physical development reasons. Trust me, the physical gap is wider between high school frosh and seniors. Someone at SFS will get hurt putting that squad on the field, even in the who cares meager MAC. And there will be a massive law suit. Never half a## anything - and the school has ben half a##ing football for +20 years. Duke is great at hoops, OK, their football team is decently competitive. Stanford plays football well despite high academic standards. So with all that SFS aid going out and diversity focus it cant hurt take a candidate who plays football well and could use a chance at a place like SFS. It's better than being laughing stock of Wisc Ave. Respectfully, SFS2STA.
How can you just demoralize a school's program like this? Instead of bashing our one bad sport, why not flaunt how good some of our other sports are. Look at our boys soccer team, beating Flint Hill 8-1 in the SEMI-FINAL of the MAC tourny, and about our undefeated MAC season. Every school has a bad sport and it so happens that this year we are really bad, as we are essentially playing a JV team against Varsity. It's not our fault that we got so many injuries, and that most of our extreme athletes play another sport. So learn the facts before you write.

And next time why don't you leave the Obama's out of the title? I do not think that his daughters are on the team.
First, I can't believe the atrocious writing skills of these Sidwell kids. Good to know their parents are blowing $35K on an overrated education. Second, you guys realize that the MAC is a POS athletic conference, right? Whereas you'll get an occasional decent football team (like Potomac this year), the conference overall is a joke. Having the best girls cross country team in the MAC doesn't exactly offset a god-awful football program. Lastly, we aren't talking about Sidwell being competitive with the Landons and Preps of the world. They are getting pounded by 50+ points by TERRIBLE football teams. Sidwell hired Farquhar, so destroyed Bullis sports. He'll make Sidwell even worse (if that's possible).
"First, I can't believe the atrocious writing skills of these Sidwell kids. "

"Sidwell hired Farquhar, so destroyed Bullis sports."

No one is going to sit here and defend Sidwell football's recent results. As a '10 alum, it is apparent that we have not been competitive this year and the coaches, administration, and student athletes must make major changes for us to be so. The "well, they're trying" argument only takes you so far, as at a certain point you must give some weight to whether or not the cost of the effort physically and financially justifies making one. However, I will defend my alma mater's athletic program and school on two levels.

First, football is the only male sport in which we are not competitive. We have won the Director's Cup, given out to the best overall athletic program in the MAC, 8 of the past 9 years. Our soccer team was the best in the area and one of the best in the nation last year. Our wrestling team is consistently dominant in conference and very competitive out of it. Our cross country program has won back to back conference titles and has one of the best, if not the best runner in the area. Our basketball team is on the up and up, sharing the conference title last year and returning one of the bests recruits in the nation. Even sports such as baseball and lacrosse, where Sidwell is clearly not among the best in the area, are at times highly competitive. Sidwell baseball posted a 12-10 mark last year and lacrosse lost in the finals of the MAC tourney 5-4 in overtime. This article is flawed because it fails to put Sidwell football's failure in any sort of proper context considering the other successes its boys athletic program has had.

Second, strength and bitterness of the Sidwell football critics clearly stems, at least in part, from resentment of the quality of the academic experience that Sidwell students get. It appears that those whose children attend schools that don't prepare their students as well as Sidwell does are using the debacle of Sidwell football as consolation for their own school's failure. Call it intellectual arrogance, but Sidwell alums time and again find themselves first at the top universities in the world and next making decisions that influence how the world works. We don't publish our average SAT scores or college lists for one reason: it would make our competitors mad. The academic experience at Sidwell is rivaled by few and surpassed by none.

This article misrepresents the boys athletic culture at Sidwell Friends and Sidwell football's critics represent mere societal backlash at an institution that does its job of preparing young people to lead meaningful lives better than any other.
I think I'd just really like to remind people that you can't take ANY of these comments at face value. Nobody knows who is actually posting in this thread other than the people, so please don't make ill-conceived judgments based on an online comment. (AKA the "elitist" and $35,000 tuition jokes are petty and trite).

Secondly, I really don't understand why people can't simply understand that Sidwell is having a rough patch with its football program. A lot of students have changed their interests to sports such as soccer (hence the outstanding Sidwell soccer/wrestling teams). It seems that these sports highlight Sidwell's athletic program, while sports as football certainly shouldn't diminish it. Although the MAC is weaker in some respects, I wouldn't call it a "terrible" league. Again, its just a different emphasis on the athletic programs; everything is relative.
I'm with Brett on this one. Your facts are inaccurate, and you are forgetting that you are trashing a high school football team; primarily 14 to 15 year olds. Sidwell has school pride and we have faith in our students. Also, to all of the cussing commentators out there, you are not justifying the point that his work is trash by cussing him out. As my math teacher (who ranted about this for 30 minutes) said, why acknowledge that you even read this piece of shit? Just let it be, and just let him voice his opinion (no matter how wrong you and I think it is).
@ Dave McKenna

How about this for your new article topic.
first of all i would like to just ask the author of this article, and anyone who defends it, what the point is of writing an article like this? Aren't you supposed to be covering the best teams in the area? Instead of just basically repeating over and over again the losses that the sidwell football program has suffered? The team knows they haven't won a game this season. The school knows. The rest of the schools in the league and in the area know. So why do you feel the need to basically put down a team that you even acknowledge has been forced to rest on the backs of underclassmen? Clearly you are sick in that you choose to write an article demoralizing 14-18 year olds. I just don't understand. So if anyone out there has any reason why this article is necessary and why it would ever be a good idea to write it, please let me know.
Put yourself in the shoes of the players, (which you obviously didn't think to do since you only interviewed one parent, one of the coaches, and one administrator), every weekend you go out on the field and you line up against kids twice your size and weight. I don't know about you, but i would quit then and there just at the thought of having to face them. Yet these kids go out there week after week in a season like this and continue to take the hits and fight. They know that everyone laughs at them, (not any of the other sidwell students, but other students and apparently grown men in the area), but they keep going out there and defending themselves and fighting. Even on their homecoming game, they had to forfeit because one of the seniors got critically injured. But they are STILL going back out there. So you should be completely ashamed of yourself that you wrote this completely demoralizing, unnecessary, and bitter article about this team. You should instead write an article commending these atheletes that they are this brave and this passionate, and that they fight against other teams, their own school administration, and jerks like you every day. They inspire me, and it makes me sick to think there are people out there like you that would write this kind of trash about them.
Also, really? all of you talking about sidwell students' grammar, will you please think for a second and realize that only two comments contained that poor grammar and that there are 500 kids in the high school? Oh wait no, you're right, clearly 2/500 represents the entire school population. My mistake. I'm sure at every private school in the country 100% of the students use correct grammar all of the time.
And honestly, shut up already about sidwell's $35,000 a year tuition. As someone already mentioned, 40% of sidwell students receive financial aid, and is the most diverse school in the area, so once again, there's no reason to criticize the school for something like this. I don't understand why everyone feels the need to hate on sidwell all of the time. So 60% of the students parents can afford the $35,000 a year tuition, since when does that qualify others to bash the school?
And to those of you who say that sidwell's pridefulness is shown in the comments above, why don't you consider if this type of article were written about one of your school's teams going through the same type of season, and think how you, and the other students in your school would react.
Thank you all for your comments! Please remember that this is a free country, and journalists are allowed to write whatever comes to their minds. Please also note that if you dish it out, its only fair to take some hits once in awhile. Thank you for all your hits to our website, and we hope you might have clicked on one of our ads. It doesn't matter to us if you approve of our content- we got you to come to our website.

This is one article about a poor season of Sidwell football. All the cracks made about Sidwell were not said by the author. He also never said anything about the other various sports teams or athletics. He was just reporting about a terrible football season. Sure, all schools have some good teams and some sucky teams. Great, you guys have good wrestling. Too bad your football isn't very good. Oh well. That's the end of that.

Also, the Sidwell fans and parents are the amongst the rudest I have every experienced. It is almost comical to me that this is getting so much attention for being rude to Sidwell, when the parents demean every team they oppose. I support this article and everything it has to say...I feel like it is just a little taste of their own medicine. (For example, the 178-0 shirts)
Dave McKenna,
As a previous commentator pointed out, you are legally free to publish what you would like. However, you have abused this right to trash dedicated and hardworking high school athletes who have done nothing at all to deserve this. Ignoring your factual inaccuracy and selective editing, I still believe any self respecting journalist would recognize your blatant bias as unprofessional and shameful. I would hope that there would be something more productive and less repulsive you could find to do with your obviously flourishing career. I am nauseated by this article. Dave McKenna, you should be ashamed of yourself.
@DC - Honestly if my fellow classmates are going to waste their free time in order to bash the author of this article, they should use proper grammar. Those little mistakes are not that hard to correct even if you're in a rush...and grammar should kind of be an intuitive thing by now if you're at the point where you're old enough to know how to comment on an online blog. especially when we're paying what, 30000 a year to learn this stuff? It's embarrassing.

Farquhar is the bomb diggity. He clearly was simply asked a question by this dude and answered. I think the fact that he mentioned It's academic is super groovy, because it shows he has his priorities in order -- Sidwell is primarily a powerful ACADEMIC institution. I personally am way more proud of our intellectual progress than our athletic progress... also he in no way gave a full-out "interview", so calm down.

My question is, why do we (sidwell students) care? Brett - you just like a good fight.
This article was rude, but not totally unjustified. Just kinda stated the obvious. Sidwell football does suck. That doesn't mean we don't give it a good effort, or that the team's courage isn't respectable. Football just isn't our forte.

There are so many more important things going on in the world for half our student population to be in an uproar about one tiny article (by half i mean like 3 senior boys).
Can we move on with our lives?
Let's be real, everyone. High school sports mean nothing. They have significance for kids who are seeking college recruitment, but that importance is restricted to the individual, not an entire city of spectators. Don't get me wrong: I love watching high school sports games. But journalism--especially attacking teenagers-- is best left to college-level and professional sports.

It should be noted that schools in the MAC are all fine academic schools, with three (GDS, Sidwell, Maret) considered to be the top three academic high schools in the DC area. Sidwell is an excellent school academically--that's why parents send their children there, and that's why students attending love it.
Perhaps the football team is having a rough time now. Perhaps they will for a few more years. But at least the athletes are giving their best, which can't really be said for a biased, unprofessional, hateful person who works at a second-rate newspaper and gets his kicks by insulting and demeaning high-school students who are much brighter than you. I found this article in poor taste, and clearly many others are too by the general backlash of the comments against this article. You sicken me.
Well, we are smarter than all of you. I suppose we do have to suck at something as a sort of consolation prize to make your miserable existences seem more worthwhile. I hope you enjoy writing for a hipster rag and making very little money.
Yo Mckenna STFU boi, you don't know nuffin. Do something productive with your life. Stop writing about kids who just wanna play.
DK: Very true. Calm down guys. The people that mind don't matter, and the people that matter don't mind. WCityPaper: You win. And as much as I hate this sort of winning, it's a great way to generate awarness- had it not been for this article I would never have known this site existed. LOL.
Golganoth shall annihilate your petty, worthless newspaper. It shall be consumed in a cleansing fire that will purge the uncleanliness from the foolish and pathetic minds of whomever had the arrogance or more likely the mental disability to print this. Praise Golganoth for he shall deliver us unto justice!

Yes Indeed
Man, Dave McKenna turns out some really classy articles. His writing style and choice of 'interesting' topics puts his journalism at a level somewhere between Blogger and that obnoxious uncle at the dinner table who talks about inappropriate things that nobody wants to here.

Some more choice examples of Dave's stellar writing:
--His article on the riveting imported lifeguarding business where he uses the phrase
"imported Mexicans" to describe workers in Maryland's Crabmeat industry
--His article titled "Move over Clinton Portis' Groin, here comes Brett Favre's alleged Cock" where he of course shows his word choice is reminiscent of some of the high-schoolers he shamelessly mocks in this current article

Finally we have:
--This article, titled "Ted Nugent Keeps Peeing On My Rock and Roll Past" begins with the very eloquent sentence, "I've had a hard spot in my pants for Ted Nugent for decades."

Dave Mckenna, while I understand that you need to take a break from writing senseless articles about football that nobody reads, you don't really need to pick on high school students to get your rocks off. If you have a hard-on for Ted Nugent, why don't you just go listen to him instead.

Landon record:

Cheating on the SAT
Hiring one of the students who cheated on the Sat because his dad is the top lacrosse coach
Expelling the cheaters who were not on the lacrosse team but keeping those who were on it enrolled.
Getting drunk and taking pictures of naked Holton girls (the horror, the horror)
Getting drunk and smashing Georgetown Prep cars.
Getting protected for smashing cars by your dads who are on the board of trustees.
Fantasy Girls.
Treating faculty kids with less respect than paying kids.
Having a baseball coach that takes the players to Hooters, and shows pictures and tells stories about his wife in a less than respectable fashion.
Having a football coach that calls players "tits" and beans them will balls when not looking.
Keeping the horrible coaches on because they "apologized"
Oh and lets not forget murder at UVA

Nice record Landon, you are so much better and more noble than those "Sidwell pussies"
"... lacrosse lost in the finals of the MAC tourney 5-4 in overtime."

Wrong. Sidwell lost in the semifinals. Flint Hill defeated Potomac School in the championship game.

"Second, strength and bitterness of the Sidwell football critics clearly stems, at least in part, from resentment of the quality of the academic experience that Sidwell students get. It appears that those whose children attend schools that don't prepare their students as well as Sidwell does are using the debacle of Sidwell football as consolation for their own school's failure."

I don't know where to begin. How in the heck do you know that everyone who disagrees with your stance is doing so because they feel threatened by Sidwell? What an arrogant statement. Sidwell sports is horrible - everyone knows it. You imply that anyone in the other camp has a child that isn't getting as good of an education at a Sidwell student receives. What garbage. Look at STA - they have an excellent track record of educating students, teaching citizenship, getting kids into great colleges while also doing extremely well at sports.

So the only way to rebutt the articles to attack the author? I guess that's what they teach at Sidwell Friends.
"Hiring one of the students who cheated on the Sat because his dad is the top lacrosse coach."

Wrong. Bordley's son was implicated in the cheating scandal. The Bordley who coaches the Landon JV lacrosse team is a DIFFERENT son. Oops - crack research by the Sidwell fact checking department.

I guess they teach Sidwell students that if you can't refute something, sling some mud and attack. Go after Landon, even though we're talking about Sidwell Friends.

Talking about Hughley's murder is about as relevant to this conversation as the pedophile who was teaching kids at Sidwell.
Umm, well actually when you attack the credibility of the author of the article you thus are rebutting his work. I was displaying several examples of reasons why his articles displays little to no journalistic integrity. I hope that they taught you to rebut works by providing past examples and trends at the school you went to as well. Sorry if that doesn't make sense to you. If you need a debate coach give me a holler.



(Also, it's 'rebut' bud.)
haha, that should be 'articles display.' oops haha
Seems like Sidwell's gonna have a pretty good football team in 2 years when these kids are all juniors and seniors.
To sum up: the Sidwellians' response to an unfavorable article was to shit all over their own reputations by acting like a bunch of jerks who can't get over themselves, save a few reasonable souls posting here.

Honestly, no one cares about your football team or athletic record. Please spare us. The story here is how you guys dealt with this situation. That's news. No one from Sidwell seems to get that.
"Seems like Sidwell's gonna have a pretty good football team in 2 years when these kids are all juniors and seniors."

Yeah, give these skinny, unathletic nerds another couple of years and they are going to DOMINATE the football scene in DC! Woo-hoo!
Let them play the Dallas Cowboys. Guaranteed win right there.
I don't understand how everything published about Sidwell devolves into attack on the students and the value of our education. I have spent time several schools both in DC and abroad and for all its faults, Sidwell has provided me with an unparalleled education for which I will be eternally grateful. We are a school in Washington DC, so we have some children of politicians. Why is this a reason to attack a school that's really just like any other prep school in the country? I really wish people wouldn't make such blatant generalizations based on the poor behavior, spelling, or athletic performance of a few of our students. If the main concern is for the egos of Sidwell students, you'd really do best not to write anything about us and treat us like the normal, extremely hard-working high school students that we are.
For everyone talking about how competitive Sidwell's other sports are, we are in America and football trumps all. The football team having an embarrassing season is a story, the soccer team doing well is not.
You can't blame the players for the lack of success on this team, I know that we work just as hard as any other high school football team. We just don't have enough players, and blaming that on not having a field last year is ridiculous. Our problems started long before that with the administration and athletic department paying little or no attention to football. Instead focusing on other sports, particularly basketball. Thankfully Farquhar is committed to making our team better, and the only reason Bullis's team got worse under him is because they were letting kids who were significantly below their academic standards in and he stopped that. We're not asking for that, we're not asking to become a powerhouse like DeMatha, all we're asking is that when we go out on the field we have the players and coaches to put up a fight, and not get embarrassed like we have been. But in order for that to happen we do need new players, and a little bit of leniency towards football players in the admissions process would go a long way.
Also 3 years from now is a long way away, but Sidwell will probably be the only team in the Mac with 7 seniors who have been starting varsity for 4 years.
Re: SFS Football Player

Keep your chin up. These things move in cycles. SFS has a long history of proving its doubters wrong, and out-performing its expectations.

Give Simon the internet's best.
"Why is this a reason to attack a school that's really just like any other prep school in the country?"

1. Sidwell is not being attacked. The fact that you view this harmless article as an attack illustrates that your defensiveness is part of the problem; and

2. Sidwell is not like every other prep school in the country. Most prep schools have a decent sports program.

He be trollin. Don't feed.

Actually, the pedophile was only alleged, he got fired true but it isnt publicly proven. Same reason i left out the Landon alums raping the stripper "allegedly"

Also, you are right, one of Bordley's sons who did not cheat does coach the JV lacrosse team. The one who did cheat however still does work at the school be it in the sports department or at school events.

Bears eat cock raw
Of course Sidwell sucks. They're the fighting Quakers. Much like the fighting Amish or the fight Pacifists, the fighting Quakers don't fight.
Its called irony. Maybe if you had a sense of humor you would understand.
Like others have posted, to the parents who pay $32k/year in tuition and your child doesn't know the difference between "you're" and "your," you have my pity. Also, for a newspaper that nobody reads and a site that nobody visits, this thread sure has a lot of activity.
Not only am I disinterested in matters Sidwell football, but I am also truly uninterested.

However, I must say truly impressed by the spectacularly foul sputterings of Sidwell spawn. Hat tip to!
Hahahahahahahahahaha! This is too much.
The funny thing about the comments section here is that all of the pissed off Sidwell kids typed their responses with British accents. Some dude called the piece "balderdash." Pretense, geez.
Dave McKenna RULES! Best sports writer in town, hands down.
These comments from Sidwell kids, while well-written, prove that they are just a bunch of snotty, entitled little brats who think they matter somehow because of who their parents are.
In addition to football skills, what is something these Sidwell students also lack? The answer seems to be an education in punctuation and proper use of contractions.
Hints: "Whose" does not equal "who is". "Your" does not equal "you are". Also, commas can be your friend. Try them sometime.
Snarky comments aside, bravo to those players who stuck it out through the season and those that will return next year. It takes strong character to be loyal to a losing team (especially during the flakiness of high school) and is very honorable.
High horses aren't fun to fall off of, are they Sidwell?
Who's going to write the article about the horribly inept English department the school seems to have?
sorry if your feelings got hurt sidwell. maybe you should remember this quote "Our critics are our friends; they show us our faults." in this case the fault shown is not a poorly performing football team, but the sense that as sidwell students, you are above criticism.

football teams are expected to win games, i'm glad that the players are "playing their hearts out" but in the real world it's results that matter. "I did my best" doesn't cut it. not in the work place, not in politics and not on the football field.
Sports are stupid. Stop wasting your time with them.

Okay, you lost, so now you feel like less of a person? Because your side didn't get the orb past the chalk line on the grassy field and the other group did?

Forget it! It's putting yourself thorough emotional torture for very little gain.

QUIT. Sports are irrelevant.
The outrage of Sidwell students is hilarious. If you're riled up about an article "on a site nobody reads" proves that it has been read. In other stories of absolute FAIL...
Landon dominates Sadwell. nuff said.
Landon dominates on the field and off the field while these sadwell pussies are getting pounded in the ass by the maret and gds crew.
"its not football, its lacrosse". well, we would kick your ass in that too.
have fun at "its academic" while your girls try to crash our parties and hook up with us just because we are wearing a landon jacket.
Yo. Please don't generalize an entire student body based on the angry comments posted in response to this article. I don't really care one way or the other (no one in the real world knows/cares about the Sidwell football team anyway, just that the Obama kids go there) but I'd rather not be assumed to be a rich, uneducated snob just because some of us are.
To all the Sidwell students:

This article wasn't insulting us, it was pointing out a fact, that our football team has an abysmal record this year, and tried to find some explanation for how it could possibly be so bad (and it really is far worse than anyone can remember).

What is insulting are your comments, to the rest of the Sidwell community. I'm fine with having a football team with a bad record, I'm embarrassed to have to admit that I go to school with the people making these comments. A lot of people secretly (or not so secretly) believe that all Sidwell students are stuck up, spoiled, rich kids, with no idea what the real world is like. That's certainly not true of all of us, but I can't help but admit that it's true of some of us, you're comments make it impossible to think otherwise.

Seriously, how could you think this was a good idea, how could you think he was insulting the school or us. You have just failed the "I'm a spoiled brat" test in the most obvious way possible.
So is Sidwell like a Montessori school? What is so great about it? We have better schools here in Cool Springs and Williamson County Tennessee.
"have fun at "its academic" while your girls try to crash our parties and hook up with us just because we are wearing a landon jacket."

Classic. Ah, I remember fondly the days when this sort of thing mattered... Go to college, Bears.
Self-importance fight!!!! You are all so wrapped up in your stupid, unimportant football team, in a stupid, inconsequential league; all while living in your stupid, self-absorbed lives. Go, you. The entire internet world is laughing at your pettiness. It's time to re-evaluate your priorities.
Oh, it still matters. What doesn't matter? who wins in its academic or how many gay administrators you can have at your school.
We took a crappy administrator from sidwell too. Guess what Bill Crittenberger is doing now? Jumping on his trampoline in a pink leotard because we canned his fat ass. I suggest you do the same to Farquar before your schools is ruined inevitably.
What matters is that sidwell students will forever be jealous of those who went to schools like landon and st albans. We are able to burn it on all ends of the candle. Sidwell alums, like you, Mr Punxx, will manifest this jealousy by attacking landon and acting as if you are a greater institution when the truth is just pure jealousy.
I know that is tough to swallow. Eat it.
The responses I've read to this article are very funny and very childish, which makes me thin a nerve has been struck. Keep it up!
Observe how entitlement makes people tone deaf and completely unaware of how delicious their tears are.

Sidwell I think just became the joke of the day on the internet. Thanks for amusing me while I should be balancing books lol.
I'm with you, McKenna! You keep right on afflicting these comfortable pipsqueaks.
Wow, I am stunned. Are these comments actually written by students of Sidwell Friends? Apparently, $32K doesn't buy much in the way of grammar, proper literary structure, or critical thinking. Very happy that my child has had what appears to be a far superior education in DC public schools — not to mention that the college recruiters visiting her high school say that their top priority is recruiting smart public school kids, of which there are many. Glad I saved my money for college tuition while my child learned to work and make friends in a diverse public school environment.

As to the article, thanks for an entertaining read which I thought was quite sympathetic to the students' situation.
Suck you rich (mostly white) devils. Just give us this. You and your parents are going to do a lot worse to us.
Congratulations, Siddies! You made it onto the Gawker! (Warning, you come off looking like assholes.)

It is really sad that talented, intelligent, well-resourced students get their panties in a such a crumpled up bunch when a local sports writer (a lowly-paid hack who has no future and a pathetic life!) (from a C-List paper that No One Reads!!!) reports about your challenging football season.

It is sad that you see this story as an unjustified attack on your characters, your athletic prowess and your school community. It looks like you all need to spend some time in class exploring the difference between the objective reporting of facts that you don't like and the demoralizing, tabloidesque mockery that insults and demeans high-school students (who are much brighter than the aforementioned unprofessional and hateful hack.)

Do you honestly think that it's the City Paper's job to write stories that proclaim "Sidwell Friends School is great at everything they attempt! Soccer! Cross Country! Wrestling!

It is a little bit funny (okay, hilarious) that young people who have probably been told every day of their lives that they are exceptional in every way from their parents, teachers or other supportive adults completely lose their shit when faced with a truthful (and empathetic) account of a really difficult challenge. The Outrage! The Histrionics! The Hyperbole!

Chins up, Siddies. Get it together.
I can't help but think that everyone who has expressed an opinion on one side or the other of this issue is really blowing things out of proportion. Of course, that is what comment threads are for (and racist comments, which have made an appearance.) Adults arguing with children is pretty comical though.

P.S. People who correct other people's grammar and punctuation in a comment thread are really wasting their own time. I can't help but feel I just fell into the trap myself...
I'm pretty sure most of the ridiculous comments here are not really from Sidwell students. All the hysteria sounds like a big hoax to me.
I can't wait for the school assembly about this!!
Just think if you had to play the black kids at the public schools!

Exactly, nerds of rich parents aren't good at football. They are good at going to Dartmouth and thinking they are smart as they get their English degree. There are a lot of famous people who send their kids to Sidwell, but are their kids good at anything? Maybe your parents are good at something, but you can't ride their success forever.
I don't really care about the argument, but a comment thread is not the place to go about correcting the grammar of others. The comments about a 32k tuition fee that goes into nothing but teaching the students that "your" means "you are" are best tested on a thesis paper than an internet comment thread. Seriously, the internet is a wretched hive of scum and villany. Grammar does not apply here.
Tom Farquhar was an awesome head of school and a cool dude at Westtown but we didn't have football there. So uhh. Yeah I don't know where I was going with that. Is having a terrible football program worse than not having one at all?

I feel like being football powerhouse shouldn't really have any bearing on how people judge your education, but unfortunately that doesn't seem to be the case with some people.

Also there are a lot of tools on both sides of this dumb argument it seems.
wow, way to stay classy. getting at the writer of an article. how about you teach your kids how to play football properly, maybe you won't be outscored 373-43. "fuck dave mckenna" nice use of grammar and punctuation. i'm pretty sure to become a journalist you need to go to college, and i'm pretty sure the writer of this article is getting paid a helluva a lot more than you.
Also I just noticed this:
"The Farquhar effect is alive and well. He has the abilty with his presence to be able to bring down an athletic program without even trying. Don't worry he will say half truths and straight lies to anyone who tries to improve the athletic situation "

Really? Really?? Are you some weird stalker that's been following Tom around to the schools he's worked at, tracking their progress in sports? You talk about this like he's some evil monster who hates sports. You've got some strange obsessions, friend, and you don't sound very Quakerly. Not that there's any sort of evidence to imply he's a cancer on sports programs anyway.
Hahaha for a bunch of rich smart kids you sure suck at sports. Maybe he hit a nerve on your high horse? Being better than everyone sure feels good and when a reporter points out that you suck at what the rest of America cares about, therefore making you fairly unimportant, it burns huh? I love the hate coming from Sidwell folks, you show your true colors. You think money makes you better than everyone. Well guess what, there are a lot of rich folks in DC who will kick your ass in sports too.
congratulations for being such douchebags you've now wound up on deadspin where many more people can make fun of how awful you are in sports.
The Farquhar effect comment has to be someone who went to Bullis, his old high school. How people at Sidwell Friends evaluated him to be proficient enough to guide the teachings of their school, let alone the president's daughters, is beyond me.

He really was a cancer on Bullis--the teacher retention rate drastically dropped while he was there and LITERALLY every sport's team lost a significant percentage of their season more than pre-Farquhar years. He truly does not believe in supporting athletics—just look at his past history.

Quite frankly he is inept at being a Headmaster, especially in terms of his approach to learning and his philosophy on the importance of sports in terms of school spirit--or lack there of. Ask anyone who has had the disservice of experiencing the ‘Farquhar effect.’

On another ‘How Incompetent is Farquhar’ note, he believes diversity= race only. Farquhar seeks to improve the status of ‘how diverse’ his school is over all other aspects---especially academically and athletically. I am black and felt offended by how ignorant this approach to diversity was in this day in age. He is a pathetic leader and headmaster. I genuinely feel sorry for the future of Sidwell Friends.
Isn't Sidwell FRIENDS supposed to be based on Quaker beliefs? Non-violence, etc.? There seems to be a lot of anger coming out of that school...over football, of all things...

There also seems to be a lot of very bad grammar coming out of that school. These are the kids who are going to rule the world? They don't even know how to use "your" or "you're" properly.
"Rich kids"? Seems like someone doesn't actually undersatnd that 1/4 of the kids receive almost full financial age. Maybe you should do some fact checking before you start insulting people who you don't even know...
I mean "understand" and "aid"-typos...
Dear Sidwell Kids,
While you're clutching at your pearls at such libel, you're sending City Paper's pageviews through the roof! I never would have given this article - or your school - a second thought had you all not taken to the comments section with your torches ablaze with entitlement. Thank you for a good Friday afternoon laugh!

lol...what a bunch of pathetic losers. So, you suck balls. Accept it and move on. No need to get all pissed off and attack the author of this column. The guy is simply stating the truth. Oh, and by the looks of most of your grammar and spelling, you people are slightly fucking retarded too. That sucks.
<i>"Rich kids"? Seems like someone doesn't actually undersatnd that 1/4 of the kids receive almost full financial age. Maybe you should do some fact checking before you start insulting people who you don't even know...</i>

This is hysterical! BTW, if 25% of the students receive full financial aid, then 75% of the students are rich, entitled snobs? I guess they don't teach humility and the responsibilities of privileged station at these second rate private schools as they did in mine. Dear fellow parents, you should be ashamed of yourself for your posts here. You will reap what you sow.
fuck this fag, sidwell reigns supreme, all others school will bow down 2 our superiority in the near future, sfs best, other shcools major fucking scrubs, and dave mckenna fuck u, u punk ass bitch
What the rest of America cares about?

Try what the rest of the world cares about: Soccer, which Sidwell does quite well at.
Haha i was in the Fantasy Girls league. You're making fun of me for that? At least I can get girls. Landon is best.

Bears Eat it Raw

If you're all hellbent on being a somebody in this world, you gotta get used to harsh public criticism and observation.

Make friends with the Obama kids so you can ask their mom and dad how they deal with it.
Good heavens.

The article had very little to do with the Sidwell football players. (I've read it twice.) The players actually come off looking quite valient, playing despite a terrible record and being so overly matched. Sports aren't about winning; they're about persisting in the face of adversity. That's the life lesson. The players should be quite proud that they've played hard.

I went to a college (University of Chicago) with a spectacularly bad football team. They abandoned the Big 10 after losing a game by something like 72-0. The president of the university said that Chicago wasn't a sports school. It was true then and it's still true. But they've had something like 90 nobel lauretes. There were a lot of athletes there, but everyone was there for the academics. No one cares whether Sidwell Friends has a good football team. Sidwell is not a scholarship factory, and that's okay.

I didn't see the article as an attack on the team at all. I actually missed all that and was surprised by all the overheated attacks. The article reports on the collapse of the program and some parents reactions. That's it. It's not unfair. It's true. The program collapsed. It'll probably revive. If it doesn't, no one will care.

For what it's worth, the Washington City Paper is a nice little paper. The articles are usually well written, as was this one, and they tend to poke fun at the rich and powerful, as this one did. There are papers like this in many cities, fortunately.

So, I enjoyed the article, because it was well written, but I must say I've especially liked the over reaction. Sidwell and the other private schools in this area are seen be many, including me, as exclusive reservations of the entitled. The posts from the Sidwell students, parents and alums seem to have proven that point.
I objected to this article not because of the point that it made, but instead because of the way in which that point was delivered. Dave McKenna could have chosen to outline the issues that the team has in a respectful manner and note the fact that the players work hard at it regardless of their actual record; instead he chose to obnoxiously taunt the team (and the student body). Many of those who have commented, and those who read this thread as well, probably believe Sidwell to be a refuge for the entitled rich masses. While Sidwell does cost a lot of money, and there are some there who are entitled, it is also an intellectual haven that tolerates people of all different walks of life. To generalize about any school is a bad idea. I do not condone any of those who mindlessly (and unintelligently) bash entire schools based on stereotypes. This applies to those that think Sidwell students to be entitled rich kids,those who think Landon students are all preppy jocks, and those who think that public schools are automatically better because the students there arent elitists. the truth lies somewhere in between. There is no perfect educational institution in the world, but it seems that comments by the author of this article (and many of the posters) merely hurt the overall cohesion and respect of the respective communities.
We don't live in the rest of the world...We live in America.
"Look at me, I'm America, and I'm dangerously obsessed with bizarre sports no other nation has any clue how to play."

To McKenna, Sidwell students, and Sidwell bashers alike: Get a bloody grip. We play other sports, too.
Oh, look, Elitist Jerk beat me to it.

Also, to Mr (I assume) Football:
You may be shocked to hear this, but the United States actually exists *in* "the rest of the world."

Yeah, go figure.
Great article Dave. What's better is to see the immediate personal attacks towards you on the message boards. You've obviously hurt their feelings and instead of offering a constructive, well thought out rebuttal to the article, they stoop to personal attacks. Fight on Dave!!!
Wow. All I can say is that what I took away from the article was that it was perhaps an error in judgment to field a JV team as a varsity, and that perhaps the program should have gone the other way...forfeited the varsity this year to build a program for next, and having the younger, less experienced players competing with players at their level, rather than being so grossly overmatched. The best news in the article is that they're getting brain scans after the games.

All the folks claiming to care about the players: your, shall we say, sensitivity does not seem to be about them. In the grand scheme of things, this article is a tickle. Imagine if you had to really take a punch. Better learn how to roll with them; in college, we don't care where you went to high school, and you'll notice, and stop telling us, just in time for midterms of your first semester.

Oh, and to BEIR: cheating on the SATs IS failing at life. But you knew that already.
"How dare you insult us, we're trying so hard?!?!?! Dave Mckenna, you won't make as much money as me anyways!!! We're a big bunch of kids who call ourselves a real football team, but we whine like a bunch of girls when someone writes an article about how pathetic we are on the field!!!"-That's what you guys sound like
i just herd about this thread today but anyways i dont no whose behind all the bad grammer comments but seriusly guys we really dont want are parents to think their wasting there money or spending two much on us. its not cool at all. you shud stop other wise youll give sidwell a bad reputayshun. are english department has teachers which will keep on teaching irregardless of weather they have a bad rep but still we need too step it up guys.
Sure, Sidwell's football club has had a rough time of late. But they'll come back. You, Sir, will always be a pauper. Talking to you, McKenna. Also, I'm sure we can assume that since you're both a journo and a mick, that you were likely drunk when you wrote this.
In case the question comes up on "It's Academic," other famous "Fighting Quakers" include: General Nathanael Greene, Major General Smedley Darlington Butler, Richard M. Nixon, and "The Huge, The Enormous, The Well-Endowed, Undefeated Ivy League Champion, University of Pennsylvania Oxymoronic Fighting Quaker Marching Band."

landon sucks dick, enuff said
"bears eat it raw", dats the stupidest shit i have heard in a long time, sidwell gets u in2 college becuz u have the obama girls there, what does landon get u in? oh i know, a fucking prison yard, sidwell= future congressman, landon= men put in jail by congressman, dont fuck with sidwell punk
I cannot believe just how horrible the bulk of the Posts have truly been. Is it really that disparaging to point out the obstacles that the Football Team has endured ?

Sidwell is one of the finest Schools in America. I can only pray that the bulk of the childish, ill written vitriol was actually not Written by Students or Alumni. And indeed, the coarse and poorly Written Posts reflect unctuously upon SF.

With so many Children going to Schools bereft of Resources and quality Educators, to reinforce all of the worst stereotypes of the privileged over the Football Team is a pity.
I'm sorry, but when the head of your school has a last name that's synonymous with upper class buffoonery, and your students are providing samples of their writing skills here, I'm going to say you're paying too much for an education.

Wait, let me rephrase that. You idiots are paying too much for a high school education.
I love this.

Can't beat gawker making fun of spoiled DC high school students on the internet for sucking at sports.

Its too bad that all these kid's parents run the world and they will end up running the world too--not because they get "one of the finest edumacations" in the country--but because this country and the entire private school prep system is plain old nepotism. You might actually have "books", teachers with advanced "degrees", and fields with "grass", but, in the end, that isn't what makes you successful. The fact that your parents pay over 35k a year for high school (I assume, I'm too lazy to check and regardless I'm sure its insanely expensive--you know for us normal folk who have to apply for financial aid) doesn't make you successful. You could go to high school in a shack and still be fine.

It's the trust fund that matters. Man, I wish I had one of those...and not some stupid college degree.
I thought the article was thoughtful and insightful. As a lifelong fan of the Detroit Lions, I enjoy reading about other teams as awful as ours. It sounds like this Sidwell team is pretty pathetic. Is this the only school of quality in DC? Being that he is such a sports fan, I am shocked that Obama allows his kids to go this place. What a joke!
I couldn't help but comment on this article.

Paying 35k per year for high school does not make you more successful. It's true, money cannot buy intelligence; however, Sidwell does have many very notable alumni who don't have rich and famous parents.

Ambassadors (most based upon merit), politicians, and even a Director of the CIA graduated from Sidwell. I just want to point out that Sidwell does produce a large number of notable alumni, not just children of notable parents.
"Fighting Quakers?"

That's like "jumbo shrimp."

What would Jessamyn West say?
To those parents who assert that Sidwell is one of the finest schools in America. Let me point out that Sidwell is NOT considered one for the best private high schools in the country. Look at the rankings. Hate to burst your hubris.

A Lawerenceville Grad.

Wow all around. One-hundred and seventy-five comments? You over-privileged and thin-skinned prep school kids have nothing better to do? Shouldn't you be practicing chess or preparing for the next debate or arguing in Latin or some other activity that your wealthy parents' $40,000 per year is supposed to be paying for? Oh, to live in your bubble.
"your students are providing samples of their writing skills here, I'm going to say you're paying too much for an education."

I think you fail to realize that ALL kids write like this online. Evidence? It's called Facebook, go look it up.
Gotta love these Sidwell kids and their ilk throwing everything they've got at McKenna. Journalists are supposed to write and investigate stories that the general public would find intriguing, controversial,etc ... I'd say as a journalist, he's done his job quite well. Keep up the good work McKenna, you got my support.
I'm a 20 year old kid from NYC and I go to Uni. with quite a few Sidwell kids. The level of intelligence they have displayed via their comments on this article is paralleled by the innumerable idiotic things they say on a daily basis at my current institution. What I did not know until I read this article is that a) Their football team is a pathetic joke and b) They're really really sensitive to criticism. Seems like two common qualities for pampered elite nerds..right?

"Sidwell's gonna get slaughtered"

Hmm, did anyone else see a slaughtering today because I didn't see one...
It's pretty sad that you are trying to brag about losing by two touchdowns to cap off a winless season where you were embarrassed in all but one game.
Funny story about the Sidwell football team and their record, which, after all, like the records of all football teams everywhere is pretty much meaningless, especially meaningless in times like these. Hopefully, as we move ever deeper into the realm of the plutocracy, the growing number of people in this country who can barely afford to buy their kids new sneakers each autumn, will turn their anger and rage at the sort of people who can afford the thirty grand it cost to send a six year old to Sidwell for one year. For further fun reading, I might suggest a go at the Quaker Testimony of equality; I mean after all, Sidwell is a Quaker Operation, or once was. Anyway, right on, Dave McKenna; rich people and their children are for eating, bashing, trashing and generally taking any little bit of humor out of that we possibly can. Even if it is meaningless, it's still fun. Sidwell football is so bad it becomes comedy and everybody loves a good laugh. Wat to go men!
I'm ashamed by the comments of the Sidwell students and parents here. I agree that this article is needlessly mean-spirited and mocking, but that doesn't warrant these immature, defensive and often irrational responses.

While the author could have been more respectful, the Sidwell community should be able to accept criticism - even tasteless criticism - gracefully, which in this case would probably have meant ignoring it. Mr. McKenna does seem to harbor some kind of personal vendetta against Sidwell, and his gleeful mockery of a bunch of teenagers who are just playing a game is morally dubious (most of these kids will go on to do much better things with their lives than cyber-bullying kids for a paycheck). Still, it does the school a disservice to match his immaturity by going online and leaving embarrassing and malicious comments that make it look like we can't accept being called less than perfect in any way.

And, let's face it, while a bunch of our sports teams are surprisingly good, athletic prowess isn't the central way the school identifies itself, and I'm glad for it, I'm amazed that even some parents are displaying a childishly competitive and nasty attitude over something that's just a game and an extracurricular activity for most of these kids. Sidwell is supposed to produce intelligent, open-minded and thoughtful young people, not mindless jocks - qualities sadly not reflected in these posts.

As an aside: While I don't think bragging about other sports is the best way to respond to this article, I do think the success of the soccer team reflects well upon the school. It shows that when our sports teams are good, it's not because we recruit a bunch of meatheads - admissions thankfully has other priorities. It's because the kids are inspired to represent the school and show they have the heart to win, the fans are supportive, and the coaches teach teamwork and good competitive values. The soccer team rarely has more than a handful of the sort of top-tier natural athletes that fill most powerhouse teams. I can say based on my experience as a goalie during the season Jorgen Kjaer arrived as coach that the success of the team, which plays way beyond its athletic ability, is due almost entirely to the tremendous atmosphere of camaraderie, smart play, and determination that Jorgen cultivates. I saw players who looked talentless in middle school and JV play at a very high level thanks to that atmosphere. I'm glad to see the school has made Jorgen the assistant athletic director. He's one of the many remarkable teachers and coaches that make Sidwell such a wonderful place.
And come on, are we really trying to deny that there's some good schadenfreude in this story? This is, objectively, a laughably bad season for the football team, and the one thing I can say in praise of this somewhat smutty article is that it does a decent job of dramatizing the sad travails of the team to humorous effect. It reads almost like an article in The Onion. Sadly Gawker, Deadspin, etc. are right to point out that the pissy error-filled responses coming from Sidwell students are the most amusing thing here. [Fortunately, Landon students seem to appear wherever Sidwell is being publicly humiliated to make us look better with their simian chest-thumping and misogyny. "I have huge muscles and will dominate my way to the top" = lol.]
I'm willing to bet most of the over-the-top comments from purported Sidwell and Landon students are in fact not from kids who actually go to these schools. Most likely a smart ass from St. Albans or Georgetown Prep trying to make SFS and Landon look bad. Furthermore, anyone who knows anything about social media recognizes that most people (particularly kids) don't take the trouble of punctuating contractions properly on message boards -- most use smart phones, and adding an apostrophe takes two extra steps. Forget about spellcheck!
Kudos to D McK for getting everyone riled up; this has been a very exciting thread to read.
I think Sidwell would benefit from a course on media literacy, where students would learn what an Alt Weekly is and how it differs from the Washington Post, and that David McKenna probably could care less about whether their football team is winning or losing and was much less attacking "a bunch of high schoolers" for being bad at football than he was joking about the fact that over-entitled (yeah even the ones on financial aid, because a school like Sidwell that touts its diversity and financial aid teaches all students that they are somehow more special than everyone who doesn't have access to their resources) Sidwell students have this one thing that they're not poised to rule the world with. Thanks David for giving the local prep students and their parents a chance to show regular DC residents, who aren't normally exposed to them, just how ready-to-react and overprivileged they actually are. Great Quaker values, Sidwell.
A lot of threats on taking away someones job.

Guess what is gonna happen when there are no jobs.
"Sidwell ends its season this weekend against Maret. Sure, Sidwell’s had an all-time horrendous year. But Maret is only 2-6 itself. It’s also an intradivision rival. So you can toss out the record book, right?

Heck, no. Sidwell’s gonna get slaughtered."

Actually, Dave, Sidwell only lost 24-14 despite fielding a team with probably 75% underclassmen and we almost beat Maret. We essentially fielded a JV team and we almost beat a pretty good varsity team.

I was at the game and i have my utmost respect for the players who gave 110% and even if they didn't win, they should be proud to say they played in that game because it really was special.

Post 183, "Sidwell Alumn" - this post is comically, hilariously hypocritical.

Post 186, "wow" - THANK YOU. Mr. McKenna, please keep it coming until my school's students and parents take their heads out of their asses (the Sidwell bubble?) and say hello to the real world - where you may be the butt of a jokes good and bad, where you may have to manage mockery and "meanness," where one has to judge whether to truly consider, brush off, or god forbid, laugh off criticism on a daily basis. Regardless of whether you meant it to go this far, thanks for embarrassing our community, you're doing us a favor.

Sincerely, an '08 Sidwell alum
To clarify, my main point was that everyone should be able to admit that the performance of this football team is kind of laughable, and also that sports don't really matter that much. On second thought, I don't even think this article is particularly objectionable as far as gossip/humor reporting goes. I'm just embarrassed by the way a lot of the students and parents have reacted.
People keep saying that no one reads these columns online, but obviously people are as there are almost 200 comments. Dave hit a nerve which is what reporters do - calm down people! Do well in your other sports and call it a day. Prove Dave wrong.

Sidwell parents should be ashamed of their childrens language on this blog. Cant want to see them littering Georgetown with their trash from house parties and raising hell in the bars in the near future. As a parent, I would monitor what my children post on websites.
The sports team from my area is better than the sports team from your area.
Maaaaaaaan.... Sidwell sucks a cock. I agree wit dis writa. Obamas kool but he snt his kidz to a bitchass skool. shyt boi
Dave McKenna covers Sidwell's loss this weekend: Try-it badges for everyone!!
These Sidwell kids may not have any athletic ability to speak of, but at least they're smart mouthed little pricks. Having a bunch of injuries isn't a good excuse if all of your players are uncoordinated and talentless. Not having a lot of players isn't an excuse for getting mercy ruled every game, have some pride you spineless wimps.
1. You shouldn't be taking shots at this team because I guarantee that more than half of them will hold position of higher ranking than you ever will

2. As a former player I understand the struggle they go through playing with dwindling numbers so until you go out there and endure it then I suggest you shut up

3. That being said a change needs to be made. The Simon era, like that of most 'Skins coaches must be brought to an abrupt end.
And Nilo Chestnut needs to shut his ignorant ass up. Obama chose a school for academics instead of athletics like any parent should. Obviously your dumb ass doesn't realize that and based on your ability to spell I'd say your school (Flint Hill) wouldn't have been a better option.
Yeah Nilo. Shutup
That's alright, That's OK, You'll all work for US someday!!!
Does anyone else see the irony and wry humor in calling your team the "Fighting Quakers"?
Why is the fact that someone is wealthy enough to send their students to a private school a license to yell at them mindlessly and say that they are entitled? Until someone proves themselves to be an idiot (which i concede that many on this thread have done) it seems a bit ignorant to assume that they are all elitist jerks.
Can't we all just be friends?
I think someone should write an article about the comments and responses this article has received. It'd probably entertain me for another half hour, give or take 20 minutes depending on how many Sidwell kids are raging on the internet.
As a Gonzaga graduate, I felt bad for these Sidwell kids- until I read the comments. You are doing your school a tremendous disservice by reacting so violently to such a trivial article.
Also, I would say Gonzaga is far more diverse than Sidwell, not in terms of race perhaps, but in terms of socioeconomic status.
lol dis shyt funny!! we reck yall ass in da homecoming game last year. Yall was some cold shyt. OMG yall bitches so funny wif da complaining and shyt lls. Wilson aint got money or nothin but we go hard as shit. yall bitches soft. But dis too funny.
Sidwell football is the biggest joke of a sports team Wisconsin Avenue has ever seen.
Now I'll admit that reading through the comments, I was hurt as to how people view my school and the students that attend it, but I was also surprised to see the students from my school reacted. It's true, some of the posts from alleged Sidwell students have less than stellar grammar or have been not as appropriate or polite as they should have been, but considering that we're all still KIDS, we responded to the article that Mr. McKenna wrote in what we saw to be the best way possible to defend our school's honor. If anything, I think this shows school spirit, albeit if we defended our school in a lackluster manner.

I just wish that we, the students, were given some slack. We ARE still kids, after all. I understand that this request probably won't be satisfied, but I feel as if there is ultimately NO point in 1. commenting on some kid's grammar on an online thread, 2. calling Sidwell students conceited, elitist, rich brats, or 3. saying that us Sidwell students could learn a thing or two from our "35k tuition". Yes, we attend a financially expensive institution, but that in no way determines our intelligence nor does it state that we're so much better than any other institution in the US.

The fact of the matter is, at the end of the day, this is JUST a thread on a lesser-known online journal. So if you find satisfaction or entertainment in flaming the Sidwell community or defending it, go for it because really, this thread holds no true value in the world, whether it be the "Sidwell bubble" or the "real world." And to be honest, although this thread gets to riled up, I find it to be more a form of entertainment than anything. It IS keeping me away from my college essays though...
You entitled assholes make me laugh.
@Sidwell Alum #51- What is about prep school types that causes them to inevitably accuse critics of jealousy?

As to your assertion that no apparent arrogance is evident in the comments, please see #33.
Current Sidwell Student, I think you're mixing your messages. Are you kids are aren't you? You can let your parents fight your battles, or you can respond to David McKenna's piece with your own reactions and take the criticism, and maybe even learn from it. You've certainly taken the first step, it's the learning that seems to face the biggest hindrance. I don't think of most high schoolers as kids, because they make fine arguments and refrain from personal attacks, just like adults do in the real world. Your classmates have not done this - they went with gut reactions and entitled comments and somehow concluded that people care a lot more about their high school, when in fact what people care about is their attitude as a result of going to their particular high school. Maybe you've been taught to think of yourselves as kids and that's why we haven't seen, in this thread, many of your classmates step up to the plate to engage in real arguments instead of rote school pride. Most of the responses here have treated Sidwell students as fellow adults - would you rather be condescended to and ignored just by virtue of your age?

Beyond that, there IS a point in commenting on some kid's grammar on an online thread, because those kids are proclaiming themselves future leader of the world in the most unjustified, cocky manner possible - if, by high school age, they can't even string together conventional punctuation, they're not going to get nearly as far as they believe they will. There IS a point in calling Sidwell students conceited, elitist, rich brats, because they have proven themselves such here and it's possible that they'll still turn their attitude around in college or later on, but nothing will change without them being called out on it. And there IS a point in saying that you Sidwell students could learn a thing or two from your 35k tuition, because it is exactly the exclusivity of Sidwell that has made you feel so entitled. Commenters have pointed out that Dave McKenna won't make in his life what their fathers make in a year - the pricetag of your tuition leads many of you to believe that's all you need in life, which is just patently not true. The responses here indicate that people agree with you that your "expensive institution in no way determines [your] intelligence nor does it state that [you're] so much better than any other institution in the US"; it's your classmates who seemed to have missed out on that message.
Who proclaimed themselves future leader of the world in this thread? It's a serious question.
As a mom in DC, I really question the behavior of the adults more than the kids on this thread. You are older, so you should now better. Is there truly a point in harassing children? Having money doesn't make you a bad person. And it certainly doesn't make you elitist.

Leave the children alone. No one called them the future leaders of the world.
I apologize for the grammar mistake above. We ALL make mistakes when we're a bit riled up. *know
READ THIS: IT IS THE TRUEST COMMENTARY ON THIS ENTIRE ARTICLE (I know its wrong and i didn't read half the long ones either)

The fact that I have come across this sensationalistic article, is ridiculous and the only reason I commented on this was to put the people who have commented in there place.


As a graduate of an area high school and having played on a football team that played Sidwell, I was quick to learn that Sidwell students have a lot of pride in what they do. The fact of the matter is no one gives a shit about Sidwell or any other of the D.C. area private schools that pointlessly drain parents bank accounts and cater to students who have had everything handed to them their entire lives. As evidenced by the comments above these students are arrogant, self-satisfied and apparently unaware that $35,000 per year high school education doesn't grant them the ability to be America's future leaders. An etiquette side track here, when you have class you do not chant the presidents name as a taunt just because his daughters go to your school, and doing so just shows how sheltered and conceited Sidwell students are.
When coming in contact with Sidwell students in the past, I found the girls to be obsessed with attracting boys from more athletically minded schools (Landon, Prep, Gonzaga) and usually failing due to the fact that these boys sought girls who were actually pretty and not just smart. The boys to be quite frank were pussies, they were the least assertive human beings I have ever come across and as evidenced here have to resort to commenting on online newspaper articles to talk smack to Landon students. Also, they had there moms come on to this website to talk smack for them. I can't think of any way you could be more of a pussy than that. In reality, all of the short indian boys, fat asian boys, all the boys with numbers after their names and the non athletically inclined african american boys would get there heads beaten in by any 3rd grader at Landon. I didn't attend Landon but while they might not be the smartest kids around an all boys school breeds toughness just like Sidwell breeds pussies.
For all the bragging about Sidwell's intelligence their approximate SAT averages (as told to me by one of their students) are no where near as high as Thomas Jefferson High School in Virgina one of the leading Public schools in the area and also from personal experience I know a girl who went to Sidwell recently who is dumb as the desk I am writing this from.

Getting back to the parents who commented on this. Just 3 questions. Who are you? Are you serious? and How do you expect you George the III to ever wipe his own ass if you are always doing it for him.

Hopefully this is the end of comments.

P.S. Not to offend any Sidwell Alums by these comments the school was probably much better when you were there but all of the actually balanced high school students now attend STA or some all girls school with some sort of education. Sidwell, Maret, and GDS were left with a bunch of uppity nerds. I guess this is the time for their revenge.


If I have any advice to kids at Sidwell, it's this. if you are serious about sports, transfer schools immediately, Farquahr will ruin your sports programs and things will not get better. That is a fact.
TJ is not one of the leading public schools in the area, it is one of the leading schools in the country, and was ranked number 1 in the country a couple years ago...
Just saying you don't have to go to Sidwell or any other private school in the area to get a great education and get into a top college.
yes, im last bitches!!!
McKenna fan here. He's a terrific features writer with a broad range and great sensitivity. This article was typical of his best, a meditation on how a sports program looks like when it appears to have been abandoned. Take, for example, the image of no more parents and siblings than players and coaches to Hagerstown, sharpened with the parent quip about a passing ambulance. Brilliant.

I found no disrespect for the football players. I was surprised by the amount of research done for a not-high-paying newspaper. About the only thing I thought the story lacked was a sentence or two to indicate that interest in Fall men's sports participation had shifted (or not) to sports.

My greatest disappointment has been in the low incidence of sparkling prose and wit in the comments. I do wonder, looking at the dates of most of the postings, what the roll of so-called social media was in turning out the huge volume of comments, including, presumably some from contagion to "friends" of students at Sidwell enrolled at other independent schools.

Thank-you Dave McKenna, for per usual from great sports writers, for writing great stuff about American society. This was better art than the encyclopedia of Dan Snyder's exploitation of the local market for football.
Why don't you prissy bitches learn how to tackle?
big l 4 life bitches, "and mad hoes, ask beavis i get nothing butt head" I am the last to post on this, dats right assholes!!!!
Sidwell football is 3 and 2 and 1-0 in the MAC. Sidwell had a decisive victory vs. St James today, they only scored on a trick hook and ladder play and was shut down by the Sidwell defense. Mr. McKenna we had an off year last year, but we have worked hard and improved, and to be honest your article fueled some of that. So for the bulletin board material, thank you. My only question is, will you write an article about us now that we are 3-2 and have lost our games by 4 and 1 points? Or will you choose to highlight the short downswing of a successful and vibrant program that people have put blood sweat and tears into? I encourage you to talk with players and coaches to see how much we invest and sacrifice for a few fleeting hours of gameday each weekend. You've kicked us when we were down, will you recognize us for getting up?

aight moe NOW I'm officially the last one to comment, bitch ass punks
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