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500 Block of Indiana Ave. NW, Nov. 21

500 Block of Indiana Avenue NW, November 21 

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Uber Creates Safety Advisory Board


As the popular ride-share company continues to grow locally, Uber today launched a six-member advisory board of national experts who will consult with executives and staff on safety issues in the jurisdictions it serves.

Joe Sullivan, Uber's chief security officer, told reporters during a press conference call this afternoon that the company will solicit feedback from the board to bolster accountability among its drivers and customers. Though the board hasn't met in person—which will happen for the first time next week—and the dynamic between its members and Uber staff has yet to play out, Sullivan said the company is "very excited" to bring together a panel of experts, which includes transportation, technology, and law-enforcement professionals.

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MPD Officer Goes Head-to-Head with Kids in a Dance Off

Another week, another video of a D.C. police officer showing off some footwork with community members.

At what appears to have been a "holiday feast" for locals featuring Washington Football Team vet Clinton Portis, a Metropolitan Police Department officer started dancing to Dlow's "Bet You Can't Do It Like Me" ("turn up!") with a couple of kids. Watch her and the surrounding crowd heat up the gym floor at the event:

District Line Daily: Remembering Marion Barry

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Monday was the one-year anniversary of former D.C. Mayor Marion Barry’s death. A memorial commission last night recommended four ways to commemorate Barry’s life, including placing a statue or bust of him at the Wilson Building and renaming school facilities and Good Hope Road SE after him. Barry was 78 when he died.


  • Two men were shot—one fatally—near Pennsylvania and Minnesota avenues SE Monday night. [NBC4]
  • The D.C. Court of Appeals is considering whether to adopt higher standards for admitting experts. [Post]
  • The District’s tourism industry and government are responding to visitors’ concerns post-Paris. [WTOP]
  • Nearly seven out of ten residents support D.C. statehood, but advocates for the cause say work remains. [City Desk]
  • Mayor Muriel Bowser Monday announced that the Convention Center will get some new retail. [Young & Hungry]


  • “Run, Hide, or Fight”: Those are the options D.C. residents can exercise in case of a Paris-style attack, says the District's police chief.
  • GDP, Mapped: D.C.’s economy grew slower than those of nine other major U.S. metropolitan areas in 2014.
  • Rusty The Red Panda: We learned Monday that he won’t be returning to the National Zoo anytime soon. At least Bei Bei will debut in January!

LOOSE LIPS LINKS, by Will Sommer (tips?

  • Big support for the statehood in the District, not so much in Congress. [Post, LL]
  • Gun lovers say Cathy Lanier missing the point. [Times]
  • Trans activist charged over Columbia Heights protest. [Blade]
  • More on Lanier's mass shooter talk. [City DeskPost]
  • Have Tom Sherwood and Mary Cheh made D.C. flag tattoos no longer cool? [Post]

ARTS LINKS, by Matt Cohen (tips?

  • Local production company Aboveboard Productions is shooting a comedic web series about D.C.'s marijuana industry. [DCist]
  • Your D.C. Flag tattoo is no longer cool thanks to Kojo Nnamdi, Mary Cheh, and Tom Sherwood. [Post]
  • Check out a new track from Virginia rapper Peter $un. [Arts Desk]
  • The new Jason Bourne movie will shoot in D.C. soon. [Post]
  • Sherwood True's new photo exhibition at Pyramid Atlantic looks at Phoenix's counterculture. [Arts Desk]

YOUNG & HUNGRY LINKS, by Jessica Sidman (tips?

  • Quarter+Glory to bring cocktails to 14th Street NW via New York. [Post]
  • Batter Bowl Bakery rebrands as Uni Bistro under new ownership. [District Cuisine]
  • Ten cozy places to drink by the fire this winter [Washingtonian]
  • Hot new soups for cold weather days [Eater]
  • Matt Baker to preview his upcoming restaurant, Gravitas, at Dolcezza. [Express]
  • Where to eat and drink out for Thanksgiving [BYT]
  • An update on Petworth's new restaurants [Petworth News]

Support for D.C. Statehood at Record High, But Work Remains


If a Washington Post poll is to be believed, support for D.C. statehood is at a record high: 67 percent of District residents say they want it, up a significant 10 points from just five years ago.

Some of that rise may have to do with the issue getting some national attention in August, when comedian John Oliver aired a segment devoted to residents' fight for equality on Last Week Tonight. Social media was abuzz with clips from that episode, as grassroots activists and local pols took pride in the fact that their work over the past several years in part made it possible. But what remains, in concrete terms, to be done?

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When Will D.C.’s Most Beloved Runaway Red Panda Return?

red panda

What's small and furry and will remain in Virginia for the near future? Rusty, the National Zoo's adorable red panda, who's lived at the Smithsonian Conservation Biology Institute in Front Royal since last year. The District sorely misses its favorite escape artist.

Our curiosity was then piqued when news surfaced about Masala—a red panda housed at the Sequoia Park Zoo in California—being rescued Saturday night after having escaped from officials Thursday. Our thoughts naturally turned to Rusty, but National Zoo spokesperson Jen Zoon tells City Desk that "there are no plans to move [him] right now," since the little guy is participating in a survival plan to increase his chances of breeding. "Construction on the [zoo's] red panda retreat began the first week of November 2015 and is expected to last several months," Zoon adds.

Oh well; it was worth asking. Besides, giant panda cub Bei Bei will be on display starting in January. Eee!

Photo by Janice Sveda/Smithsonian's National Zoo

Map: D.C. Economy Grew Slower Than Other U.S. Major Metro Areas in 2014


A new report by cost-information website shows that the D.C. region's economy grew anemically as compared with other major U.S. metropolitan areas last year.

Although the country's gross domestic product increased 2.3 percent in 2014 (up 0.4 percentage points from 2014), "Washington, D.C. had the lowest GDP growth in the top ten [most populous] metropolitan areas at just 0.3 percent," according to the report. GDPs rose in nearly 3 out of every 4 metropolitan areas analyzed by the site; the Dallas, San Francisco, and Atlanta metro areas grew the most among those 10 at 8.5, 5.2, and 3.0 percent, respectively.

The website finds that "professional and business services" saw the highest growth among other industries, including wholesale and retail trade, finance, insurance and real estate. But to really see economic growth, consider moving south to Texas: The Lone Star state had the two highest growth rates of all metro areas studied—Midland (24.1 percent) and San Angelo (11.4 percent).

Photo via h/t CityLab

District Line Daily: Statehood Now Trending

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Roughly seven out of 10 residents say they want D.C. to become a state, according to a new Washington Post poll. While most residents have supported statehood since at least the 1990s, momentum appears to be building: Support for statehood has grown by 10 percentage points since 2010. Want to (permanently) show your love for the District? Maybe get a D.C. flag tattoo like Mary Cheh, Kojo Nnamdi, and Tom Sherwood did Friday.


  • The D.C. government disbanded a homeless camp Friday, and some of its residents didn’t want to go. [City Desk]
  • Police are looking for a driver who left the scene of a fatal crash on East Capitol Street Saturday. [Post]
  • Cathy Lanier says people should be ready to “run, hide, or fight” in active-shooter situations. [City Desk]
  • A report by the Office of Revenue Analysis shows D.C. may not have a robust “gig economy.” [City Desk]
  • The District activated its first hypothermia alert of the season Sunday as temperatures dropped. [Borderstan]


  • Feuding Founders: What’s next for the Metro riders’ union after its creator left the group weeks ago?
  • Fall Fashion: How should you dress for cycling during the fall? Gear Prudence has some advice.
  • Small Fry Fried Catfish: How does the Park View smoke-shop and fry house’s sandwich stack up?

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D.C. Police Chief on Paris-Style Attacks: ‘Run, Hide, or Fight’

MPD Chief Cathy Lanier

Active-shooter events like the recent atrocities in Paris and Mali that left scores of innocents dead have put many people on edge. "What am I supposed to do," the anxious thinking goes, "if I were in that situation?"

D.C. police Chief Cathy Lanier, in an interview with Anderson Cooper on 60 Minutes Sunday evening, had an answer: "Your options are run, hide, or fight." During a segment on how law enforcement responds to mass shootings, Lanier told Cooper that the Metropolitan Police Department has stepped up its training of officers for such emergencies in light of new ISIS threats, a type of training that local departments across the U.S. have conducted regularly since the Columbine massacre in 1999. Still, Lanier went on to explain, if a person cannot escape an active shooting but is "in a position" to incapacitate a gunman, doing so is "the best option for saving lives before the police can get there"—typically at least five minutes after a 911 call.

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Gear Prudence: Help Me Dress for Bicycling in Autumn


Gear Prudence: I have a dilemma and I hope you can help me. The changing seasons and the variable weather have been making it really hard to dress for bike rides. I’m either too hot or too cold, and no matter what combination of clothing items I try, it never seems to work out. I know how to bundle up for winter and strip down for summer, but autumn dressing baffles me. What am I doing wrong? —Failing as Leaves Lessen

Dear FALL: There’s a trite adage about how “there’s no bad weather, only the wrong clothes.” This is utter bunk, as there is most assuredly bad weather (i.e. sharknadoes) that no clothing combination will render pleasant. However, the problem here isn’t so much that the weather is crummy, but that you’ve chanced upon the Goldilocks of seasons, where the temperature is just right. Faced with this blessed reality, you are unable to attire accordingly. Perhaps your first mistake is expecting to be comfortable. If you want climate control, hermetically enclose yourself in an SUV like a normal person. To be outside on a bike is to sometimes be too hot or too cold, and no matter how smartly you adorn yourself, you should accept the eventuality that the elements might outsmart you. Read more Gear Prudence: Help Me Dress for Bicycling in Autumn

As City Disbands Homeless Encampment, Some Residents Resist Moving


On a strip of D.C.-owned land near the Kennedy Center, representatives from several D.C. agencies gathered Friday to disband an encampment that's served as home to dozens of homeless residents.

Employees from the District Department of Transportation began taping notices of infractions on the tents located near the underpasses around 27th Street and Virginia Avenue NW around 2:30 p.m. Over the course of several hours, some residents of the camp placed their belongings and tents in plastic bins to be stored by the city, while others declared their intention to stay put.

"I'm not going to move," a man who identified himself as Joe said. "Where do you expect me to live?" Read more As City Disbands Homeless Encampment, Some Residents Resist Moving

After WAMU Donation, Cheh, Nnamdi, Sherwood Get Inked


A D.C. councilmember, a radio host, and a TV reporter walk into a tattoo parlor. Have you heard this one before?

Mary Cheh, Kojo Nnamdi, and Tom Sherwood gathered Friday afternoon at Fatty's Tattoos & Piercings on H Street NE to make good on a promise. The trio agreed on-air during an episode of the Kojo Nnamdi Show to get tattoos of the D.C. flag if someone (anyone!) were to donate $3,000 to WAMU 88.5 as part of the station's fundraising efforts. Shortly after they committed, a 23-year-old named Nick who regularly listens to the show did just that. Cheh, Nnamdi, and Sherwood today each honored their word—on their outside right foot, outside left arm, and inside right arm, respectively.

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After Founder Leaves, What’s Next for the Metro Riders’ Union?


Back in September, Metro-obsessive and social-media personality Chris Barnes (of @FixWMATA) founded a Metro riders' union to air customers' grievances against the transit agency, and ultimately to advocate on their behalf in a "constructive" and "unified" manner.

Fast-forward to November, a day after Metro's board officially confirmed Paul J. Wiedefeld as its incoming general manager, and the union is down a key leader: Barnes. On Wednesday night, Barnes, who has a sizable following of around 5,000, tweeted that he hadn't been part of the union for more than a month, explaining to commenters that the group was no longer what he began. Shots were fired:

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Chatter: Fresh to Death

cover-issue1876-lgWhat you said about what we said last week

In response to Will Sommer’s cover column on FreshPAC’s demise, readers took the opportunity to rail against the District’s political system and the corruption, if the prevailing sentiment is to be believed, endemic to it. REALDC in particular was not convinced that an end to FreshPAC means an end to fishy fundraising. “Make no mistake about it, ‘brokeAzz’ lazy DC politicians will always be susceptible to Freshy PACs, Shadow Campaigns, etc. That is the problem when you elect these career politicians with no real work experience and having NOT done anything of significance in their careers.” Sound like a Brandon Todd jab to anyone? “The current Ward 4 council member is such a joke that people voted for him even though his only work experience was holding Bowser’s purse for 7 years.” Yep, there it is. REALDC pointed out that something else will inevitably take FreshPAC’s place: “But don’t get it twisted, its just gone away formally, now the underground game will take over.....because the Mayor Bowser can be BOUGHT!!” Truth weighed in: “RealDC for Mayor!” Does this mean REALDC is getting his/her own PAC soon? Watch our comments section closely for any fundraising calls.

Lucky Strike

If our readers took just one thing away from Jessica Sidman’s Young & Hungry column from last week, it’s that even the most unorthodox local food offerings will find their fans. Lucky 888 beer has a new drinker in Dave B, who wrote in the comments, “This is awesome. I wish this ambitious gentleman all the best. Given that good beer isn’t hard to make and that there isn’t that much difference among the god knows how many IPAs there are out there (they are all pretty good), I will gladly buy this beer when I see it.” If good beer isn’t that hard to make, as this reader claims, we’re assuming it’s just a matter of time before Dave B makes his own contribution to the local brew scene. Stay tuned.

Buy D.C.: Cold Remedy

Each week, Buy D.C. will highlight shops and items you can only find in the D.C. area. It's curated by Kaarin Vembar, fashion and beauty writer, and co-host of the ​Pop Fashion​ podcast.



Green tea contains antioxidants and improves blood flow, while the heat can soothe a sore throat. Green tea, $3.95. Hana Japanese Market. 2004 17th St. NW. (202) 939-8854


Sneeze the Day

You may have a cold, but at least you can feel classy with a set of four handkerchiefs from the 1960s. Vintage handkerchiefs, $12. Junction. 1510 U St. NW. (202) 483-0261


Flaming Lips

This lip balm will soften, nourish, and hydrate those dry, cracked lips. Shea butter lip balm, $4. Nubian Hueman. 1231 Good Hope Road SE. (202) 394-3386


Get Cultured

This kombucha is made in D.C. and contains fresh ginger and honey (perfect for a tender tummy). Capital kombucha, $3.59. Yes! Organic Market. 2123 14th St. NW. (202) 232-6603


Sock It to Me

Get warm and comfortable with these wool blend socks. b.ella socks, $20. Forecast/Homebody. 218 7th St. SE. (202) 547-7337