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L’Eclat de Verre
Address: 3336 M Street NW Phone: (202) 333-6840
L’Eclat de Verre’s literal translations means “A Shard of Glass.” With more than 500 papers from around the globe stocked at its Georgetown shop, L’Eclat de Verre’s in-house technicians can frame everything from wedding invitations and photographs, to wedding dresses and sports equipment. The craft of L’Eclat de Verre includes using unique matting materials that range from leather to printed paper. The possibilities are endless due to the papers color, texture, and patterns. L’Eclat de Verre offers workshops every week teaching French framing techniques and the trade of cartonnage, or crafts constructed from French-made board or paper including photo albums, boxes, folders, and lamp bases. L’Eclat de Verre has more than 40 locations throughout France, with our first United States location in Georgetown, DC. For more please visit or (202)333-6840. |