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Greater Goods
Address: 1626 U Street NW Phone: (800) 383-3040 Hours: Monday: 3-8pm, Tuesday-Thursday: 11-9pm, Friday-Saturday: 11-8pm, Sunday 11am-6pm
At Greater Goods, we believe living sustainably starts with each of us doing simple things at home to make a difference for our family, our neighborhood and, ultimately, the whole world. For this reason we only sell products that either help you live a greener life (like energy saving electronics, solar phone chargers, composters and recycling bins), or products that provide an eco-friendly alternative for things you use every day (like low-flow shower heads, rechargeable batteries, and chlorine-free diapers.) Visit our retail storefront in Washington, D.C., where we offer classes, installation services, and even more environmentally friendly products! |