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Name Title Direct Line Email
Jeff Boswell Operations Director 202-650-6923
Steve Cavendish Editor 202-650-6939
Matt Cohen Arts Editor 202-650-6962
Sara Dick Digital Sales Manager 202-650-6930
Chloe Fedyna Director, Marketing & Events 202-650-6944/9655
Andrew Giambrone City Desk Reporter 202-650-6928
Emily Q. Hazzard Managing Editor 202-650-6932
Lauren Heneghan Art Director 202-650-6954
Sarah Anne Hughes Managing Editor 202-650-6933
Edgard Izaguirre Business Development Associate and Events Coordinator 202-650-6927
Caroline Jones City Lights and Listings Editor 202-650-6949
Jane Martinache Senior Advertising Coordinator 202-650-6940
Heather McAndrews Sales Event Manager 202-650-6941
Darrow Montgomery Staff Photographer 202-650-6946
Eric Norwood Interim Publisher 202-650-6922
Jandos Rothstein Creative Director 202-650-6957
Jessica Sidman Food Editor 202-650-6952
Will Sommer Loose Lips 202-650-6925