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Lawn and Order


Population: 21,663
Percent Black: 95.7
Percent White: 3
Percent Hispanic: 1
Percent Foreign-Born: 1.5
Percent Children: 25.5
Poverty Rate: 23.3 percent
2005 Median Home Sale Price: $371,502
2007 Violent Crimes Per 1,000 Residents: 16.3
2007 Property Crimes Per 1,000 Residents: 36.1



Hillcrest has been nothing but steadfast in its self-image. Hillcrest Citizens Associations first Hillcrest Bulletin, an annual publication, was titled Why Not a Suburban Home in Hillcrest, D.C.?; it was published in 1928. And some things never change. From the Bulletin: People have become so accustomed to going Northwest that they have overlooked entirely one of the best sections of Washington from every point of view. There are many reasons why Hillcrest should appeal to all good people.

More Touchstones

Randle Highlands, Twining, Penn Branch, Fort Dupont Park, Fairfax Village, Garfield Heights, Hillcrest
Excellent lawn care, of course, is merely an indicator of other things, like high median incomes and tightknittedness.
Photograph by Darrow Montgomery

Arbitrary Rankings

Kid-Friendliness: 5

The areas large yards and parks allow plenty of playing space for younger children, but the public schools in this part of D.C. are dismal.

Housing: 8

For someone who wants a house instead of a condo or apartment, Lawn and Order is a good spotprices land in the $300,000 to $700,000 range.

Eats: 1

When buying a house in this area, make sure it has a nice kitchen, because it will get used frequently. Until the IHOP moves in, sit-down restaurants are pretty much nonexistent.

Consumer Goods: 2

While you can get some of the basics, like electronics and clothes, there are currently no major shopping areas.

Nightlife and Culture: -2

If bars and clubs are the destination, youll be getting in the car or waiting on a bus. Its best to enjoy the quiet life here, perhaps have a cookout with the neighbors. Or, if youre not feeling social, theres always a six-pack from one of the various liquor stores.

Intangibles: 6

True story: A guy who lives in Randle Highlands works for a prominent Washington company. He occasionally dates women from D.C. When he told one of them he lived in Randle Highlands, the response came back, Is that near Woodley Park? He notes that the interest level of the women tends to fall off when they realize where he bunks. Now thats street cred!

Lawn and Order in the City Paper Archives

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  • Now in Cali Jun. 21, 2008
    4:46 am

    I used to own a one bedroom condo in Fairfax Village, just on the eastern edge of Hillcrest near Southern Avenue. (I wish your article had talked about the rich history of that housing development!) When I told people about my home, I was amzed at the ignorance most had about the entire DC region east of the Anacostia River, especially if they were white (like me). I loved it there, well... minus the prostitute living next door and her addict boyfriend, and the night I got mugged. Of course, though, like every neighborhood there were issues. But for the most part though, in our neighborhood I felt really safe. Parents went to work, they came home, and they took care of their families, their community and their homes. A lot of us didn't have much money but we made do. I'll look at my time there fondly and I hope again someday to have such caring and cool neighbors.

  • Maceo Thomas Jun. 22, 2008
    1:52 pm

    I love your monikker for my community, even though my neighbors would say I am not upholding my responsibility in keeping my lawn to the standard. In the four years I have been on my block, I am convinced I have the best neighbors in the city. I have had neighbors offer to pick things up for me at Costco, neighbors offer other neighbors rides to the metro, we shovel each others walks, we reserve parking for eachother in front of homes, we drink beers together, we go to weddings and funerals. Part of this is because many of my neighbors in Ft. Dupont Park have lived here for 2 and 3 decades and have welcomed the newbies as well.

    I have a cook-out every year and invite my friends and family. Everyone who shows up for the first time is always amazed at the tranquility and the beauty of the neighborhood.

  • It is quite unfair to give "Lawn and Order" a negative 2 for Arts and Culture. I did not see a negative rating given to any other District area in any category. Areas of the city that are just as lacking in Arts and Culture were given a score of zero in the category. What is the justification for a negative rating? Also, the area deserves acknowledgement for the number of large parks in the area such as Anacostia Park, which boasts jogging trails, fishing, biking, wide open fields perfect for soccer, frisbee, dog walks, ect. Fort DuPont has an amphitheater, bike trails, and a huge community garden. When I am jogging in the park, I see C-Spanistanians coming to the park to play ultimate frisbee because C-Spanistan lacks the wide open park space needed to do that.

    Areas of the city should also get a bump for their proximity to areas that provide what the subject area may lack. For example, "Lawn and Order's" rating in Nightlife and Culture should be somewhat offset by the subject area's proximity to "C-Spanistan,” which received high rating in Nightlife and Culture, as well as Eats. I live in Penn-Branch and I can get to Barracks row in fewer than 10 minutes. I meet some friends, dine, drink, and then head home. When I get back to my quite neighborhood, I do not have to fight for parking-which is highly valued in this town but not at all addressed in this article-and I am not kept up by loud, drunken revelers looking for their car while vomiting (or worse) on my lawn (Liquorridor).

    This effort to rank areas of the city does not take into account population density, construction, traffic, parking, or noise complaints, which should be part of the Intangibles of an area. Parking and public transportation are key issues that were not addressed at all. One question that should always be asked when ranking an area is “What are my options for getting around town?” Lawn and Order is one of the easiest places to park in DC, you just need to have an alarm or a club on your car. Bus lines are plentiful. The Naylor Road Station, while technically in Maryland, is within walking distance and it takes you right downtown. It is also just a few short stops to the Stadium at Navy Yard. When I head home from a game, my ride back home is quicker and less crowded than the people headed North and West.

    Hurray for Lawn and Order!

  • Loving Hillcrest Jun. 30, 2008
    1:39 pm

    I just purchased my first home in Hillcrest and I absolutely love it!!!!! I have 2 metro stations within walking distance and can easily get to 295, 395 and 495 within 5 minutes. While many may have negative things to say about this area it is definitely one of Washington's best kept secrets and, truthfully, I love the quiet serenity and hope to keep it that way!!!

    I enjoy my rose garden in the front yard, and I have ample parking for 2 cars, a large shed, a 10x10 deck, vegetable garden, and enough room for 2 large dogs in the back all for under $300K. I am even able to see the 4th of July fireworks showering over the National Monument from my front yard every summer. Contrary to the beliefs of some, my neighborhood is filled with hard-working, socially conscious individuals. I have lived in various places, including Trinidad, Takoma Park, and NW, but never have I had such thoughtful and caring neighbors. I see a sense of pride in homeownership, and in the community, that I have not seen in other parts of the city. I am proud to say that my neighbors are accountants, entrepreneurs, retirees, lawyers, teachers, and political activists. And, yes we are African American!!

    Hurray to my fellow Hillcrest residents with our garden tours, rain barrels, rain gardens, community newsletter, homeowner’s association, churches, parks, recreation centers etc.!! I am looking to purchase a larger home and will definitely be staying in the area!!!!!!!!!!!!!