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HUDson Valley


Population: 15,080
Percent Black: 99
Percent White: .2
Percent Hispanic: .3
Percent Foreign-Born: .8
Percent Children: 32
Poverty Rate: 33 percent
2005 Median Home Sale Price: $255,321
2007 Violent Crimes Per 1,000 Residents: 17
2007 Property Crimes Per 1,000 Residents: 30



The Benning Road area spawned what is considered the citys first major-label rap groupthe Section 8 Mob. The Mob was signed to Tommy Boy records for a time and, as an homage to their hood, filmed one of their very first music videos at the Benning Road Metro station.

More Touchstones

Marshall Heights, Benning Heights, Capitol View
It makes sense that the Shrimp Boat is the area's defining landmark, because for a long time it was its only landmark.
Photograph by Darrow Montgomery

Arbitrary Rankings

Kid-Friendliness: 1

Though steady drops in violent crime are a good thing, the public schools in HUDson Valley epitomize the failings of the D.C. system.

Housing: 9

Many of the neighborhoods cute 50s-style row houses and single family homes, with their colorful, candy-cane-striped tin awnings and Astroturf-covered porches, can still be had for around $300,000. With its reasonable proximity to both downtown and Capitol Hill, and more businesses coming in every day, its one of the best housing deals in the city.

Eats: 2

The cluster gets points for having two Yums carryouts within a few blocks of each other. Line for wings and mambo too long at the branch on Minnesota? Walk up the street to the one on Benning! For the more health-minded, the new Tropicana has vegetarian stuff in addition to chickens both curried and jerked. And the Dennys on Benning carries the freshest food and friendliest service of any Dennys in the entire regionthe owners run it like a mom-and-pop, not a chain.

Consumer Goods: 2

Minnesota Avenue hosts a thriving commercial strip, though the best shopping lies across the Benning Road Bridge (Hechinger Mall, H Street), and up on Marlboro Pike in P.G. County, above the northernmost point of the cluster.

Nightlife and Culture: 2

HUDson Valley gets little love from the regions nightlife entrepreneurs, but locals here do DIY culture better than any other hood in town.

Intangibles: 7

From the girl behind the counter at CVS, who waves off your gum purchase, to the giant huckleberry tree at Benning and G that everyone stops and nibbles from as they walk by, there is a lot of cool stuff to see and experience in this area.

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