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Hubcapitol Hill


Population: 13,909
Percent Black: 92.0
Percent White: 5.1
Percent Hispanic: 1.3
Percent Foreign-Born: 3.6
Percent Children: 25
Poverty Rate: 31 percent
2005 Median Home Sale Price: $308,545
2007 Violent Crimes Per 1,000 Residents: 34
2007 Property Crimes Per 1,000 Residents: 69



Love nightclub at 1350 Okie St. NE brings big names in R&B to the District, and is always good for a Dave Chappelle or Chris Tucker sighting.

More Touchstones

Edgewood, Langdon, Ivy City, Trinidad, Kingman Park, Brentwood Village
There's no there there: Commuters commute through it, gentrifiers can't quite re-do it, and, unless you're retrieving your car from the Brentwood Impound Lot or adopting a dog at the D.C. Animal Shelter, many tourists and white Washingtonians have never been to it.
Photograph by Darrow Montgomery

Arbitrary Rankings

Kid-Friendliness: 3

Highways, traffic, poor public transportation, failing schools, crime, dangerous railroad tracksif youre a parent, you dont want what the Hubcapitol Hills got.

Housing: 8

The area has diverse, often inexpensive housing: One-bedrooms can be had for under $800 per month, and the median home-sale price during the peak of the real-estate bubble in 2006 still didnt break $400,000.

Eats: 5

Ubiquitous fast-food options are Hubcapitol Hills calling card, but keep an eye out for the marvelously named Hogs on the Hill at the corner of New York and Montana Avenues NE.

Consumer Goods: 3

Tired CVS outlets and low-inventory corner stores dominate the area; however, small businesses that wont fit in a K Street officecaterers, car lots, garden supplies, kitchen countertopsare here as well. Meanwhile, New York Avenues selection of auto mechanics is nonpareil.

Nightlife and Culture: 10

A rotating selection of nightclubs and graffiti galleries along Amtrak lines are this nabes heart and soul.

Intangibles: 9

The National Arboretum is a must for first dates, but avoid the park on summer afternoons when meandering paths and a lack of drinking water are as likely to lead to heat exhaustion as romance.

Hubcapitol Hill in the City Paper Archives

Profitable, stable, and impossible to stop, marijuana dealing would be the perfect industry for Trinidad—as long as no one had to live there.

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The Swansons have lived in Ivy City for 26 years. They have watched half their neighborhood disappear. And now they may disappear, too.

The Commonwealth of Virginia Johnson
She doesn't work for the D.C. government. She doesn't make anyone take a number and stand in line. Her specialty is hard cases. Her title is Grandma.

The Trouble With Harry
Take a ride with Councilmember Harry Thomas, D.C.'s old-fashioned ward boss.

Standing Room Only
At Tyler House, the lounge is purely decorative.


The Merchants of H Street
Finding a manicure, a haircut, or a chicken sandwich on H Street NE is easy. Finding common ground over the street's future is a lot harder.


  • crime aside, this area kicks ass. would be nice to have a big grocery store, tho.

  • I love this area too, but it really should be included with your bungalowlands designation. There is no crime and full of bungalows and tree lined streets. Woodridge signs are even in front of Langdon Park.

  • "crime aside, this area kicks ass. would be nice to have a big grocery store, tho. "

    There are grocery stores in this area.........3 of them.....2 near rhode island station and 1 where Florida Ave meets Bladensburg Rd........not to mention 2 giant National Wholesale Liquidators...........you yuppies mad cuz whole foods aint there yet?

  • Bobo,

    Those groceries are among the worst in the District, even by Giant and Safeway standards. And NHL was so good (not) that it went bankrupt.