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Granolan Heights


Population: 9,853
Percent Black: 58.8
Percent White: 32
Percent Hispanic: 6.7
Percent Foreign-Born: 11.6
Percent Children: 16.8
Poverty Rate: 7.7 percent
2005 Median Home Sale Price: $579,516
2007 Violent Crimes Per 1,000 Residents: 21.4
2007 Property Crimes Per 1,000 Residents:/strong> 38.4



The Takoma Park Neighborhood Library is the original neighborhood branch of the D.C. library system. The library opened in 1911 thanks to a donation from philanthropist Andrew Carnegie. The District is planning to renovate the facility soon, giving it a makeover like the one that transformed the Southeast Neighborhood Library from a decrepit cavern into a beautiful Barnes & Noble-esque place that regular folks actually enjoy visiting. Hell yes.

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There's not much crime, and what does go wrong is easily blamed on outsiders. Raccoon sightings (horrifying in their own right) might be a more frequently discussed topic than muggings on the neighborhood Listserv.
Photograph by Darrow Montgomery

Arbitrary Rankings

Kid-Friendliness: 8

Shepherd Elementary School is known as one of the Districts highest-performing elementary schools. The private Lowell School is an elementary powerhouse as well. Not to mention those safe streets and that fabulous Rock Creek Park!

Housing: 3

The houses are nice as hell if you can afford them. Three-bedroom homes are hard to come by for less than $600,000 in Shepherd Park but can be found for $400,000 in Takomaa steal! Renting is not much of an option. A new apartment high-rise is currently under construction on Blair Road in Takoma, but for the most part Granolan Heights is dominated by single-family houses.

Eats: 0

Granolan Heights makes up for its tremendous Kid-Friendliness with abysmal adult-friendliness. There are a few restaurants, but for the most part, forget fine dining. The most prominent eatery is the Ledo Pizza on the 7400 block of Georgia Avenue.

Consumer Goods: 5

The No. 1 supermarket in Granolan Heights is a recently renovated Safeway at Georgia Avenue and Piney Branch. Beyond that, the areas got two major thoroughfares to take consumers to other neighborhoods. There is a smattering of retail, including the Big Bad Woof pet supplies store in Takoma. Otherwise, for goods, have em delivered or go get em elsewhere.

Nightlife and Culture: 1

Party animals will want to check out the bus stops on 16th Street and Georgia Avenue, which will help them find sweet nightlife down on U Street or in Silver Spring. To be fair, Takoma Station offers live jazz and go-go, but one happenin joint does not a lively entertainment district make. For daytime fun, Shepherd Park keeps it real with garden tours, collective yard sales, and neighborhood picnics.

Intangibles: 4

Despite its separateness and suburban character, Granolan Heights is hardly aloof from District affairs. Residents know whats going on with each other and with their counterparts across town. Lurking behind every tree, shrub, and rambler youll find a Ward 4 registered voter. And they all somehow gather every election day in Shepherd Park, along with the media, candidates, onlookers, shysters, and so on. Its a hub of civic bonhomie and one of the citys great cultural treasures. Upper Caucasia just cant compete.

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  • Terwilliker Jun. 27, 2008
    9:53 pm

    Mention of nighlife in the area can no longer include the Ibex and other go-go clubs on Georgia, but there is now the Electric Maid (mostly straightedge music dive and community space since 2001) and Red Line Grill and the little cultural shop on 4th St. NW (and two useless boutiques that are an extension of the overly-gift-oriented Takoma Park MD shopping strip). The area is almost bustling at night, especially at the Maid (which re-opened recently) and the Red Line grill. How can you have no mention of this! Go there for Southern-style BBQ, possibly the best in the city, fried okra, fried shrimp etc. Also the little culture shop on 4th is worth checking out, it's the sort of place you used to find in Brookland or Le Droit Park or Mount Rainier, they sell wraps and eclectic books. Yes, the neighborhood is hampered from returning to its urban roots by NIMBYism, but that is the price you pay for a stable population, and Takoma Station and the DC Line used to be the major shopping thoroughfare for all of Montgomery County 100 years ago, with small hardware stores and all sorts of unusual stuff, so it has a place to return to.

  • Steve Davies Jun. 29, 2008
    9:44 am

    You have to love the myth of green Takoma Park. It gets better all the time.

    Arthur Delaney and the City Paper are wrong when they write that Takoma Park has "strict rules limiting the use of gas-powered leaf blowers."

    In fact, there are no rules restricting the use of gas-powered leaf blowers. Our noise ordinance is ineffectual, and in fact makes exceptions for leaf blowers.

    I know because 1) I live in the city of Takoma Park, and 2) I have been trying for a couple of years-- so far w/o success -- to get the city to restrict the use of these machines, which have little to no redeeming value.

    Whoever gave Mr. Delaney this information does not know whereof s/he speaks. He obviously did not speak with anyone who knows about our rules and regulations.

    Steve Davies

    Takoma Park, Md.

  • Contrary to what is in the article there is some nightlife "Granolan Heights". There is a fun bar on Georgia Avenue called "Charlies". There is a DJ and dancing on the weekends and the drinks are tasty. Charlies is relaxing and fun. The crowd is mostly locals and everyone is laid back. Since it is a bar there is no cover charge.

    Also there is Blair Mansion. In addition to murder mystery theater other nights of th week they have an open jazz jam session on Monday. The house band and local jazz musicians are great. There is a 2 order requirement but the food is pretty good also. Blair Mansion is a good place to chill on Monday after work. You can have a bite to eat and a drink and listen to great music. By the way there is no cover charge.

    As for shopping are some new stores on Georgia Avenue that have nice furniture and home decor items.