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Population: 11,142
Percent Black: 6.5
Percent White: 75
Percent Hispanic: 9.7
Percent Foreign-Born: 27
Percent Children: 6.3
Poverty Rate: 13 percent
2005 Median Home Sale Price: $928,205
2007 Violent Crimes Per 1,000 Residents: 0.8
2007 Property Crimes Per 1,000 Residents: 19



The Name Game: Dog feuds and flaming strip clubs aside, Glover Parks most pressing issue may be the correct pronunciation of its name. Most modern neighborhood residents call their hood GLOW-ver. But in 2005, Washington Post Answer Man John Kelly tracked down neighborhood namesake Charles C. Glovers granddaughter, then 84-year-old Nancy Symington, who insists its GLUH-ver. Pronounce it like a glove-maker and youll show your age; rhyme it with Rover and youll reveal your imperfect breeding. Better to call the whole thing off.

More Touchstones

Burleith, Glover Park, Cathedral Heights, McLean Gardens
Bustling without compromising their boringness, these neighborhoods might best be described as "nice." Perhaps it's by design that public transport from Episcopalia to the rest of the District can be a difficult journey: It's a great place to live, but I wouldn't want to visit.
Photograph by Darrow Montgomery

Arbitrary Rankings

Kid-Friendliness: 7

The place caters to kids, from fetus (if a young Glover Park family is not yet expecting, its polite to encourage them) to fraternity (American and Georgetown students often share rent and chores in area homes).

Housing: 8

Nice life if you can get it. A McLean Gardens cookie-cutter condo sells in the mid-$300,000s for a 1-bedroom. The areas iconic row house goes for around $700,000 in Glover Park; move on up to Burleith for slight price hikes and square-foot drops.

Eats: 5

Rocklands Barbeque, Sushi-Ko, Austin Grill, Old Europe, Curry Club: Have at it.

Consumer Goods: 5

The Glover Park strip features a Whole Foods, wine shops, a Blockbuster, and other shops somewhat consistent with urban living. For higher-end boutique itemsdog accouterments, off-brand pomegranate juicesswallow your pride and venture to Georgetown. We hear its recovered splendidly.

Nightlife and Culture: 1

With one strip club gutted, the area currently has only one gentlemans establishment left jiggling. But the new Breadsodas more G-rated play might be the sign of an after-hours renaissance in the area.

Intangibles: 4

Georgetown without the history: Freedom Fries have more je ne sais quois than this area. Still, for some, Stepford is better than Shaw: It aint exciting, but at least its consistent.

Episcopalia in the City Paper Archives

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Cathedral Heights

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Cathedral Heights

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Washington Hebrew Congregation
Cathedral Heights

McLean Gardens


  • Missing a few major staples:

    -Ceviche (owned by the people that run Chi Cha and Mate)

    -Bourbon (sister to the one in Adams Morgan)

    -Town Hall


    Also, the Blockbuster was converted into the consulate of El Salvador approx 2 years ago

  • Scott Anderson Jun. 19, 2008
    6:49 pm

    And you gotta give some love for Cactus Cantina and 2 Amy's pizza in Cathedral Heights! On a nice summer night, I can't imagine anything better than margaritas outside at Cactus Cantina!

  • Nancy Young Jun. 21, 2008
    8:45 am

    Has Amanda been to Glover Tunlaw in some recent years??? The blockbuster is closed, Austin Grill is closed and although mentioned in passing, Bourbon and Town Hall are nightlife hot spots not just within the neighborhood. Austin Grill space was opened as Ceviche, which was worth mentioning. To note the highlights of the restaurants there and not mention Heritage India and Kavanaugh's is baffling. Busara has always been a favorite there too. Cafe Deluxe is hugely popular although perhaps slightly north of your neighborhood region.

    Well known changes in the neighborhood not mentioned are the opening of Enology, the new wine bar which was where the Zebra Lounge was, Busara to turn over to another wine bar (as reported in the Post), Mama Maria's turning into a sports bar owned by the owner of Good Guys next door.

  • Where are the fact-checkers? Jun. 26, 2008
    1:25 pm

    This is pathetic that Blockbuster was still mentioned and a myriad of other places neglected. I know CP reporters need to work ever so hard to maintain their level of snark, but a simple neighborhood visit would have cleared this up pretty quickly.

  • McLean Gardens, according to the property tax system (I know, I pay them), is a part of Cleveland Park. Guess what's right across the street from McLean Gardens--Cleveland Park houses. I live in M.G. and Glover Park businesses are too far away for me to visit frequently, even with a car. A lot of M.G. residents are on the Cleveland Park listserv too. The C.P. part of Connecticut Ave (restaurants, Uptown) is only a 15-minute walk away and Tenleytown stores are right up the road. Both are on the way home from the Metro.

  • Too far away? Um, it's a mile. That's too far with a car? Or to walk? Bike?

    And that's only the businesses near the Whole Foods. You're spitting distance away from Cafe Deluxe, 2 Amys, etc. Pathetic.

  • I'm so glad I grew up and stopped reading pretentious hipster papers like this one that claim to be liberal and honest, but in actuality are completely biased and refuse to be open minded about things that they don't consider "cool". Glover Park and the like may not be hipster havens like where you live, but those of us that live here find it to be a real community and love our neighborhoods and what they have to offer. People like you like to think that we're snobby, but this article makes it clear who the real snobs are.

  • Darth Vader, but not Chewbacca? Sounds like the Emperor's work . . .

    Tranny-ho: The fact that you read this article, disagreed with it and posted a comment suggests that-grown up or not- you haven't stopped read papers like this.