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Drive-Over Country


Population: 21,034
Percent Black: 97.3
Percent White: 0.5
Percent Hispanic: 1.1
Percent Foreign-Born: 1.6
Percent Children: 29.2
Poverty Rate: 32.5 percent
2005 Median Home Sale Price: $277,417
2007 Violent Crimes Per 1,000 Residents: 20.0
2007 Property Crimes Per 1,000 Residents: 41.2



Eighteen holes will cost $30 on a weekend at Langston Golf Course (28th Street and Benning Road NE), which opened to meet demand for an African-American golf course in 1929.

More Touchstones

Mayfair Parkside, Eastland Gardens, River Terrace, Greenway
This is a part of the District that is very black, very poor, and doesn't look much like the promised land former Mayor Anthony A. Williams talked about when leaving office. The nabes' greatest assettheir unreconstructed country characterhas been compromised by the highway, a power plant, railroad tracks, and battered Great Society housing projects.
Photograph by Darrow Montgomery

Arbitrary Rankings

Kid-Friendliness: 5

Parents wont love Drive-Over Countrys ghettoish qualities: crime, crumbling infrastructure, and pollution. However, some neighborhoods large yards and well-maintained parks provide ample space for boys to be Huck Finn and girls to be Laura Ingalls Wilder.

Housing: 6

The area has its share of projects, sure, but it offers a wide variety of housing options at lower, east-of-the-river prices. Of course, these prices may not last: A one-bedroom in Mayfair Mansions used to rent for under $600, but after planned remodeling, prices will be going up. Drive-Over Countrys homes are a bargain: Even before the subprime crisis, median prices didnt crack $275,000.

Eats: 0

Unless youre looking for fast food, takeout Chinese, or a Moon Over My Hammy at the only Dennys in the District (4445 Benning Road NE), head across the river.

Consumer Goods: 0

Minnesota Avenue redevelopment has attracted some national names, but most businesses here are local, low-profile, and low-budget.

Nightlife and Culture: 0

Quiet residential neighborhoods and frightening blight do not an arts district make.

Intangibles: 3

Shed a tear for the go-go enthusiasts who used to hawk bootlegs near Benning Road Station. Its yet another American musical tradition undone by digital downloading. But dont cry so hard that you forget to watch out for potholes on Benning Road, one of the Districts bumpiest.

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  • According to your map, Langston Golf Course is not in Drive-Over Country, but in Hubcapitol Hill.

  • You are ignorant and arrogant. Don't write about what you don't know.

  • The East Side Feb. 22, 2010
    12:20 am

    Ignorant and arrogant indeed. Can't get any worse.

  • Dirve-Over Country Resident Mar. 07, 2010
    12:27 am

    Give an idiot a voice and a pen and he will show you just how stupid he is! It would behoove you not to write about neighborhoods you don’t know anything about. By the way, the median income for most of that neighborhood cluster is more like $50-60K. If you earned 34K nitwit, you would not be able to afford to buy a home in the area. Oh….and SHIT FOR BRAINS….I think I’ll make copies of this article and make sure that everyone in Drive-Over Country gets a chance to read and comment on your article. How’s that.