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Banana Republic Republic


Population: 18,741
Percent Black: 3.7
Percent White: 85
Percent Hispanic: 4.2
Percent Foreign-Born: 14
Percent Children: 6.1
Poverty Rate: 15 percent
2005 Median Home Sale Price: $908,664
2007 Violent Crimes Per 1,000 Residents: 5
2007 Property Crimes Per 1,000 Residents: 48



Chesapeake and Ohio Canal, aka the C&O Canal, aka the Grand Old Ditch, is more picturesque from afar. The slimy green trickle, once used to carry mail, runs along the southern border of Georgetown, a favored path for runners and bikers. Other physical landmarks to which Georgetown can lay claim: the Exorcist steps and the last remaining conduit trolley tracks, on O and P Streetsa deathtrap for bicyclists.

More Touchstones

Georgetown is the kind of neighborhood where houses are referred to by name. One measure of whether you belong in this prestigious ZIP code (20007) is whether you can name that address. There's the Evangeline Bruce House, Halcyon House, and Evermay. ("Oh, you can't know about Georgetown without knowing about Evermay," one doyenne scolded.)
Photograph by Darrow Montgomery

Arbitrary Rankings

Kid-Friendliness: 7

Many of D.C.s best private schoolsGeorgetown Visitation, St. Albans, National Cathedralare located in or near Georgetown. The public schools arent as impressive, but theyre generally among the higher performers Districtwide, particularly in the case of the School Without Walls, a Foggy Bottom magnet school that does, in fact, have walls.

Housing: 5

Georgetown is home to the gold-plated square foot. According to legend, you can touch both sides of some houses with hands outstretched. Renting a one-bedroom apartment will usually set you back $2,000 per monthmore, but not that much more, than other safe neighborhoods. Home prices can be astronomical, with two-bedroom single-family starters ringing in around $1 million.

Eats: 9

Despite overpriced see-and-be-seen spots and the cheapo tourist haunts, there are some hidden gems. In addition to the gelato and the wine bars, Georgetown offers decent cupcakes (Georgetown Cupcake, 1209 Potomac St. NW), a coup in this town, and Michel Richards Citronelle (3000 M St. NW), one of the best-reviewed and most expensive restaurants in the city.

Consumer Goods: 10

Almost everything you could ever want: bike shops, bakeries, booze. You will have to leave to find Target or Best Buy.

Nightlife and Culture: 6

Georgetown is a Mecca for the popped-collar crowd. Its also not a bad place to bring your parents. For everything in between, choose a place with Metro access.

Intangibles: 6

History and beautiful architecture in spades. A little light on urban grit, although the intrigue of local gossip can be fun.

Banana Republic Republic in the City Paper Archives

Hate Canal
Every time the Potomac reclaims the C&O Canal, the National Park Service re-waters it with millions of taxpayer dollars. It's time to pull the plug.

Radio Free Georgetown
The hippies who ran Georgetown University's WGTB plugged the Viet Cong, gay liberation, and abortion rights on the Jesuits' dime. Who did they think they were?


The Gleaners
Looking for free stuff? Try Georgetown University Dumpsters around graduation time.

Members Only: Inside the Elite World of Late Night Shots
Late Night Shots is herding the next generation of assholes through Georgetown bars. And you're not invited.

Crowded House
Georgetown residents say they don't mind students, except in groups of four or more.


  • I was ready to read yet another ill-informed bitch-fest about a few bars on M St., but this is actually a pretty good description of the neighborhood. You even seemed to correctly be saying that most of the douchebags and douchebaguettes that descend on Georgetown are not actually from Georgetown. Most people don't realize that. However, there are just a few nits to pick:

    Housing-Sure you can pay $2000 for an "English" basement hole, but you can also pay $2000 for a spacious two bedroom. The thing about Georgetown is that a lot of the apartments are owned by people who have no idea how much the market rate is. It's not like it's full of apartment buildings that have professional management. Plus, two bedroom single-family homes can be found for as low as $750k, and I'd say most are below $950k. Once you're paying $1 million, you can usually expect a third bedroom.

    Nightlife and Culture: Yeah, there are the douchebags. But how could you not mention Blues Alley?

    Evermay: Evermay *used to* host events. Right now they've got a bit of a licensing issue, since they're not actually licensed to hold events.

    You're not kidding about Katherine Graham's house. That asshole developer has let it sit and rot ever since he bought it.

  • Yes, that was a pretty good assessment of Georgetown. I find it interesting she ID'd Griffin Market with its new menu -- nice touch! (Griffin just changed ownership to an Italian chef and his wife and are in the process of revolutionizing walk-in takeout which make competitors like Sarah's Market and Scheele's look primitive, although we love them all.)

    I also like how she correctly pointed out that despite all the mega-chains such as Banana Republic having moved in, cool local stores remain in force, although you need to get further away from M & Wisconsin that you used to.

    The $2k one bedroom -- yeah, I guess that's what you'd pay for something in the Mill, which is on top of Georgetown Park, but I know people renting a 2-story townhouse for about that.

    Georgetown night life ain't what it used to be, but it does extend beyond the SP and Milano -- each of which have the most unique, strangest clientele in the city.

    Watching football at Nathan's or J. Paul's? The civilized vibe to Blue Gin and Degrees in the Ritz? The drunks in those bars near 33rd & M? The whole Washington Harbour scene? There're a lot more options than SP & Milano.

  • You left out Morgan's Pharmacy, serving the Georgetown community for around 100 years. An old fashioned drugstore where everybody knows your name, and laughter is the best medicine. You can always find what you need at Morgan's.

  • The rents in Georgetown are comparable to any other centrally located part of town - we get a bad rap because of the supposed snobbiness of our neighborhood, but try getting a 1BR apartment in Logan Circle, Foggy Bottom, the West End, Dupont, Adams Morgan, or anywhere downtown, and I think you might just end up on our side of Rock Creek! Another thing I must bemoan, which this article alludes to but does not pinpoint, is the loss of neighborhood bars; nowadays the bars on M Street are all tourist traps for suburbanites and out of towners. Oh, and Smith Point has a guest list? Really? That place is a dive, straight up. It reeks of urine and tile cleaner.