BGR: The Burger Joint American

BGR: The Burger Joint is beginning to scare me. The small chain is growing at a rate usually reserved for malignant cancers—or Five Guys franchises—but it isn’t showing any signs of declining health. The quality of the BGR burger remains feverishly high. Whatever source owner Mark Bucher has for his blend of prime, dry-aged beef, here’s hoping that well never runs dry, even after the Joint has come to a strip mall near you.

4827 Fairmont Ave., Bethesda (301) 358-6137

106 North Washington St., Alexandria (703) 299-9791

3129 Lee Highway, Arlington (703) 812-4705

1514 Connecticut Ave. NW (202) 299-1071

Our Readers Say

I will never go back to BGR after my only trip there. I went on a Friday around 1 PM and waited 30 minutes for them to tell me they were out of a critical ingredient for the burger they had advertised as the day's special. Not 30 minutes to get my burger. 30 minutes for them to tell me they were not going to make my burger. They gave me a different burger (and to their limited credit, my money back), but they won't get my business again.
Me and three of my friends ate there recently. Three out of four got food poisoning and were on the toilet the entire next morning. BGR is great if you want to lose weight.
I went there with a friend and we both got sick too! Except we got pooky--combination of poo and puke. Not pretty, hombre.

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