Saturday, Sept. 26 + Sunday, Sept. 27, 2015 • 10AM - 5PM AT UNION MARKET
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Day: Both Days
Location: Booth #122

Dirty Ass Soaps

We're the guys that brought you the Nintendo controller, Swedish Fish, and Oreo cookies made from soap. What do you think we thought of next? "Breaking Bath" meth soap, of course!

If you want to fill your bathroom with the most awesome, kickass, and non-soap looking things, your weekend would not be complete without a visit to Dirty Ass Soaps. We put the "fun" in "functional" and tempt your senses with stuff that would make you drool, then smack you upside of your senses when you sadly realize it's for bathing and not eating.

Don't worry, though. We've got you covered with bars, lotions, and liquid soaps because we're awesome like that. ^_^