Saturday, Sept. 26 + Sunday, Sept. 27, 2015 • 10AM - 5PM AT UNION MARKET
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Day: Both Days
Location: Booth #33

Snarky Scouts

Molly got the idea for Snarky Scouts when she realized the "Reptiles and Amphibians" scouting badge from the 1960s kinda looks like a turtle on a high wire. She then rewrote the narratives of 20+ merit badges with a contemporary twist.

Molly uses a Vandercook Universal and photopolymer plates to letterpress-print each 5x7" certificate on Lettra coverweight. From the sleeping loft of her 1704 farmhouse in Southern Maryland, she adheres a vintage badge - for which she hunts and pecks online - to each print.

She's also begun sewing snarky accessories, and will debut her new felt brooches with vintage badges.