Saturday, Sept. 27 + Sunday, Sept. 28, 2014 • 10AM - 5PM AT UNION MARKET
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Day: Both Days
Location: Booth #143

Phil Barbato

Phil and Meghan are happily married monster makers who run a seriously silly little business making funny-looking plush monsters with beards and gold teeth and many appendages.

Shortly after their wedding in 2007, Phil started sewing Whiskerbears to serve as props in photos. When folks said �hey! where can we buy those?,� Meghan sensed an opportunity.

The newest additions to the monster empire are the Flibbity Fuzz, bite-sized* wonders of pure furry awesomeness, and Babytimes Tiny Octopi, featuring non-toxic painted eyes, jingle bells, and convenient hanging loops.

*Note: biting not recommended. Fuzz really sticks to your tongue.