Saturday, Sept. 26 + Sunday, Sept. 27, 2015 • 10AM - 5PM AT UNION MARKET
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Day: Both Days
Location: Booth #139

Red Rocket Farm

Red Rocket Farm is where SCIENCE! meets WHIMSY; where cats can fly through space, and robots can eat cookies. Red Rocket Farm produces unique 3-D wooden paintings, layered like dioramas, and popping with ADORABLENESS. All the designs come out of the brain of Jason Thomas (creator of Free Drawings for Total Strangers) and are hand cut, painted, silk screened, airbrushed, kissed and tucked in at night by Jason and his team of crafty chicks (Teeter and Crista). We also hand print our own t-shirts, carry prints, and make very strong fridge magnets (for your heaviest coupons).