By Tina Plottel


Cheese Quiz 2000: More for the Millennium

Cheese, for lack of a better word, is good.

Of course it is. There is not one variety of cheese that I don't like—of the food or pop-culture variety. And so, because we are halfway through this Y2K, because millennium fever seems to have died down and I so want to heat that puppy right back up again, and because Jason turned to me the other day and said, "You know, Tina, you really should update the Cheese Quiz," I offer up the brand spankin', styleriffic, Electric Boogaloo to the very popular original:

Answer the following questions and your score will reveal just how cheesy you really are. Ready? Let's go...

(Be sure to answer each question!)

Question One: What color is your cell phone cover?
The same one that came with it
I don't have a cell phone you fucking moron!

Question Two: Britney Spears is to N'sync as:
Gloria Estefan is to the Miami Sound Machine
Cher is to the United States Navy
Gladys Knight is to the Pips
Shirley Manson is to Garbage

Question Three: A Filter is:
Some band that includes ex-members of Nine Inch Nails
Some part for your car that handles the oil
Something you put the coffee grounds in so they don't go all over the place
Some neato thing that allows you to put incoming email into special files

Question Four: My dream car is:
A three-door Saturn
A new VW bug
A new VW bug in Vapor, only purchasable via the Internet
A 1960 Ford Galaxie 500

Question Five: I think cowboy hats are:
for dorks
Really cool. I have one just like Sarah Michelle Gellar on Buffy the Vampire Slayer
Ok if you're at the rodeo
A good accessory if you wear it with vintage cowboy boots

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