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“If you wanna fuck with somebody, you do it to his face!” That’s the Father of the Year advice given by one of the daddies whose son has issues in Disconnect, a beware-the-Internet! drama that, Crash-like, weaves together three stories about how spending time online gone done these people wrong. There’s sex, there’s stealing, there’s a prank that goes too far. It’s all fairly compelling -- until it gets ridiculous. The filmmakers do not have a light touch. The stories overlap a bit, with a character from one somehow involved with the drama of another. All of their actions seem innocuous at first, but then things go wrong. The first half moves at a decent clip, jumping from story to story at natural points that don’t leave you feeling lost or bored. But then Part 2 comes along, with each plot line’s serious consequences portrayed very seriously, a maudlin string score, and the film’s gear stuck in snail’s-pace melodrama. (TO)