Life of Pi

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Life of Pi is, at least visually, magnificent. Ang Lee’s latest is this year’s Hugo: an intimate, (technically) superheroless story delivered in 3-D. As usual, the glasses experience dims the often sunshine-filled film a bit. But Lee and cinematographer Claudio Miranda still managed to produce images as gorgeously ethereal as watercolors. Narratively, on the other hand, the film leans slightly toward the ponderous, though there are enough moments both remarkable and thought-provoking to keep things compelling. Pi (Suraj Sharma) and his family were relocating with their zoo animals from India to Canada when a storm hit, leaving Pi alone on a lifeboat with a zebra, orangutan, hyena, and, he soon discovers, a Bengal tiger, with whom he must learn to live harmoniously until they are saved. There’s a twist at the end of Life of Pi that you can’t help but mull over afterward, but what your mind will remember most is not what you hear, but what you see. (TO)