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Remixology: Make Us a Drink With Strawberry Go-Gurt

Bartender: Boris Stojkovic Where: Copperwood Tavern, 4021 Campbell Ave., Arlington Mystery Ingredient: SpongeBob Squarepants Strawberry Riptide Go-Gurt Bartender Response: Stojkovic wasn’t familiar with Go-Gurt, the slightly scary drinkable yogurt packaged in a tube and marketed to kids, but he knew he could work with yogurt: “Yogurt is something we grew up eating in Serbia.” His […]

Remixology: Make Us a Drink With Skyr

Bartender: Adam Sahyouni Where: Bar 515 at J&G Steakhouse (Sahyouni has since moved to Old Ebbitt Grill) Mystery Ingredient: Vanilla-flavored Siggi’s Icelandic-style yogurt, known as skyr Bartender Response: “I like yogurt, I eat it every day,” Sahyouni said of the plain Greek Fage with honey or fruit he prepares for breakfast. “But I’ve never made […]

Code Pinkberry: Why Does D.C. Have So Much Frozen Yogurt?

Sitting in the fashionable plasticity of Pinkberry in Fairfax, I’m sampling my very first cup of the famous fro-yo, trying to imagine those heady days back in 2005 when the yogurt shop debuted in West Hollywood and created a whole new kind of addict. At the time, Angelenos were willing to suffer parking tickets, neighborhood […]

The Latest in Fro-Yo Concepts: Serve Your Own

While waiting for the protesters to show up on Monday, I wandered the downtown streets and tripped upon this relatively new fro-yo outlet on F Street NW.  FroZenYo's main selling point is that you can serve your own, which not only means (presumably) that you can go hog-ass-wild on the toppings but also that you […]

FDA to Require Producers to List Bugs on Food and Cosmetic Labels

You may not know it—and there's no reason you would, unless you're a chemist—but some of your food and cosmetics include dyes derived from the ground-up bugs. For centuries, Mayans and Aztecs crushed the dried-out bodies of female cochineal insects to produce a red dye used for fabrics, but more recently, the stuff has been […]