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Rolling With the Punches: Food Truck Winners and Losers

It’s safe to say that culinary Washington pays more attention to Twitter feeds announcing food truck locations than to Department of Consumer and Regulatory Affairs regulatory dumps. But last Friday’s release of proposed new vending rules may have been an exception. The new regs—the subject of two years of debate—were supposed to help settle the […]

Puffer Piece: The Hamilton Vows to Wow (Fugu or No Fugu)

Jason Zheng is hankering to get his hands on some fugu. That’s Japanese for pufferfish or blowfish, perhaps the world’s most notorious seafood. Sure, it’s potentially poisonous. If prepared improperly, it contains a neurotoxin that’s reportedly about a thousand times more deadly than cyanide. (And that’s the conservative figure.) But it’s also supposed to be […]

Lounge Act 2: Owner Seth McClelland Picks Himself as One Lounge Chef

When his last executive chef bailed on him this past summer, restaurateur Seth McClelland needed to find a suitable replacement. Someone he could trust. Someone who could cook. And someone who was not afraid to make himself expendable by sharing his secrets with the staff. He finally found the right guy: Seth McClelland. “I don’t […]

Can Uniontown Be Preserved?

On a recent Tuesday evening, the 36-seat Uniontown Bar & Grill is standing room only. It’s karaoke night. The vibe is revelatory and loud. And, just like in the heady days after it became Anacostia’s first real sit-down restaurant in recent memory, no one is talking about the eatery’s latest turn in the media. Patrons […]