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‘Misunderstanding’ Caused Temporary Cat Café Closure

Citation: "food being dispensed in an area containing cats, creating a high potential contamination due to cat fur/dander.”

Is D.C. a Whiskey or a Gin Town? (And Other Fun Trends Data)

Yelp unveiled a new tool last week that lets you search how often certain buzz words appear in reviews over the span of several years in different cities. The snapshots give insight into important questions like: Is the doughnut really the new cupcake? Is D.C. a gin or a whiskey town? And is terrible service on the rise? Y&H played around […]

Where to Find Hipsters, Bacon, and Hangovers

Yuppies dine in Dupont, hipsters hang on U Street NW and H Street NE, and frat boys frequent Adams Morgan and south Dupont. These are some of the obvious revelations of Wordmap, a new heat map tool created by Yelp. The tool lets you search 15 keywords—cheap, hangover, pasta, romantic—then shows you where  geographically those words […]

Sauce-O-Meter: How the Week’s Food Happenings Measure Up

Graphic by Brooke Hatfield

Last Night’s Leftovers: Five Buck Chuck Edition

New York's Five Napkin Burger plans to expand to D.C. [Burger Days] The Five Buck Chuck doesn't suck at Burger Tap & Shake. [Post] D.C.'s Fojol Bros. ranks among America's  Top 20 food trucks. [Smithsonian] CityZen, Plume and Marcel's rank among America's Top 100 for best service. [Open Table] Columbia Room's Derek Brown thinks Yelp […]

Casting Call! The Food Network Invites You to an Audition

Enough with the Yelp reviewing and snarky commenting on Y&H. Think you really know about food? Have a convincing smile? Can you cut an onion and carry on a one-sided conversation at the same time? Well, you might be ready for your own television show. Food Network will hold a casting call for the eighth […]

What’s In a Review Anyway? And What Does ‘Tender’ Taste Like?

I've been checking out the reviews of a few area restaurants in an attempt to better understand the process a critic uses when evaluating an establishment, and the usefulness of the material that results. I'm not frowning on restaurant reviews. I personally love reading a critic's praises as much as much as the bludgeoning a less-than-perfect […]

NBC Local Media to Launch Feast D.C. Food Blog Today

Ben Leventhal, founder of and one of New York's most eligible bachelors, has a new toy to occupy his time. It's Feast, a food-blog that he's spearheading with NBC Local Media. The selling point of the project (when it's working, that is) is Feast Rank, which scores restaurants from 1-100 based on all available […]

The Indignant Diner Who Went Too Far: A Web Campaign to Smear the Mussel Bar

I want to talk about restaurant reviews for a minute — your reviews.  Diners have power, and you've had it for as long as anyone has cared about Zagat ratings. But with the proliferation of sites as far-ranging (and far-reaching) as Yelp and Urbanspoon, not to mention personal blogs, your ability to make noise has […]

Last Week’s Greatest Hits on Young & Hungry

Even without its brewpub option, Fire Station 1 Restaurant and Brewing Co. continues to fascinate readers, if only to see how far the Silver Spring project has strayed from its original plan. Whatever the reason, you clicked on this item by the hundreds, making it the most popular post from last week. It just barely […]