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Thunder Burger Chef Ryan Fichter’s Latest Target: Antelope

"Wild Wednesdays" continues at Thunder Burger in Georgetown tonight with gamey chef Ryan Fichter cooking up yet another exotic meat. This time, it's antelope. Ficther is preparing the herbivorous mammal in the form of a burger with a pink peppercorn sauce and your choice of sides for $14. As always, the weekly special begins at […]

Ostrich Becomes Sausage at Thunder Burger Tonight

Gamey chef Ryan Fichter is taking another stab at ostrich for his latest "Wild Wednesday" special tonight at Thunder Burger in Georgetown. Earlier this summer, the guy behind such eclectic dishes as beer-braised alligator ribs and kangaroo sliders debuted a burger patty made from the large flightless bird. This time, it's ostrich sausage—"a la bratwurst," […]

Thunder Burger Chef Ryan Fichter’s Latest Target: Black Bear

After serving up beer-braised alligator ribs, ostrich burgers, kangaroo sliders, turtle poppers, and, last week, yak,  Thunder Burger's exotic meat specialist Ryan Fichter is revisiting an old friend for this week's "Wild Wednesdays" special: black bear. In Young & Hungry's recent profile of the experimental young chef, Fichter noted having previously cooked black bear stew […]

Lion Under Oath: Thunder Burger Promises No ‘Feline, Canine or Equine’ Meat

Apparently, there is a limit to just how wild those "Wild Wednesdays" specials at Thunder Burger can get. As first noted by the blog Burger Days, managers of the Georgetown restaurant have posted a statement on its Facebook page in response to complaints by animal rights activists over chef Ryan Fichter's reported plan to serve […]

Hear Me Roar: Not Everyone Is Intrigued With ‘Wild Wednesdays’ at Thunder Burger

Thunder Burger chef Ryan Fichter's new "Wild Wednesdays" promotion, featuring a different wild game each week (see: alligator ribs, pictured), has attracted the attention of some discerning eaters: animal rights activists. Y&H just received a statement from Jeffrey Flocken, D.C. office director for the International Fund for Animal Welfare (IFAW), who naturally takes issue with […]